Hey guys, long time lurker, ever since my friend bought Football Manager 2012 (and then 2013) he is like most of us, addicted but he didn't get his first PC until early this year

My friend is addicted to two games, Football Manger and Team Fortress 2 but he missed out on the promotional items for Team Fortress 2 that came with pre-ordering FM12 on Steam

I am looking for a generous person that has the promotional TF2 items but don't play TF2 and would be willing to part way with them for a special Christmas gift to my friend, i already have gift wrap to be able to give them to him on Christmas Eve

The items were awarded to everyone that pre-ordered FM12 on Steam before October 21, 2011



wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Noise_Maker (Vuvuzela)

One last thing is that you need to have a ''premium'' TF2 account to be able to trade items, everyone who purchased TF2 before it went Free 2 Play has a premium account, otherwise you need to make a purchase in the store to automatically be bumped from F2P to premium and the cheapest items are 49 cents

But honestly if i could find someone with a premium TF2 account with the items i'm looking for that don't actually play TF2 that would be the most wonderful thing ever

Thank you for reading my post and Merry Christmas to everyone!