Homegrown status badge?

  1. Homegrown status badge?

    How goes it guys?

    Just a quick one really.

    On my team/squad selection screen the homegrown status badge beside every player will not go away! It's really frustrating. I'm in January now of my first season.

    I honestly can't remember this happening in any other games I've played.

    Has anyone else seen this? Am i do something sorted?

  2. They are home-grown so it shows you, why are you complaining? Also, what club has every player home-grown?

  3. I'm complaining because it's annoying. The hg status badge really only needs to be shown when registering players for a competition. Why would i need to know a players hg status in March?

    As i said, i can't remember this happening before so it may be a bug...though i doubt it as i find it unlikely that i'd be finding a bug like this a year and a half after a games release.

    And, I'm playing as Bradford. So, maybe it's not every player but it's everyone but one.

  4. Isn't the youth intake in March, might be relevant

  5. I suppose that's a good point but i was only using March as an example.

    They've been there all season.

  6. I have exactly the same problem and I am yet to find a solution anywhere online. Have you fixed your bug yet?

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