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  1. WHY FM GODS WHY!?!?!?!

    So I've never seen this before, but I just got this email from my assistant

    I'm a fair few years into a journeyman save (2018), and I've lucked out and managed to make my way to Barcelona. I signed this guy to replace Busquets and I was really excited about him, but his determination has dropped from 19 to 9 overnight. I yelled at him about poor effort in training, and if this doesn't turn around I'll warn him about the transfer list if he doesn't buck up his attitude. Other than that, I think he's too old to tutor (22), so I don't know what to do. I'd love to keep him, but I can't let him stick around if he's not willing to fight for the club. Could I maybe play him at striker or something for a few games, and then discipline him for his inevitably poor performances to get that determination back up? I refuse to use an editor, even if this is incredibly rare and apparently arbitrary, but I would really appreciate any ideas you guys have to turn things around for a guy who is incredibly promising, and really started to impress at the end of last year

  2. What's his personality?

    He's probably got shit hidden attributes.
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