Choosing an affiliate club

  1. Choosing an affiliate club


    I have been at Spurs for a few years now and have become a club legend etc (Sorry just had to chuck that in lol).

    When I approach the board to find me an affiliate club they say that I can go out and choose the club as I have been there for so long.

    The problem is whenever I choose a club the board can never agree a deal with them and then I have to wait 9 months before I can try it again!!

    I've gone for high rep clubs and complete minnows from China etc but they can never agree a deal - any tips or hints for things I should look out for when choosing a club?

    Many Thanks

  2. I find the best idea is to leave it with the board to find an affiliated club. It was hard enough finding your own affiliated clubs on fm 2012 and is definately even harder on fm 2013.

  3. Yeah the problem is they now come back and say that although they initially agreed to find a club they can no longer find a good deal....just a little frustrating as I wanted a couple more clubs for revenue and work permits etc.


  4. I had this for a season or two with Liverpool. I wanted a feeder club for merchandising but each time I asked for one of the Chinese or US teams that didn't already have an affiliate, check they haven't, I got the same response you did. What is Spurs' reputation? Once I got Liverpool to Worldwide I was able to pick Seattle and one of the Chinese teams that didn't already have an afiliate in the space of one season.

    However now I am at Real Madrid I have encountered the same problem, trying to get a Japanese club, but they do already have one from USA and one from China. Another thing at Liverpool I cancelled lots of the affiliates that I didn't deem necessary, the very small clubs, and I think that did help.

    What affiliate are you looking for?

  5. Okay, I've spent the last two days reloading the game to find a feeder. I've focused on only finding a "club to loan players to".

    I'm a continental 3 1/2 star French club who recently won the Euro cup and I personally have World Class rep.

    These are what I find to be key factors in getting a feeder.

    1. Feeder must have significantly lower reputation than you (at least 1 entire star) and should not be in your league!
    2. Feeder must not have a current parent club! (If they do, the only way to get the feeder to dump their parent in exchange for you is if you have a higher rep and you'll pay more money).
    3. Feeder should have average training facilities or higher (board will be reluctant to send a player on loan to a club where he won't develop).
    4. Feeder must have good relationship to parent club (Rivals will not link!) and you and the feeder coach must have good relationship! (just did 5 tests, 2 loads where I did not praise the coach and did not get link and 3 loads where I praised and did get link.)
    5. Bonus - your job security level. Your board will likely work harder to come to a deal with potential feeder club if they respect your opinion and are afraid of running you off if they fail.

    Going back to #2-in my save, Bourdeux was parent club to Angers. Bourdeux were paying 86 thousand a year and had a lower reputation than I did. Judging by the fact that I was paying my current best feeder 70 thousand a year gave me confidence that I could outbid Bourdeux. In my three saves that I linked with Angers, I was paying ~90 thousand. So more money + more reputation + good relation = me replacing bourdeux as the parent.

    Some other clubs I tried to replace the parent club with, were getting paid 150 thousand or more per year. I simply don't have the prestige to outshine the other parent or the board willingness to pay fees high enough to make the other team switch.

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