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Football Manager 2012 in offline mode

  1. Football Manager 2012 in offline mode

    I have downloaded FM 2012 through Stream and have seen on some FM forums I can play FM in offline mode through Steam. I have tried this but I keeps telling me I cannot open due to being offline. I have tried to connect Steam in offline mode but still the same. Can anyone help me to play in offline mode or confirm if it's possible. Many Thanks in advance.

  2. You can play in offline mode. However you may be part way through downloading the latest update. Connect and make sure the download finishes before trying offline mode again.

  3. Good skills Sean, works a treat cheers mate
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  4. Great, glad I could help.

  5. Is there any benefit playing in the offline mode ahead of the online, how do you play the offline mode.

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    There is no benefit of playing in offline mode, It just means when you have the game downloaded you can play anywhere you want without having an internet connection, Achievements will show up on the screen but won't register in steam if you are playing in offline mode, I won the treble and had top scorer, Team of the year, Manager of the year but doesn't register on steam so need to do it again

  7. I have had a slight problem with this, i must have been half way through the download or something.

    As now every-time i try to launch football manager in online or offline this now appears...

    basically confused! anyone have a suggestion??
    Football Manager 2012 in offline mode-picture-1.png

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