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Ever had a son in game?
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  1. Ever had a son in game?

    Hey, I have heard about this on forums and i decided to ask. Have you ever had a son in the game?

  2. I haven't even been able to find a girlfriend in the game yet

  3. i had a son once, called Elroy

  4. How do you get a son on fm 2012 :L

  5. I heard that if you stay for some time a regen will appear with your last name and you as a favoured personnel in your club. so that player is sort of like your son

  6. its a myth till i see proof

  7. do i get to have sex

  8. Haven't played 12 that long, but in 11 I never got a son in my two 40 year careers. Could be because I read somewhere that if you put international footballer as your reputation then it's easier to get a son. I put Sunday league footballer in both. Then in a smaller save I played, Hangeland, after retiring, took the Cologne job and got a son with Brede in his favoured personnel. It does not happen that often.

  9. Ride The Walrus's Avatar Ride The WalrusPremium Member
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    You get to sim having sex first. Couldn't get the balls in the net though

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