For Anyone with FM12 through Steam- Error Message 41

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    For Anyone with FM12 through Steam- Error Message 41

    Right, recently I've found some people struggling with an Error Message Number 41 that causes the game to freeze and go Black after the loading screens when you boot the game. Didn't think much of it but then it happened to me....Well, I'm rather good with Computers and fixed it through fair skill What you need to do is- 1. Go into YOUR COMPUTER on the start menu2. Click ORGANIZE3. Tab to VIEWS4. Find and Select VIEW ALL HIDDEN FILES AND FOLDERS5. Then click start and enter your USER AREA- Where it says your name6. Click APP DATA7. Open ROAMING8. Click into the SPORTS INTERACTIVE FOLDER and DELETE the WHOLE FM12 FILE9. Open STEAM10. Right Click FM12 in your GAMES LIBRARY11. Click PROPERTIES12. Tab to LOCAL FILES13. VALIDATE.WILL FIX

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    Doesn't work

  3. I have already done this. My game worked fine untill I shut it down and tried to play it another day and it stopped working again -.-

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    It's also to do with new updated skins and graphics which are faulty this causes it. It happend to me on two skins which were faulty. Delete the new files and reload game.

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