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Post Your Manager Biography
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  1. I7IDanny's Avatar I7IDanny
    Manchester United, Bury Modern Day Legend

    Post Your Manager Biography

    Got an impressive bio to show off? Post it here!

    Here's mine from my current Journeyman save:
    Post Your Manager Biography-2012-01-15_00026.jpg

    Just to point out - This is a thread just for your manager bio, not a "Show off your game" thread (Can be found at
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  2. Its not exactly world class, but its the furthest iv got with any save considering i have very little time to indulge in FM atm...

    Post Your Manager Biography-picture-1.png

    Back to back promotions from league 1 to PL, walking through to win the league 1 title, and scraping through in the playoffs of the championship to secure PL status.

    I finished 11th in my first season in PL and won the League Cup for the first time in the clubs history.

    In the following season i finished 6th and played in the Europa League for the first time was knocked out in the 1st real knockout round by Shalke.

    My last completed season saw me finish 2nd in the PL losing out to Man Utd on the last day of the season finishing one point behind them on 87 and finishing as the top scorers in the league. Although won the Europa League that season beating Wolfsburg in the final 1-0 aet. Therefore qualifying for the champions league on two counts.

    Also thrilling the fans with a 4-3 win against Spurs in the League Cup final winning it for the second time in my career and the clubs history. Once again finished off aet.

    Capping off the latest achievements with a 6-4 win against Chelsea in the European Super Cup, securing the clubs second ever european trophy.

    With my most recent accolade being appointed England manager a long side my Sheff Utd career.
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  3. Heres mine from my main save. Pretty much dominated the past 4 years
    Also what isnt visible is the fact i made the World Cup semis in 2018 with Ireland.

    Post Your Manager Biography-steven-murphy-history_-biography-.png

  4. Where the hell did you find these BIOGRAPHY thing? can someone tell me :confused:

  5. Best and longest save i've ever done on any of the FM games

    Post Your Manager Biography-l.png

  6. This is my profile for my previous game. Not playing much of it as i make a new save with other team.

    Post Your Manager Biography-ice-d-history_-biography-.png

    And below is the game i'm playing now..

    Post Your Manager Biography-ice-d-history_-biography-2.png
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  7. My 1 and only save so far.

  8. Post Your Manager Biography-alex-stewart-history_-biography-.png

    Longest save iv'e had..guiding Radcliffe Borough to the premiership along the way
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