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Board unhappy about departure of Matt James
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  1. Board unhappy about departure of Matt James

    I dont want any advice about this just thought it was strange

    Im doing well with Manchester United, Won the Prem and Champions League in first season, but when ever i have my monthly board report, they say that they are very happy with my leadership of the club but remain disappointed with the departure of Matt James who they consider to be a good player!

    Excuse me?? Matt James is probably a good player at Championship Level, but he's not that good!!
    If i'd sold Hernandez or Rooney i could understand!
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  2. its like a board of directors in real life, even though you are doing a great job, they will find something to bitch about....
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  3. Oh, i get that all the time, if a player has been in the squad for over 2 years and i sell him, the board will complain about it...

    ... but just keep on, and they will eventually forget about him hahaha

  4. Yeah happens alot, i get rid of players that have made about 3 appearances in the last 5 years and they just bitch about it for the entire season, nothing to worry about

  5. Arsenal Rotation
    On my Wolves save, I let my old captain Roger Johnson leave. He was 32/33 and his stats just weren't good enough to even warrant a rotation place (I managed to get Wolves in to Europe and picked up some amazing youngsters along the way) .. They complained about it from August all the way until May, where I am now.

    They'll do it until the end of the season, or until they find something else to complain about.

  6. It happened to me in my Manchester City save. I offloaded Edin Dzeko to Real Madrid and they always complain about him as if he was an important player.

  7. The way I see it, if they complain about something like this, then it means that they have nothing else to complain about because you're doing a great job. It's probably the way the game is made, to tell you the best and worst thing you're doing/you did during the season...

  8. The monthly report will always pick the thing the board or fans are most upset about in the confidences section. If that's their biggest complaint, you are in good shape.

    Then again, I've had the fans scream bloody murder at me for selling players who helped me get promoted from L2 to L1 but were doing nothing in the premiership. Nothing you can do about it other than ride it out for around a season.

  9. I recently offloaded Darron Gibson, and they where unhappy about it...

  10. i offload almulia to real Madrid, and the fans are sad. wtf! lol

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