online EPL career. looking for 3 players including myself

  1. online EPL career. looking for 3 players including myself


    anyone interested in setting up a career together, looking for between 1-4 players. preferably all manage EPL teams, however this is optional. no strict rules.

    im looking to start up as quickly as possible. send me an email [email protected] or add me to stead id: cazaldo87

    lets have some competitive fun, filled with banter and laughs.

    lets do it.
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  2. time differences are *not significant* i meant

  3. who's keen?

  4. I'll do it.

  5. Fabio Borini you fancy setting up a network game tonight?

  6. Cazaldo fancy setting up an online network game?

  7. ye for sure, add me cazaldo87, thats my steam id

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