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Get Neymar!!!
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  1. Get Neymar!!!

    Holy Goal Scorer
    I'm a long time lurker, first time poster.
    If you've got the chance to splash out on a big name player, buy Neymar!

    I was able to buy him for $73M (>50% of that price was in monthly installments over 4 years) to replace Van Persie sold to ManCity for 24M in 14-15 Season. The deal was so massively large compared to my transfer budget which was around 20M, so it seemed a huge gamble.
    Fortunately he's proven unstoppable. He scores more goals just from corners than most strikers score in a season. He would earn the prize for the most assists in a year as well, except for he causes so many for others.

    Year - Played - Scored - Assists - MOM
    2014/2015 - 43 (13) - 81 - 19 - 26
    2015/2016 - 49 (5) - 87 - 17 - 27
    So far this year he's started even better, if that's even possible (8.80 av rating)
    2016/2017 - 13 - 30!! - 5 - 9

    I play him as a poacher striker, supported by AML, AMC, AMR, 2 in CM and 4 at the back.

    He has a few quiet games in a season where he gets shutdown, but gets on the scoresheet like clockwork.
    The best outing was Champions League semi final in 2015-2016 away to Bayern Munich where he scored 6, which he followed up with a hattrick in the home leg along side a couple of hattricks against Man U during the regular season which was very satisfying.

    I've built a team with a great mix of stars (particularly in midfield to get Neymar the ball) and up and coming youngsters. I've not been able to afford to buy Messi (price was >300M + 525k a week!?!) or needed to splash out for another nosebleed striker (well priced Huntelaar was good for a few years and Yarmalenko is still going well as backup striker/AML) but I can't imagine any striker would give anyone such a return as Neymar.

    Anyone got any alternatives?

    Loving the game. Thinking of starting a new game as Barca just to buy him again to play alongside Messi just to see the carnage.

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  2. Nah, Neymar too much

    Get Roman Bezus, he's a beast! Best player I ever brought, I never pay any player for more than 10 million in any saves apart from stupid saves to get the achivement! Hehe

    In seriose note, get Roman Bezus and I have him as a Poacher! He's on fire for my team!

    I'll get picture up as soon as I figure how the hell to get the picture from FM onto file, I never done it before so I am stupid

  3. I've never heard for Roman Bezus. I'll check him out. Thanks!


  4. #4
    Maybe is a regen 'cause I can't find him on my save.

  5. That kinda form is insane!! Still silly money you have to pay to get him, always prefer to just buy Carlos Fierro for £1.2m and develop him. Still well done getting Neymar scoring that much!!

  6. He is not a regen, he's from ukraine. I can't seem to get my screenshot working :/

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Bratone View Post
    Maybe is a regen 'cause I can't find him on my save.
    Roman Bezus - Vorskla

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Raikan007 View Post
    Thanks Raikan! He's been on fire in my save on his first full season he scored 41 goals in 38 games along with 9 assist's and 19 MoM's I play him as poacher and doing well, what do you recommened, Raikan?
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  9. I couldn't find Roman Bezus via search. Perhaps Ukrainian league didn't get imported? Those are stellar numbers.
    Is it too late to add other leagues to my game or would I have to start a new game inc all leagues to make him searchable?


  10. That kinda form is insane!! Still silly money you have to pay to get him, always prefer to just buy Carlos Fierro for £1.2m and develop him.
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