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the 100 goal a season striker!
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  1. the 100 goal a season striker!

    Is it possible?

    im about to find out, 1st jan and destro just bagged his 50th goal for my everton side.

    does anyone know of or seen themselves a player score 100 goals in a season?

    screenies on request

  2. The most ive seen on FM12 is 56 in a season I think.

    I had Soldado on FM10 score 122 (might have been even more!) in about 50 odd games

  3. well, i feel confident destro can score another 7 goals in 5 months as long as he doesnt get injured.....having said that im just going to save my game real reason....

  4. Using the Grid tactic and the corner set up it is possible. Had 100+ with Bayern in my long term save (can't remember exact figure but it was comfortably past 100)

  5. ok, thought so, thanks for bursting my bubble, sure do live up to your (joke - you seem lovely)

  6. the 100 goal a season striker!-markus-b-hm-history_-career-stats-.jpg

  7. well, its still pretty darn satisfying...they should make a 100 club or

  8. Leandro Damiao hit 100+ in a corner glitch tac for my everton side. think that was overall season tho, was 88 in league.

  9. In a network save and the other player got Higuain to score over 100 goals. Do not know if he has the save still or if he deleted it.

  10. so it would appear no-one has heard of that amount of goals without the corner set up and/or super tactic?

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