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Good consistent poacher
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  1. Good consistent poacher

    I really need an good goalscoring poacher for my arsenal side in 2012/2013. Money is no problem so any suggestions are well taken! Thanks in advance

  2. Cavani

  3. He doesn't want to join Is Hulk worth 30m pounds?

  4. Hulk is a winger. Try to buy Hernandez or Neymar if the money isn't one of your problem.

  5. Neymar, Carlos Fierro, Leandro Damiao, Mbaye Niang. have had all of them before, all used as poachers, all beasts.

  6. Pippo Inzaghi?

  7. Emile Heskey?
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by malhar View Post
    Emile Heskey?
    I love you.
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  9. not sure about fm13 but Vagner Love was a great poacher for me in FM12

  10. is leigh griffiths any good on this years fm. was a good consistent poacher capable of 20 to 30 goals a season. great little buy he was.

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