Complete and sudden turnaround in form

  1. Complete and sudden turnaround in form

    Hello everyone ! i've been playing this game for 11 years now, but there is still one thing that I can't figure out. I have a player in my team( Barcelona season 2022/2023) who had an icredible last season scored a lot of goals( he's a striker) won a bunch of awards and then suddenly next season he started playing like shit (6.78 5 goals). I tried everything, does anyone have any ideas how to solve this problem ?

  2. Over confidence, international issues, age, new signings etc?

  3. The player is young, no new signings, still scoring for his international team. But we haven't lost a game in 40 matches, how do I deal with overconfidance then ? If that's the case of course because his morale has been slightly changing

  4. When you do youre team talks at the beginning and half time tell him (induvidual) aggresively that you expect more and possibly talk to him and tell him that unless his form increases he will be dropped from the first team. However there is no guarente that this will work and it could backfire massively. Just a warning. Its up to you to deside

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