Potential Ability changed

  1. Potential Ability changed

    from the few posts i've read, i thought PA can't change.

    i bought a player that was generated by the game with CA at around 80 and PA at 178.
    after i finished the season, i went to see how much he had progressed and he had CA at 92 and PA at 102!
    how is this possible?
    i thought maybe i had been blind or something so i loaded an earlier save file and he was back with PA to 178.

    any ideas how this happened so i don't do it again?

  2. It happend to one of my brightest talents with Alessandria.

    I had a very promising young AMC with a PA of 196. In his third season he got a major injury, i think he broke his leg. After 9 months of injury his PA dropped to 181.

    so it is possible.

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