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The Show off your Regen (Newgen) thread


    just bought this guy from barca, only 18. what a beast!

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    This is the majority of my first team squad
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  3. My talented youngsters
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails The Show off your Regen (Newgen) thread-sk-rmbillede-2012-02-05-kl.-00.15.13.png   The Show off your Regen (Newgen) thread-sk-rmbillede-2012-02-05-kl.-00.15.35.png   The Show off your Regen (Newgen) thread-sk-rmbillede-2012-02-05-kl.-00.15.44.png  

    The Show off your Regen (Newgen) thread-sk-rmbillede-2012-02-05-kl.-00.15.54.png   The Show off your Regen (Newgen) thread-sk-rmbillede-2012-02-05-kl.-00.16.07.png  

  4. The Show off your Regen (Newgen) thread-gilvan-overview_-profile-.png

    Beast at 15
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by thekill View Post
    Attachment 221414

    Beast at 15

    surely has a PA of 200, and a CA of 130 guess.

  6. A few new one set to join my team

    cant believe this player was in free transfer, but has a PA of 173
    The Show off your Regen (Newgen) thread-sidi-mohamed-ghrair.jpg

    a nice name for a top regen
    The Show off your Regen (Newgen) thread-renato-lo-nero.jpg

    and the only regen to have the highest PA of his generation, a PA of 190
    The Show off your Regen (Newgen) thread-sergio-sanchez.jpg

  7. Quote Originally Posted by kiki888 View Post
    Send him on loan to your feeder club. Good player, if you have a good feeder club, he will get enough playing time!
    i have charlton and forest as feeder clubs (both in championship) i think he can play for a premiership team. wouldnt i be better off sending him out to one of them? i'm sure i could get a taker.

  8. If you will be able to send him on loan to a premier division club, it would be better, if not, send him to Charlton or Forrest!

  9. I have released a load of youth players on my PSG save but know loads of TERRIBLE greyed out regens have appeared in my save.
    There really messing up my youth team (in 1st season) How do I get rid of them?
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