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The Show off your Regen (Newgen) thread

  1. how much would you pay for this striker...upper limit? opinions please?

    The Show off your Regen (Newgen) thread-tino-plattenhardt-overview_-profile-.png

  2. 20-22m top. Nothing special TBH.

  3. my starting 11

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    What do you guys think about these guys...Look at the african guy..LOL

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Vanjagl View Post
    20-22m top. Nothing special TBH.
    he may not be the best striker ever...but he's certainly pretty darn good. but i agree, not very special. but im not getting him for under 45million pounds, so i decided to buy a younger striker and develop him instead. but i'm a massive fan of this guy. dribbling, finishing, composure, pace..18,18,15,18...cant get strikers much better than that.

  6. thats an insane team..especially that striker...finishing 20, composure 20. WOW! the only down side is that a handful of players are quite old..28 and above...need to replace them...but a seriously talented team overall. congrats on building it.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by newyorkboy View Post
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    What do you guys think about these guys...Look at the african guy..LOL
    All I can say it that I hope all those transfer and contract offers that I can see for these players have not been made by you none of them are very talented, and they will all turn out to be 3-star players, at the very most. You should definitely hold out for better players, especially since you're at Barcelona and these guys won't have much of a chance of getting game time. and the worst thing to have is slow that guy with pace 5 is a definite no-no. good luck.

  8. The 16 year old wonderboy
    The Show off your Regen (Newgen) thread-i-igo-zabala-overview_-attributes-2.png

  9. I was planning just growing them to sell for a profit. And they all were made by me..but they won't get playing time with me so ill send them on loan. My Team is Crazy Good right now..The Show off your Regen (Newgen) thread-f.c.-barcelona-tactics_-overview-.png

  10. Damn bro 2034..Great find.

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