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The Show off your Regen (Newgen) thread

  1. The Show off your Regen (Newgen) thread

    This thread is for anyone who wants to show off their amazing regen they found:


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  2. Near the end of my second season but the youth intake happens in march now so here's a few animals from my U19s:

    The Show off your Regen (Newgen) thread-didier-david-overview_-attributes-.pngThe Show off your Regen (Newgen) thread-lahcen-yilmaz-overview_-attributes-.pngThe Show off your Regen (Newgen) thread-stuart-francis-overview_-attributes-.pngThe Show off your Regen (Newgen) thread-yassine-bodin-overview_-attributes-.png

    Only one I bought was didier david. Found it weird that an english player came through my academy, as I have no english staff (excluding myself). Bodin is just ridiculous.
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  3. I have a feeling that the regens are a little overpowered in this year edition...

    This is just my first intake, and they are better than players that usually I was lucky to get one from my academy in 10 or more seasons.

    The Show off your Regen (Newgen) thread-karim-mehadjri-geral_-atributos-.pngThe Show off your Regen (Newgen) thread-val-rian-pasquier-geral_-atributos-.png

    ps.: Is this thread called "The Show off your PSG Regen thread" ?
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  4. My first intake after the first season gave me these:
    4 Star P/A:The Show off your Regen (Newgen) thread-david-mitchell-overview_-attributes-.pngThe Show off your Regen (Newgen) thread-davide-mora-overview_-attributes-.png
    4 1/2 Star P/A:The Show off your Regen (Newgen) thread-augustine-omondi-overview_-attributes-.png

    Hope this Continues!!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by lltomll View Post
    ps.: Is this thread called "The Show off your PSG Regen thread" ?
    LOL yeah they do get alot of quality in their intake, on my save they have three players with 3 1/2 P/A

  6. Looking forward to seeing how this guy turns out
    The Show off your Regen (Newgen) thread-alex-hutchinson-overview_-profile-.pngThe Show off your Regen (Newgen) thread-alex-hutchinson-reports_-coach-report-.png

  7. After some scouting around i stole these first two from Inter and Bayer Leverkusen, the third guy came through my own youth system. All have 4 stars potential and hoping to have a Vidic, Fletcher and Rooney replacements in a few years
    The Show off your Regen (Newgen) thread-giancarlo-sturaro-overview_-attributes-.png
    The Show off your Regen (Newgen) thread-marcel-k%C3%B6nigs-overview_-attributes-.png
    The Show off your Regen (Newgen) thread-peter-robson-overview_-attributes-.png

  8. So does it appear that regen quality throughout europe has improved?

    I remember someone did research on FM11 I think, and compared the the year 2010 with the year 2040 or something.

    Turns out that 2040 had 50% less CA: 170-200 players than the default 2010 database.

    Which aligns with what I typically see in my saves. A few good regens, but most are rubbish, even at top level.

  9. What i have found in my game from first impressions of regens that have come through seems to be that Europe regens are stronger than in fm 2011.

    I spent around an hour scouting through Africa as in FM11 you could find some amazing regens their but was unable to find any decent ones at all, even when i signed the ok ones to my academy they were nothing special. Also when scouting around South america for regens again i was unable to find anything to match the German, French or Italian regens that had come through.

    Along with nearly everyone else so far on here in my game PSG were producing a lot of 3 star + regens so it seems they are the team to play if you want good youngsters early on.

  10. tubby's Avatar tubby
    Newcastle United, Rosenborg BK Star Player
    Well theres a 15 y/o regen on my game with 115 CA and 190 PA :/

    At Juventus he's not mine obv otherwhise there'd more exclamation marks, but I'm only half way through second Norwegian season which is only aug 2012 ish
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