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Papiss Cisse?
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  1. Papiss Cisse?

    I am tottenham and have bought Papiss Cisse in my first season. I play him deep lying forward but is not very effective, does anyone know what duty he should play?

  2. Have you looked in his report? It should tell you his preferred role in there.

  3. yes it says deep lying forward but he isnt great there.

  4. I bought him first season as well and I'm a bit disappointed considering his high attributes for a striker. Confusing, he should be ace.

  5. Papiss Cisse?-papiss-ciss-overview_-attributes-.png

    The Guy is awesome

  6. Bought him start of 2nd season for Everton, I play him as a poacher in Raikan's "Swoop there it is" tactic and he is lethal. Has scored well over 70 goals in the season and a half I've had him. He is the definition of a goal machine. I'll get screenshots if you want.
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  7. Play him as an attacking poacher alongside a supporting deep lying forward..

  8. Current Season, Career History, Tactical Instructions

    Papiss Cisse?-screen-shot-2012-02-07-21.01.10.pngPapiss Cisse?-screen-shot-2012-02-07-21.01.23.pngPapiss Cisse?-screen-shot-2012-02-07-21.01.44.png

    Check out his assists as well.

  9. yh thanks for all the responses guys, changed him to poacher and has slowly bagged a fair amount of goals, in december and has 10 goals in 14 games, top goalscorer in PL for tottenham so far

  10. Just signed him in my second season for Newcastle. Cost £14M but am hopeful he'll be quality alongside Ba. Interesting that he's not great as DLF as he's scored 3 in 3 in that position for me so far...

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