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Born Legacy - A Jake_Gtfc_Burrows Story

  1. Maybe go Hoffenheim, Real Sporting or Valenciennes. Have had good saves with all of them.

  2. i've decided update on in a bit!
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  3. 4th July 2011

    Born Legacy - A Jake_Gtfc_Burrows Story-crime_prevention_mobile_phone.jpg
    * Ring Ring *

    Burrows, i have some great news; Athletico Madrid manager has resigned from his post there, you interested?
    JB: Woahh, I thought i was coming back to England? This is where I wont to be...
    JP: Yeahh i know however this is a perfect opportunity, a club with so much talent and potential, you would have a future there.
    JB: How would they be interested tho-
    JP: Your known all over the world for what you did at Stoke, i was on their website whilst i was looking at the reasons behind him resigning and i came across this;

    'The club are sorry to inform Athletico's that our current manager has decided to resigned from his post at the club; for un-disclosed reasons - rumoured however due to an illness which he has had whilst he had been at the club has gotten worse and he has informed the club of his intentions to get better. Also news from Athletico Madrid that Jake Burrows has been highlighted as favourite for the job as he makes his return to football after a break away from the sport...'

    JB: Well in that case, lets go for it, tell the board that i am interested for the post and will make myself available for consideration!
    JP: I'm on the job right away.

    ************************************************** **********************************

    next update later or in the morning, depends if the internet goes off!
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  4. Good luck with Athletico, will be following along.

  5. Born Legacy - A Jake_Gtfc_Burrows Story-goodison_park.jpg

    Meanwhile at Goodison Park...

    David Moyes has asked to see chairman Bill Kenwright to an important meeting at the club's stadium.

    BK: David! What's with all this meeting business, it's 7 o'clock!

    DM: Sorry Bill, but I wouldn't of called if it weren't important, you know that..

    BK: Ok ok, get on with it then old chap!

    DM: Before you say I haven't thought about this, then your wrong - i have. I am handing in my resignation, i believe i have brought Everton Football Club as far as i can, and i decided i want to take up a new challenge.

    BK: I am sorry to hear that quite frankly, however i respect your decision and i wish you great success in the future, keep in touch..

    DM: Thankyou, and i will. i best go collect my things and say goodbye to the lads.

    2 Minutes later...

    Kenwright is on the phone to director Ken Woods..

    BK: Ken, David has just resigned, get on the job of getting Burrows, Jake Burrows ...

    ************************************************** *******************************************

    Update Tomorrow!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by JordanLFC2005 View Post
    Good luck with Athletico, will be following along.

    Not a definate just yet!

  7. #27
    he's gonna shock us and go to arsenal or spurs with the lowest votes

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Jake_gtfc_burrows View Post
    Not a definate just yet!

    Yeah just realised that.
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  9. Everton! yes my team , good luck mate

  10. 5th July 2011

    Born Legacy - A Jake_Gtfc_Burrows Story-the_sun_logo.jpg

    IT'S OFFICAL: Everton announced replacement for Moyes

    The Toffees today has announced that their new manager will be Jake Burrows. The Grimsby born gaffer has only just come back to the country looking for a new job, and was given the post after long term manager David Moyes resigned from thejob, Bill Kenwright was delighted to talk to us this morning upon his new manager before the Press Conference:

    "Jake is a fantastic manager, and i am very excited to be working with such a young and well-known, talanted manager. As soon as David left the club we were on the phone to Jake as soon as to get a deal sorted. Thankyou very much "

    Name:  Atletico-Madrid-icon.png
Views: 2049
Size:  15.2 KB Born Legacy - A Jake_Gtfc_Burrows Story-everton-logo.jpg

    It was believed that Jake would be joining Athletico Madrid however he made a massive U-turn to stay in England and he joined The Toffees. Burrows is know for taking Stoke City and turning them into world beaters before an unfortunate turn of events at the Brittania and Jake quit. His first match in charge will be the Second Leg of the Europa League 1st Round Qualifier.

    The Press Conference is happening at 12.00pm today

    ************************************************** *****************************

    Everything Good so far?!

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