Bossing the Midfield -- An FM Succession Game
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  1. Bossing the Midfield -- An FM Succession Game

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    Is it normal to be envious of a friend's success in a FM? Is there anything more pointless? Probably not, but that was what I was feeling when my buddy, GD Dave, took Shamrock Rovers to the Champions League title in Football Manager 2011. It wasn't that he'd won the title. It was that he'd won it so quickly and with a player that I desperately wanted on my Bohemians team. Addo, a Ghanian DC, was the heart and soul of his team. A towering defensive player that put in nearly as many goals as his strikers. I didn't even realize that FM tracked the best players in the world (World Best 11) until GD Dave told me that Addo had made the list in his game.

    What makes it even crazier is that Dave and I weren't playing a network game. We were playing independent games, but we both happened to pick teams in the Irish league. Somehow Dave managed to sign Addo very early in his save and by 2016 he'd won the Champions League. My Bohemians teams weren't chopped liver. Zeke, my Argentinian striker, pumped in over 100 goals in a season. He was paired up front with the captain of the Brazilian national team, Big Al. Both of those strikers ended up in the World Best 11, but it took until 2021 for Bohemians to finally win the title. Every year prior to winning it Boh's defense would give up a crucial goal and get knocked out. I always felt like I was missing an Addo-caliber defender so when GD Dave would ping me about his exploits with Shamrock it would piss me off. A couple of times I had to tell GD to stop giving me updates because it was making me not want to play my Bohemians save. I was jealous of a friend who's success was drawn from a digital soccer player in a game completely unrelated to the one I was playing. I acknowledge how crazy that sounds.

    So that's how we arrived at the current system. Our jealousy of one another led us to share a team in FM. We picked Swindon F.C., a team in nPower League 2, mainly because Dave's a pussy and hates watching the horrible FM players that fill out the lowest leagues in England. We convinced Travis to join us given that he's the only one of us that has taken a team from the bottom of England's leagues to the top. Each of us takes control of the club for a month with June and July combined into a super-month so that year-to-year everyone plays different months and everyone gets a crack at the transfer windows. During your month you have complete autonomy over the team. Even the most radical changes are be greeted by the other players with the team moto: "Boatmurdered". Under no circumstances are you allowed to reload to a previous save when things don't go your way. Taking a job at another club is about the only no-no.

    I'm recording our ups and downs at Bossing the Midfield. You can find the entire season 1 story here. I'm currently working on season 2.

    Wish us luck.
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  2. Interesting read, got me gripped. Hope they keep you on till the end of the season at least.

  3. Mark,

    Thanks for taking an interest in our story. It's been an interesting ride to say the least.


  4. Season 1

    In this, the first season of the succession game, GD Dave and Lubizinho begin their tenure as Tuco Salamanca, the soon-to-be legendary Mexican manager in charge of Swindon Football Club in the nPower League 2. The season begins badly as Swindon struggles to cope with enormous roster turnover. As the season progresses, the wins begin to flow, but challenges persist. Can Tuco hold onto his job? Will young players develop in time to make an impact? Can Tuco find a way to bankrupt the team when the board reject his requests? Read the story of season 1 to find out.

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  5. Wow this is good idea and reading this with intrest. Just quick question why do swtich Formations when you take charge when appear formation gddave seems to get better results?

    Thinking this would be good idea to try in new verison of FM2013.

  6. Sebbie,

    Thanks for reading the story. It's been a lot of fun to pull the posts together. Your question cuts right to the heart of the debate between GD Dave and I. GD Dave believes nothing you do in FM makes an impact on wins/losses. He'll go into a game as a long-shot and play an attacking formation. Conventional wisdom in FM says you should play a counter or defensive formation in those kinds of games. When Dave wins his games using the attack formation it undermines the whole premise of FM. That is why I change to different formations.


  7. Lubs,
    I play the game with the same zeal and love for tactics as true futbol should be played. Well done on the blog and this GD Dave guys sounds like a complete prick.


  8. Lubs

    OK yer i think it does sometimes depends on tactics but i all so have notice morale and team talks can matter. I switch between 4-2-2-2 Control- Attacking or Overload depends on how match is going. I have backup of 4-4-2 and 4-1-2-2-1 and some times swap to these during game's if i'm losing and then can win. Yer been very good read. One of the Stories really catched my attention and made want read more. Looking forward to seeing the next lot.

    Also like idea of passing save between two of you and see different ways you and work and try achive success. Might have see if can do this with someone on FM 2013.

    Keep up good work

  9. Sebbie,

    The hidden advantage of swapping turns with a friend is that you get more time to write up your FM story. The downside is that the the other person might be a lunatic (GD Dave = crazy).


  10. Yer but guess show different sides to manager and what each manager like and how they can success. Well waiting for you next updates as read them all now lol.

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