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The Pharaoh of Europe
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  1. The Pharaoh of Europe


    Egyptians are one of the first nations to start to play football in modern history , since Egypt was occupied by Great Britain between 1880s till 1950s and as British soldiers were watched playing football , the game was transmitted to Egyptians . Like everybody around the world , Egyptians loved football so much and it then became their most popular sport.
    Egypt had one of the oldest Football Associations in the world and even played in the very 2nd FIFA World Cup in 1934 in Italy , losing to great Hungary at that time 4-2 , so Egypt was the 1st ever African country to play in the World Cup and through years Egypt became the most successful African national team to win the African Cup of Nations (7 times ) , besides having the most successful club in Africa ( Al Ahly / 7 African Champions League titles) which is right now the most club to reach the FIFA Club World Cup . But although both Egyptian clubs and NT did well and even dominated the continent sometimes especially in the last 10 years , Egypt couldn't reach the World Cup but once since 1934 , that was in 1990 in Italy too. This looked sometimes like a psychological thing , as Egypt was near getting a World Cup seat numerous times but always failed at the very last match . People in Egypt started to get frustrated and right now it looks like a miracle to qualify again to the World Cup . Besides , there is a very bad reputation regarding Egyptian footballers in Europe as they always proved to be problem seekers even if they prove their talents in big European leagues . So Egypt has great reputation of being a local country regarding football that fails to be international even if there are good talented players , they always fail.
    The last episode of this misery was winning African Cup of Nations in 2006 , 2008 and 2010 and still fail to reach FIFA World Cup 2010 !

    My Story

    I was an Egyptian amateur footballer , born in 1986 , who used to play for my school football team. My dream was to become an International player for my country , but this dream was over when I had a serious leg injury I got in a car accident that I survived miracly . So , being in love with football , and being even more determined to get involved in professional football , I decided to get the badges needed to become a football manager , which I got in Russia .

    After that , I became a youth coach for SKA Khabarovsk , a 2nd tier division Russian club , and as the team was doing badly , being the 18th out of 19 teams in the league , the manager got fired , so I made a crazy decision by applying for the manager job , but the board accepted it ! So here I come !
    The Pharaoh of Europe-800px-flag_of_egypt.svg.png

    1- The primary goal is increasing my reputation till I become a well known top leagues manager and at the same time the 1st ever Egyptian manager to succeed in Europe to help ending the bad reputation of unprofessional acts of Egyptian footballers in Europe and that Egyptians are just local in football .

    2- My long term European goals are to achieve at least one premier league title , one premier domestic cup title , the UEFA Champions League and/or the UEFA Europa League titles. Will take long time to get achieved though , especially that I'm a new FM series player (my 1st ever one was FM 2011)

    3- A primary aim but will take time to be achieved is managing Egyptian national team and bringing successes to my home nation , either continental or olympic , and more especially qualifying to the World Cup several times and ending our historic bad luck of being not able to reach the FIFA World Cup again since 1990 .

    4- Another very long term goal is to manage one of my favourite clubs in biggest European Leagues of the world and bringing successes to them . These clubs are (arranged from most favourite to least ) : Liverpool in England , Real Madrid in Spain , AC Milan in Italy and Bayern Munich in Germany . Managing Arsenal or Juventus will be more than welcome too , but only if the above clubs don't offer me their hot seats .Will be almost impossible too.


    N.B. I've chosen to be born in 1986 (the least age) to get as long time to manage as possible as I will retire around 70.
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  2. SKA Khabarovsk (Russia - Pervyj Divizion)

    1st season (2011)
    Joined : 5/7/2011
    Contract : 1.5k€/w till end of 5/2012
    (only half a season which means I'm not very trusted to be a long term manager)

    - get a safe mid table league position (too hard to be done as the team was 18th when I started to manage it [out of 19 teams] with no staff , no youth players , very bad squad and no transfers money with only half a season to sort everything up)
    - get to 6th round of the Russian Cup (already achieved before I was appointed , so won't be of my interest as I won't get far anyway)
    League :16th out of 19 teams (qualify to Relegation Group ) (bottom 4 teams in the relegation group relegate , so I must go up at least one position to avoid relegation so that I don't get further worse reputation even if I get fired at the end of the season which looks very probable)

    Cup : knocked out in 6th round after losing to Amkar 3/1 at home.(lost my only cup game!!!)
    Top Goalscorer : Alexander Yarkin (13)
    Top Assists : Vyacheslav Zapoyaska (7)
    Best Player : Evgeny Lutsenko
    Below are screenshots of final league position and summer transfers.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails The Pharaoh of Europe-pervyj-divizion-overview_-stages-.png   The Pharaoh of Europe-ska-khabarovsk-transfers_-history-.png  
    Attached Images  
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  3. Now brought some players that fulfill my needs , but still I'm having a big problem as most of the players want to leave at the end of the season (actually 10 players including one key player)
    Looks disastrous

  4. Just succeeded to avoid relegation , will post end of year report tonight.

  5. End of Season 2011-2012
    Khabarovsk (Russia - Pervyj Divizion)
    Relegation Group
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________

    : 5th out of 11 teams (avoided relegation)

    Top Goalscorer
    : Evgeny Lutsenko (18)

    Top Assists
    : Evgeny Lutsenko (8)
    Vyacheslav Zapoyaska (8)

    Best Player
    : Evgeny Lutsenko

    My Best Youngster
    : Serdar Iolomanov (9 games - great potential ability for us )
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  6. Some Screenshots of players mentioned above and the final relegation group position
    The Pharaoh of Europe-evgeny-lutsenko-overview_-profile-.pngThe Pharaoh of Europe-vyacheslav-zapoyaska-overview_-profile-.pngThe Pharaoh of Europe-serdar-iolomanov-overview_-profile-.png
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails The Pharaoh of Europe-pervyj-divizion-overview_-stages-.png  

  7. The whole first season transfers including the winter transfer window with the highlight was buying Bekric for 210 k eurosThe Pharaoh of Europe-ska-khabarovsk-transfers_-history-.png

  8. Nice to see a different story.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Cai1234 View Post
    Nice to see a different story.

    Thank you , Cali

  10. Season 2

    SKA Khabarovsk
    Russian 2nd Tier (Pervyj Divizion)

    I got contract renewal till end of 2013-2014 season with same wages which was good news for me.


    League: Top half finish

    Cup: Reach 6th round

    Already achieved the Cup target but got knocked out at home in a maniac game that I was leading all the way.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails The Pharaoh of Europe-ska-khabarovsk-transfers_-history-2.png   The Pharaoh of Europe-ska-khabarovsk-v-volga-nn-information_-overview-.png  
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