The Football League is upside down

  1. The Football League is upside down

    I have decided to conduct some research on the English Football League using an edited FM2012 database. As the popular chant from the terrace goes I will be turning the Football League upside down based on the predicted finishes of all teams down to the Blue Square North/South.

    As you can see from the screenshots, the Premier League now contains the teams predicted to finish in positions 13th to 22nd in both the Blue Square North/South. The subsequent Leagues have been switched with only League 2 remaining unchanged and the RL Premier League teams at the start if the 2011-12 season have been divided geographically into the Blue Square North/South.

    It raised a number of questions as to what would happen as I prepared the database which can be made available should anybody like to play.

    I myself will be holidaying through unemployed and will be reporting on my findings at the end of each season.

    So what will happen?
    • By the start of the 2016/17 season which should see the RL Premier League sides begin to return to the Premier League as this is the minimum time required to achieve the minimum promotions back there, but who will they be?
    • By the time these RL Premier League sides do start returning will the RL Blue Square North/South and other sides be able to compete given the financial awards that will be received by them.
    There are a thousand other things to think about and I look forward to finding them out along the way and please feel free to debate and discuss, or predict.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails The Football League is upside down-english-premier-division.png   The Football League is upside down-npower-championship.png   The Football League is upside down-npower-league-1.png  

    The Football League is upside down-npower-league-2.png   The Football League is upside down-blue-square-bet-premier.png   The Football League is upside down-blue-square-bet-north.png  

    The Football League is upside down-blue-square-bet-south.png  

  2. This seems really fun but I was thinking financially will teams like Manchester city Manchester United chelsea and other huge spenders, will they not go into massive debts due to the division they will be in, will this not sink most teams. I can imagine city and so on will be fielding a youth/reserve squad

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