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A Newcastle Dream

  1. A Newcastle Dream

    Hello and welcome to my first ever Football Manager story. Im very excited about this. Im somewhat new to Football Manager and Football in general, but I think this will be a fun ride. Cant wait to see where my career takes me. I know where it will start, and it will start in the North East of England. Newcastle United

    There will be no editing of any kind. Plan on updating this 24/7. Lots of screen shots. Im glad to take comments and criticism. This is my first ever and will listen to anyone suggestions. I hope you enjoy the story and lets get this going.

    Next Update:

    Team History, Start of Season Expectations, Team Report and Initial Tactics

  2. History


    Start of Season Expectations

    Note: As you can see I picked Top Half finish. That was the lowest I could choose and I think I can achieve that. Europe will be high hopes, but it never hurts to want big things. Will do my part in managing this team to fulfill these expectations.

  3. My team as of right now. I'll be looking to do a lot of business, buying and selling in this first transfer window. Will be going with Krul at GK, so Ill be looking to move Harper. I can find someone on much lower wages to play on the bench. I think I might go younger and sell Ameobi and Lovenkrands. Will also be trying to get rid of Ryan Taylor's contract once he's healthy. There are much better options I can find.

    My team report. Im going to bring in a GK to replace Harps. Will need some helps on the Left and right side of the defense. I'll also be putting bids for a few younger strikers to backup Ba and Best. My midfield looks pretty good, I will probably try and find a better Right Winger than Obertan, and bring him off the bench.

    My initial tactics before any transfers. This is mainly set up for when Ben Arfa comes back. My hope is that they will be comfortable in the tactic once hes back from injury.

    Next Update: Transfers and Friendlies.

  4. July

    July was a busy month. I brought in 7 players. 2 will be starting right away(Dempsey and Marcel). While I plan to play 4 others on my bench. I spent $37.5m but only $6.75m was payed up front. Here is a breakdown.

    Yaya Sanogo - $1m up front - $4m over 48 months
    Clint Dempsey - $1.25m up front - $5.25m over 36 months
    Cieran Clark - $1m up front - $8m over 48 months
    Marcel Schafer - $3m up front - $9.25m over 48 months
    Ruben Rochina - $500k up front - $700k over 18 months
    Vitinho - $0 up front - $3m over 48 months

    Ive sent a few players on loan to get some first team games. Sold Lovenkrands and Williamson and still trying to sell Ameobi, Harper and Ryan Taylor once hes healthy. I was super excited when QPR offered to take Alan Smith off my hands. I have to pay $32,000 a week til next year, but that means that frees up $68,000 in my wage budget.


    More exciting news in the fact the board returned a feeder club verdict. And I gave the recommendation to link up with Watford, and thats exactly what we did.


    Preseason was very good. My team has really grown together. We went undefeated, while drawing only once. We didnt play any heavyweights, but I was just trying to focus on getting match fit and the team learning the tactic. Lets hope this boosts the moral of my team and carries over to the Premier League kickoff, which is coming up fast. We will be taking on Fulham at St James Park.


    Next Update: First game of the year. More August Transfers.
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  5. Quick update before the game. Just got $1m offers from Middlesbrough and Leeds for Harper. He will be leaving us. Also got a $2.1m bid for Ameobi from Derby. Sadly he will be leaving Newcastle as well. Some very senior players are making way for a youth movement in Newcastle.

    Shola rejected Derby and will be with me until January.

  6. August

    August was an up and down month. Started off with a draw against Fulham. Then Stoke got a well deserved win. I then blew out Sheffield in the League Cup. I finished the month on a big win against City. Demba Ba scored a rebound goal off a Yohan Cabaye missed penalty to get the game winner. I will be hoping for more results like this in the near future.

    Newcastle 1-1 Fulham
    Stoke 1-0 Newcastle
    Newcastle 5-0 Sheffield United
    Newcastle 1-0 Mancehster City

    Looks to be a pretty difficult month. Liverpool, Tottenham and Aston Villa in the Premier League. I also will have to travel to White Hart Lane to face off with the Spurs again in the League Cup 3rd Round.
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  7. September

    September was an overall good month. Got a huge win at Liverpool. Loss to Tottenham at home but then traveled to White Hart Lane to beat them in the League Cup. We drew Sunderland in the League Cup. We finished off the month with a victory against Aston Villa.

    Liverpool 2-5 Newcastle
    Newcastle 2-3 Tottenham
    Tottenham 1-2 Newcastle
    Aston Villa 1-3 Newcastle

    I mentioned that Liverpool game. It was an amazing showcase for my team. Considering the fact we scored all 5 goals with 10 men. A really inspiring win.

    A standout player the first two months would definitely be Jonas Gutierrez. With his 6 goals in 8 appearances he is having a fantastic start to the season. He is really flourishing in this new tactic.

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  8. October

    October was an OK month. My unbeaten streak in the Premier League went to 5 games. But im really disapointed in that QPR draw. They only have 1 point from 10 games so far, and I gave them that point(And wouldnt you know it Mr. Twitter Joey Barton scored the goal for QPR lol). Ben Arfa has come back from injury and scored a goal in his first 2 games. Also lost to Sunderland in the League Cup. Stings a little more because its Sunderland.

    Wolves 1-2 Newcastle
    QPR 1-1 Newcastle
    Newcastle 3-0 Wigan
    Sunderland 1-0 Newcastle - League Cup
    Newcastle 3-0 Swansea

    Here is the table at the moment. Everton and Wolves playing pretty good so far. I like my position as of right now, but its still really early.

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  9. Mr. Twitter Joey Barton
    I lol'd at that hahaha. Cheers bro waiting for update.

  10. November

    Short month of November. Bitter-sweet one as well. As soon as Yohan Cabaye gets back from a 6 week injury, Clint Dempsey picks up a 5 week injury. Obertan will be asked to step up and take over duties on the right wing. Also, Ive been playing Ruben Rochina much more than Demba Ba recently. Ba hasn't been taking advantage of a lot of the opportunities hes been handed to him by our skill full midfielders. If he keeps this up, he will become a steal for the price I payed.($1.2m)

    Norwich 0-3 Newcastle
    Newcastle 1-1 Blackburn
    Man Utd 3-1 Newcastle

    Here are some Player Stats through the first few months. As you can see Jonas and Steven Taylor arent just having stand out years on my squad, but are having great years in the Premier League.

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  11. good story so far mate.. great job with the wins at Anfield & White Hart Lane..

  12. I always like a good Newcastle story Some great wins there aswell. Some good signings but if you keep doing the monthly installments you are going to ruin your finances.
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  13. good story so far mate.. great job with the wins at Anfield & White Hart Lane..

  14. good story, really like what you have done with the results by making a win-green, draw-red, lost-black. Makes easier to read imo

  15. Thanks for the feedback guys. Really appreciate it. I will be updating this in a little.

  16. December

    Another solid month. Got completely demolished by Arsenal but ended the month with a solid draw against Chelsea.

    Newcastle 2-2 Everton
    Arsenal 5-1 Newcastle
    Newcastle 2-0 Sunderland
    West Brom -1-2 Newcastle
    Newcastle 2-0 Bolton
    Chelsea 1-1 Newcastle

    Here is a league table update. Everton still playing out of their mind.

    I sent Graham Carr to Brazil to scout U-18s and he came back with some good ones and this guy was pretty good and cheap. ($1.35m) Dont think I will be spending anymore in January. But most likely will be selling a few.

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  17. January

    Good month besides the game vs City. Ive handled Liverpool this year, outscoring them by 8-2. Im 5th in the league. 4 points from 4th and 4 ahead of 6th.

    Fulham 2-1 Newcastle
    Huddersfield 1-6 Newcastle - FA
    Newcastle 2-0 Stoke
    Man City 5-1 Newcastle
    Newcastle 1-0 Derby - FA
    Newcastle 3-0 Liverpool

    I said I wasn't planning on signing anyone else in January besides Charles, but the board injected the club with a $15m budget for January. I payed for all of these guys up front. I decided to stock up on some youth. This is who I bought





    Signed for free

    Uploaded with
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  18. February

    Tottenham 3-2 Newcastle

    Newcastle 3-0 Wolves
    Sunderland 0-2 Newcastle - FA
    Newcastle 2-2 Aston Villa

    Uploaded with

    Linked up with another club. Crystal Palace was the best of the bunch.

    League Table Update. Still holding strong onto 5th. I have a good run of games vs lower opponents. I want to try and make a run at 4th, if anything I want to hold on to 5th. So lets hope.

  19. March

    As I said I had an easy schedule up. 4 Premier games against the bottom 4 of the league. I capitalized even with Krul picking up a 3-4 week injury. Had to bring Mike Pollit off the bench. His first action hes seen all year. He started the last 3 games and played very well. Ba also picked up an injury that will keep him out rest of the year, but not too worried about that Ruben Rochina has played great. Luckily for me Man Utd is in the Champions League, so they didnt play a single starter in that FA Cup 6th Round. Arsenal Loss once and drew once this month and allowed me to end the month tied for 4th. Everton in 3rd by 4 points.

    Wigan 0-3
    Newcastle 4-1 QPR
    Man Utd 0-2 Newcastle - FA
    Swansea 2-3 Newcastle
    Newcastle 3-0 Norwich

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  20. April

    An amazing month. I really cant believe im this high up in the table. Way exceeding expectations. I find myself in 3rd with 2 games to go. I was happy to see Rooney and other players resting once again for Man Utd. I managed to draw with Everton, then in what most would call a total collapse, Everton lose to QPR 3-1 and gave them their 1st win of the whole season!! I also managed to grab a fantastic win against Arsenal. At this point a Champions League berth is mine to lose. Im still in awe.

    Blackburn 1-3 Newcastle
    Everton 1-1 Newcastle
    Newcastle 3-0 Man Utd
    Tottenham 2-3 Newcastle - FA
    Sunderland 1-1 Newcastle
    Newcastle 1-0 Arsenal
    Newcastle 3-1 West Brom

    Here is the league table. Im assuming Arsenal wins their final 3 games. Forgot to look who they play. But my final two games are against Bolton and Chelsea. Everton plays Swansea and Norwich. And with my better goal difference I need to win 1 of those games to clinch a trip to the Champions League. But thats if Arsenal wins the rest of their matches. Its still possible myself and Everton could make it to the big time.

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  21. Scouts came back with some good French regens. Decided to sign 3 of them. French revolution continues in Newcastle.




  22. good luck with this, tried newcastle on the demo and they've got a decent squad to work with

  23. Newcastle have got an amazing scout called paul johnson. I want to sign him but he wont move even though ive got the second highest reputation. But nice story( nice buys)

  24. May

    CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!!! Well Arsenal and Everton had their chances but blew them. I finished the year with a draw and a Loss against Chelsea. Arsenal beat QPR and Swansea but loss to Tottenham. Everton Loss at Swansea(Another collapse for Everton!!!) and beat Norwich. I finished tied with Arsenal on points but have the advantage because of my superior goal differential. Everton is just 1 point behind us. As you can believe im ecstatic. My expectations were a Top Half Finsh and even in January when I was in 5th and they asked if Id like to revise the expectations and I said I didnt. No big surprise. QPR, Norwich and Swansea relegated. Everton barely miss the Champions League. They lose 4 of their last 6 matches. A bit of an implosion after being in Top 3 the whole year. They will be in Europe next season though, along with Tottenham and Chelsea.

    Bolton 1-1 Newcastle
    Newcastle 0-1 Chelsea

    Final League Table

    $23.04m for final position

    The board is responding to my success they decided to expand the stadium by 7,613 seats

    And they will be upgrading the youth facilities.

    Manager of the Year

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  25. Just a side not. Newcastle legend Alan Shearer takes over the helm at Norwich. Good Luck Alan! Hopefully he can bring them right back up.

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  26. Quote Originally Posted by Cole89 View Post
    good luck with this, tried newcastle on the demo and they've got a decent squad to work with

    They've got a really decent squad. You really dont need to buy too many people.

  27. Quote Originally Posted by ALX2 View Post
    They've got a really decent squad. You really dont need to buy too many people.
    i remember strengthening the attack cos ba is the only real premiership striker in the team so i brought in welbeck n sturridge

  28. Some end of the year stats.

  29. Offseason

    The boards initial transfer/wage budget

    Newcastle link up with GNK Dinamo

    Updated Information

    Updated Overview

    Updated Team Report

    July Transfers

    Was looking for help at Striker, AMR, and LB. Also wanted to get a backup CM to replace Danny Guthrie. I decided to end my experiment with Marcel Shafer(LB) and cut my losses. He was a total disaster last year. Really took a hit with him. End of the year I was playing people who were rated much less. I think he never got settled in England. I picked up Didac from AC Milan. Hopefully he can contribute more than Marcel did last year. I wanted to get another AMR because Jonas dropped during his vacation. Not as good as he was last year. So I found Andriy Yarmolenko. I also needed help at striker and he plays both positions great. So thats 2 birds with 1 stone. Also wanted a backup CM, and I found this guy from the Ukraine. Hopefully he will help Yarmolenko get settled in England. Im done with transfers, but will most likely be sending a few more youngsters out on loan.




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  30. August

    Just 2 games in this month. I won them both. Also the drawing for group stages was held. I was drawn into Group A. There arent no pushovers in my group. I was drawn with Bayern, Villareal and Ajax. Definitely not looking to advance, im just happy to be here at the moment.

    Fulham 1-2 Newcastle
    Newcastle 2-1 Liverpool

    Champions League Group A

  31. September

    Very busy month with 6 games. Won once, drew three times and loss twice. The only win came from a League Cup Game. I was drawn with Ajax in my first Champions League Game. Im fine with that. Tim Krul has been struggling, and were not winning games as of right now. Hopefully we can turn things around soon.

    Sunderland 4-3 Newcastle

    Newcastle 2-2 Man City
    Ajax 0-0 Newcastle - Champions League
    Stoke 0-2 Newcastle
    Ipswich 1-4 - League Cup
    Newcastle 0-0 Leicester

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  32. you have a decent shout at progressing in Europe depending on your reverse result against ajax n the games against villareal.
    As for the september results... defeat against sunderland is disappointing as is the draw at home to leicester, but keep it up, decent signing with the ukranian though.

  33. Quote Originally Posted by Cole89 View Post
    you have a decent shout at progressing in Europe depending on your reverse result against ajax n the games against villareal.
    As for the september results... defeat against sunderland is disappointing as is the draw at home to leicester, but keep it up, decent signing with the ukranian though.

    Havent updated it yet, but I pulled off a draw VS Bayern. Pretty happy about that.

  34. Quote Originally Posted by ALX2 View Post
    Havent updated it yet, but I pulled off a draw VS Bayern. Pretty happy about that.
    decent result then sounds like its all down to the games against villareal

  35. Being lazy and not updating. But I qualified for the next round of the Champions League. Didnt think it would be that easy. Murdered Ajax 6-0 and im leading the group and qualified for the next round with a game in hand. Im on 11 points and Bayern has 10 and we will be playing to see who wins the group in the next week or so.

  36. October

    Solid month overall. Pulled a nice draw with Bayern. The loss against WBA, im not happy about. The rest of the reults were fine. Nice win vs Villareal in the Champions League.

    Newcastle 2-2 Bayern - Champions League
    West Brom 2-1 Newcastle
    Bolton 0-5 Newcastle
    Newcastle 3-1 Villareal - Champions League
    Newcastle 2-2 Tottenham
    Newcastle 4-1 QPR - League Cup 4th Round

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  37. November

    This month saw my team qualify for the next round of the Champions League. Somewhat unexpected, thought the teams would be tougher than they ended up to be. Had a nice 1-0 win in the reverse result against Villareal. Then at home we qualified for the next round with a total tromping of Ajax 6-0.

    Newcastle 2-0 Birmingham
    Villareal 0-1 Newcastle - Champions League

    Chelsea 4-4 Newcastle
    Newcastle 0-3 Everton
    Newcastle 2-0 West Ham
    Newcastle 6-0 Ajax - Champions League

    Champions League Update

    League Table Update

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  38. December

    9 games this month. No big surprises. Won in the League Cup Quarter final against Blackburn. Held on for another draw against Bayern. I go undefeated in the Group Stage. Got lucky in the Champions League draw. Probably got the easiest team left. But I wont be looking past them, they had to beat some good teams to get here. Im just happy I didnt draw a Barca, Madrid or Utd type of heavyweight.

    Man Utd 2-2 Newcastle
    Fulham 1-1 Newcastle - League Cup
    Newcastle 3-0 Blackburn
    Bayern 1-1 Newcastle - Champions League
    Wolves 2-3 Newcastle
    Wigan 1-2 Newcastle

    Newcastle 0-4 Arsenal
    Newcastle 0-0 Aston Villa
    Newcastle 3-1 Fulham

    Besiktas - Turkey

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  39. January

    Moved to the next round of the League Cup. I will be facing Chelsea in the final.

    Watford 1-3 Newcastle - FA Cup
    Liverpool 1-2 Newcastle
    Newcastle 3-1 West Brom - League Cup
    Newcastle 2-0 Sunderland

    Man City 2-0 Newcastle
    West Brom 3-4 Newcastle - League Cup

    Not too busy this transfer window. Grabbed a young GK from Brazil. Looks like he can be my GK of the future, and hes good enough to be my backup right now. Then Daniel Sturridge was unhappy with his lack of first team games. So I declared interest and Chelsea offered him to me for $8m. I got them down to $7.5m. Wasnt exactly looking for another striker, but Ba is injured a lot, and he only seems to score against smaller teams. He doesnt show up in the games that count.


    League Stats

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  40. Hey mate can you upload your squad and your formation
    thanks Matt

  41. Quote Originally Posted by Yoblackcat View Post
    Hey mate can you upload your squad and your formation
    thanks Matt
    Sure. I started out using 4-2-3-1, but I adapted a 4-2-4 in the last few months. Ive been using the 4-2-4 much more than my original tactic. But here are both.



  42. that Quality! i am also doing a newcastle but only a few games left and i am 6th trying for 5th but a big ask... Keep it up!!

  43. love it mate.

  44. Danny''s Avatar Danny'Premium Member
    Quality mate, quality.

  45. W4FC B3N's Avatar W4FC B3N
    Modern Day Legend
    Nicely done in the CL group stages.

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