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NOT Another San Marino Story

  1. NOT Another San Marino Story

    well despite the title, meant to be a play on Ubernisation's Another San Marino Story!, this IS yet another San Marino story

    If my other threads The Great San Marino Challenge and The San Marino Guide by Kandersson weren't enough, I've also decided to start a story of my career with San Marino! Hopefully one day I'll look back at this thread and remember the good old times

    As those who have followed the challenge thread might know I have already played three full seasons so I'd like to post past seasons resumes before I go on with my game.

    I've been in charge of both club and national team since day one as I like to be The San Marino Supremo, one and only responsible of any Sammarinese success (or lack of it)! National team's updates will become more accurate as I get better players and the team makes real progress; in first seasons it will mostly be a series of spectacular losses across Europe (and more).

    Club Season 2011/2012: Serie C2

    League & Cups Results:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-italian-serie-c2_a-overview_-stages-.png

    The famous Serie C Treble was certainly a nice way to start this amazing journey. We dominated the league from day one and had little problems keeping that form in the cups (this included a 7-0 win in Serie C2 Super Cup first leg against Perugia). Our "secret" was a revamped, new squad that proved to be too much for Serie C2 standard, and was probably closer to an above average Serie C1 side.

    Transfers, Best 11 & Key Players:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-enzo-scorza-overview_-attributes-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-transfers_-history-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-history_-best-eleven-.png

    There were quite a few notable performers but the following ones deserve honorable mention:

    Enzo Scorza: the goal hunter. A former youth international for Uruguay who had fallen all the way to Italian Serie D, Enzo joined for free determined to revive his career and finally fulfill his untapped potential. Went on to score 39 goals in 39 matches overall (without penalties), winning League Top Scorer award in the process. A key player for us, and a club favourite after just one season.

    Mohammed Gulraiz: French/Algerian attacker formerly with Serie A side Udinese. Simply too good for this standard of football: dominated every single game from AML position, creating tons of chances for himself and his teammates. Won his first cap with Algeria during the season, and was eventually winner of Serie C2 Player of the Year as well as Fans POY. Definitely an integral part of San Marino future, joined Enzo Scorza to reach club favourite status after one season.

    Sodinha: flamboyant winger Sodinha completed the attacking trio and led the team in assists. The Brazilian lefty brought a taste of futbol bailado to the squad, and his style often drew comparisons (by me...) with former Brazilian international Denilson. You know, football always needs crowd pleasers.

    Matteo Pivotto: 37 years-old Pivotto brought some much needed experience to the squad, and led the defensive line with authority. Not only that actually, as he scored an absurd 21 goals in all competitions (mainly from corner kicks) and used his strength in the air to dominate any opponent in the league. Was released at the end of the season.

    Youth Prospects (screens from second season):

    NOT Another San Marino Story-juri-biordi-overview_-attributes-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-ciro-napoli-overview_-attributes-2.png

    Juri Biordi is a member of the original San Marino youth squad, and started with very promising stats for SM standard. Some specific training and tutoring helped his development through the year, and soon he became undisputed first choice for the NT and arguably the best defender in the country at just 16. Ciro Napoli was the best prospect of our first youth intake (which was quite decent overall, especially for those used to FM11): a promising right winger with good pace and technical abilities, he was already good enough to be part of the senior NT and actually got his first cap within a couple of months.

    Next update will describe first season misery with the National Team...
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  2. i'll definately be following this, have you had any luck with vitaioli? he seems like he could develop nicely.

  3. not really, hasn't make substantial improvements for me. He did well on loan in Serie C2, then I sold him to a serie B club and he didn't get much playing time. He's still first choice for the NT, mostly because I have a couple of promising regens still rejecting San Marino.

    on the other hand former Cesena striker Stefanelli (signed for free after first season) has developed decently and is currently our "star" striker...

    EDIT: I'm not sure if all attachments and screens are working properly, anyone can confirm issues with that?
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  4. the player screenshots aren't working although they definately were earlier when i posted my previous comment. now i just get this message:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-screenshot.png

  5. thanks sammyt, apparently I can see screens correctly as long as I'm logged in while I see that same error message when I'm not. Not sure what happened as I did the same as usual, will try and find a solution tomorrow before posting next update.

  6. what makes it even weirder is that the top 3 srennshots work as they're meant to.

  7. I think I might have started something here with the San Marino stories haha. Good luck with yours mate, will be following

  8. Quote Originally Posted by iamauser View Post
    I think I might have started something here with the San Marino stories haha. Good luck with yours mate, will be following
    haha the truth is I felt I had already started enough SM threads so wanted to blog my career but they closed that section so had to go for a story thread As for Uber he's Mister San marino and his stories ahave been part of SM folklore for a while now I like to follow any story with SM so I like the new trend.

    on a side note, I tried to solve issues with attachments but no matter what, cups screens for serie C2 didn't seem to work in first post, I'll make one last try here before going with new NT update:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-italian-c2-super-cup-overview_-stages-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-italian-serie-c-cup-overview_-stages-2.png

    EDIT: and obviously they work fine now...

  9. Quote Originally Posted by iamauser View Post
    I think I might have started something here with the San Marino stories haha. Good luck with yours mate, will be following
    i was originally going to blog mine with 3 seperate sub categories for the 3 managers to make it easier to follow but when they closed that i decided to make a story of it instead and then you started yours as i was finishing the introduction for mine.

  10. National Team: Year 2011

    Well, first season in charge of the national team proved to be slightly harder than managing the club.

    San Marino start at 207th of FIFA Rankings with 0 points which means they're virtually the worst NT amongst FIFA affiliated countries. With this in mind, please admire our spectacular results in 2011 (NT updates will be yearly rather than seasonal until 2013/14):

    NOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-fixtures_-fixtures-.png

    A 0-2 loss against Bosnia was the first match under my reign, and was actually a more than respectable result. Unfortunately things changed in competitive matches, when we were simply destroyed by ANYONE else. A beautiful solo goal vs Holland scored by legendary striker Andy Selva was the highlight of the year (as well as our only goal in whole 2011), while a friendly loss against obscure East Timor (believe it or not: ranked higher than us...) only confirmed that San Marino has a looooong way to go.

    Team & Players Overview

    As you might imagine the quality of San Marino players is generally between hopeless and atrocious. Goalkeeper Aldo Junior Simoncini (3rd choice for Serie A outfit Cesena) and veteran striker Andy Selva (unattached after a respectable career between Serie B and Serie C) are the only exceptions here, and they even look like REAL football players.

    Youngsters Mattia Stefanelli (ST, Cesena), Matteo Vitaioli (AML/R/ST, San Marino) and Juri Biordi (DC, San Marino) are the brightest prospects in the country at the start of the game, and soon became first choice players for the NT. Biordi in particular has been undisputed first choice since he was 16, setting a new record for youngest player (and later youngest goalscorer) ever of the national team.

    The rest is pretty much rubbish. Rimini midfielder Mirko Palazzi could be instant first choice, unfortunately he retired from international football in 2007 at the age of 20. All my efforts to bring him back have been unsuccesful so far. Here's a screenshot of the defector:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-mirko-palazzi-overview_-attributes-2.png

    If things weren't bad enough, Andy Selva decided to retire from football in January 2012 after being without a club for a few months. I did try to sign him with the club several times, but he always rejected any approach.

    On a brighter note, a good Sammarinese regen popped out in the middle of the season in the local amateur league (and trust me, this is almost a miracle):

    NOT Another San Marino Story-giacomo-fabbrini-overview_-attributes-.png

    Giacomo Fabbrini is a versatile young player with above average attributes for SM standard. He became automatic first choice for the country, and I signed him (for free of course) for the club to follow personally his development. Joined the club in July 2012 and has since improved via training, tutoring and loan experiences.

    The Staff

    We could say that this was the most "succesful" part of my experience with the national team. If you have read through my guide thread than you might know about my revolutionary (...) theories about staff, SM knowledge etc

    This is my NT Staff (screen from 2014, though no changes from first season):

    NOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-staff_-staff-.png

    All quite reputable names here, mostly coaches/ass.managers from Serie A clubs. You can see Mauro Tassotti from AC Milan and Rui Faria from Real Madrid here. Even our top class physio Marco Frigerio is now a coach for Fiorentina so he's developing SM knowledge as well. With that said, I can anticipate that NO Sammarinese players have been produced outside San Marino (our club or local league) as of 2014. A bit disappointing, especially considering Juventus have two Sammarinese coaches and another SM scout.

    That's it for first year/season with both club and country. 2012/13 update should come tomorrow or monday.
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