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NOT Another San Marino Story
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  1. NOT Another San Marino Story

    well despite the title, meant to be a play on Ubernisation's Another San Marino Story!, this IS yet another San Marino story

    If my other threads The Great San Marino Challenge and The San Marino Guide by Kandersson weren't enough, I've also decided to start a story of my career with San Marino! Hopefully one day I'll look back at this thread and remember the good old times

    As those who have followed the challenge thread might know I have already played three full seasons so I'd like to post past seasons resumes before I go on with my game.

    I've been in charge of both club and national team since day one as I like to be The San Marino Supremo, one and only responsible of any Sammarinese success (or lack of it)! National team's updates will become more accurate as I get better players and the team makes real progress; in first seasons it will mostly be a series of spectacular losses across Europe (and more).

    Club Season 2011/2012: Serie C2

    League & Cups Results:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-italian-serie-c2_a-overview_-stages-.png

    The famous Serie C Treble was certainly a nice way to start this amazing journey. We dominated the league from day one and had little problems keeping that form in the cups (this included a 7-0 win in Serie C2 Super Cup first leg against Perugia). Our "secret" was a revamped, new squad that proved to be too much for Serie C2 standard, and was probably closer to an above average Serie C1 side.

    Transfers, Best 11 & Key Players:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-enzo-scorza-overview_-attributes-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-transfers_-history-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-history_-best-eleven-.png

    There were quite a few notable performers but the following ones deserve honorable mention:

    Enzo Scorza: the goal hunter. A former youth international for Uruguay who had fallen all the way to Italian Serie D, Enzo joined for free determined to revive his career and finally fulfill his untapped potential. Went on to score 39 goals in 39 matches overall (without penalties), winning League Top Scorer award in the process. A key player for us, and a club favourite after just one season.

    Mohammed Gulraiz: French/Algerian attacker formerly with Serie A side Udinese. Simply too good for this standard of football: dominated every single game from AML position, creating tons of chances for himself and his teammates. Won his first cap with Algeria during the season, and was eventually winner of Serie C2 Player of the Year as well as Fans POY. Definitely an integral part of San Marino future, joined Enzo Scorza to reach club favourite status after one season.

    Sodinha: flamboyant winger Sodinha completed the attacking trio and led the team in assists. The Brazilian lefty brought a taste of futbol bailado to the squad, and his style often drew comparisons (by me...) with former Brazilian international Denilson. You know, football always needs crowd pleasers.

    Matteo Pivotto: 37 years-old Pivotto brought some much needed experience to the squad, and led the defensive line with authority. Not only that actually, as he scored an absurd 21 goals in all competitions (mainly from corner kicks) and used his strength in the air to dominate any opponent in the league. Was released at the end of the season.

    Youth Prospects (screens from second season):

    NOT Another San Marino Story-juri-biordi-overview_-attributes-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-ciro-napoli-overview_-attributes-2.png

    Juri Biordi is a member of the original San Marino youth squad, and started with very promising stats for SM standard. Some specific training and tutoring helped his development through the year, and soon he became undisputed first choice for the NT and arguably the best defender in the country at just 16. Ciro Napoli was the best prospect of our first youth intake (which was quite decent overall, especially for those used to FM11): a promising right winger with good pace and technical abilities, he was already good enough to be part of the senior NT and actually got his first cap within a couple of months.

    Next update will describe first season misery with the National Team...
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  2. i'll definately be following this, have you had any luck with vitaioli? he seems like he could develop nicely.

  3. not really, hasn't make substantial improvements for me. He did well on loan in Serie C2, then I sold him to a serie B club and he didn't get much playing time. He's still first choice for the NT, mostly because I have a couple of promising regens still rejecting San Marino.

    on the other hand former Cesena striker Stefanelli (signed for free after first season) has developed decently and is currently our "star" striker...

    EDIT: I'm not sure if all attachments and screens are working properly, anyone can confirm issues with that?
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  4. the player screenshots aren't working although they definately were earlier when i posted my previous comment. now i just get this message:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-screenshot.png

  5. thanks sammyt, apparently I can see screens correctly as long as I'm logged in while I see that same error message when I'm not. Not sure what happened as I did the same as usual, will try and find a solution tomorrow before posting next update.

  6. what makes it even weirder is that the top 3 srennshots work as they're meant to.

  7. I think I might have started something here with the San Marino stories haha. Good luck with yours mate, will be following

  8. Quote Originally Posted by iamauser View Post
    I think I might have started something here with the San Marino stories haha. Good luck with yours mate, will be following
    haha the truth is I felt I had already started enough SM threads so wanted to blog my career but they closed that section so had to go for a story thread As for Uber he's Mister San marino and his stories ahave been part of SM folklore for a while now I like to follow any story with SM so I like the new trend.

    on a side note, I tried to solve issues with attachments but no matter what, cups screens for serie C2 didn't seem to work in first post, I'll make one last try here before going with new NT update:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-italian-c2-super-cup-overview_-stages-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-italian-serie-c-cup-overview_-stages-2.png

    EDIT: and obviously they work fine now...

  9. Quote Originally Posted by iamauser View Post
    I think I might have started something here with the San Marino stories haha. Good luck with yours mate, will be following
    i was originally going to blog mine with 3 seperate sub categories for the 3 managers to make it easier to follow but when they closed that i decided to make a story of it instead and then you started yours as i was finishing the introduction for mine.

  10. National Team: Year 2011

    Well, first season in charge of the national team proved to be slightly harder than managing the club.

    San Marino start at 207th of FIFA Rankings with 0 points which means they're virtually the worst NT amongst FIFA affiliated countries. With this in mind, please admire our spectacular results in 2011 (NT updates will be yearly rather than seasonal until 2013/14):

    NOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-fixtures_-fixtures-.png

    A 0-2 loss against Bosnia was the first match under my reign, and was actually a more than respectable result. Unfortunately things changed in competitive matches, when we were simply destroyed by ANYONE else. A beautiful solo goal vs Holland scored by legendary striker Andy Selva was the highlight of the year (as well as our only goal in whole 2011), while a friendly loss against obscure East Timor (believe it or not: ranked higher than us...) only confirmed that San Marino has a looooong way to go.

    Team & Players Overview

    As you might imagine the quality of San Marino players is generally between hopeless and atrocious. Goalkeeper Aldo Junior Simoncini (3rd choice for Serie A outfit Cesena) and veteran striker Andy Selva (unattached after a respectable career between Serie B and Serie C) are the only exceptions here, and they even look like REAL football players.

    Youngsters Mattia Stefanelli (ST, Cesena), Matteo Vitaioli (AML/R/ST, San Marino) and Juri Biordi (DC, San Marino) are the brightest prospects in the country at the start of the game, and soon became first choice players for the NT. Biordi in particular has been undisputed first choice since he was 16, setting a new record for youngest player (and later youngest goalscorer) ever of the national team.

    The rest is pretty much rubbish. Rimini midfielder Mirko Palazzi could be instant first choice, unfortunately he retired from international football in 2007 at the age of 20. All my efforts to bring him back have been unsuccesful so far. Here's a screenshot of the defector:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-mirko-palazzi-overview_-attributes-2.png

    If things weren't bad enough, Andy Selva decided to retire from football in January 2012 after being without a club for a few months. I did try to sign him with the club several times, but he always rejected any approach.

    On a brighter note, a good Sammarinese regen popped out in the middle of the season in the local amateur league (and trust me, this is almost a miracle):

    NOT Another San Marino Story-giacomo-fabbrini-overview_-attributes-.png

    Giacomo Fabbrini is a versatile young player with above average attributes for SM standard. He became automatic first choice for the country, and I signed him (for free of course) for the club to follow personally his development. Joined the club in July 2012 and has since improved via training, tutoring and loan experiences.

    The Staff

    We could say that this was the most "succesful" part of my experience with the national team. If you have read through my guide thread than you might know about my revolutionary (...) theories about staff, SM knowledge etc

    This is my NT Staff (screen from 2014, though no changes from first season):

    NOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-staff_-staff-.png

    All quite reputable names here, mostly coaches/ass.managers from Serie A clubs. You can see Mauro Tassotti from AC Milan and Rui Faria from Real Madrid here. Even our top class physio Marco Frigerio is now a coach for Fiorentina so he's developing SM knowledge as well. With that said, I can anticipate that NO Sammarinese players have been produced outside San Marino (our club or local league) as of 2014. A bit disappointing, especially considering Juventus have two Sammarinese coaches and another SM scout.

    That's it for first year/season with both club and country. 2012/13 update should come tomorrow or monday.
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  11. Club Season 2012/2013: Serie C1/A

    League & Cups Results:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-italian-serie-c1_a-overview_-stages-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-fixtures_-fixtures-2.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-v-triestina-information_-overview-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-italian-c1-super-cup-matches_-fixtures-results-.png

    Another successful campaign for San Marino, as the Titani absolutely dominated Serie C1/A like they did in Serie C2. We killed the league with an impressive start (20+ consecutive wins) and finished the season with another treble. Serie C Cup final against Triestina proved to be harder than expected as a nine-men San Marino side had to fight until penalty kicks lottery to finally lift the tropfhy. One of the highlights of the season was an exciting run in the Italian Cup, where we defeated a number of Serie B and Serie A clubs (including European giants Juventus) and reached the quarter finals (loss against Serie A side Novara).

    Transfers, Best 11 & Key Players:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-italian-serie-c1_a-awards_-award-winners-2.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-eric-overview_-attributes-2.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-history_-best-eleven-2.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-transfers_-history-2.png

    A bug that occurred at the end of Serie C2 season seemed to allow signing non-EU players without any limit. I took advantage of that as I thought this might be a new rule for C1, which resulted in signing key free agents Eric, Simoes and Mauricio Casierra. The actual rules were back in place at the start of the season, and only at that point I realised I had exploited a bug . My notable performers for 2012/13 season:

    Enzo Scorza & Mohammed Gulraiz: you already know both of them. The dynamic duo from first season were an integral part of our Serie C1 success as well, and proved they could make the difference at much higher level. Enzo again scored 39 goals in 39 apps (including 32 in 29 league matches) and won Serie C1 Top Scorer award as well as fans POY. Gulraiz was again unstoppable on the left wing, though he missed quite a few games to play for Algeria (especially during Africa Cup).

    Eric: the Brazilian Maestro, simply too good for Serie C1 as he would probably be a quality player for many Serie A sides. Left-footed playmaker Eric took over at AMR pushing Sodinha to the bench and soon became a key figure for the club. Created tons of chances and scored a few goals of his own, winning Serie C1/A Player of the Year award despite becoming a "competent" AMR only at the end of season. San Marino number 10 for present and future.

    Alessandro Cesarini: a personal favourite of mine, actually a true legend for me in FM11. In my intentions Cesarini was going to be just a squad player this time, a good back-up for both AML and striker position; he eventually enjoyed lots of playing time, mostly thanks to Gulraiz's travels with Algeria and as a super-sub for any attacking position. The highlight of his season was a superb hat-trick coming off the bench against strong Serie B side Bari (Italian Cup), while his consistent form and clutch performances earned him a spot in Serie C1/A Team of the Year (where he joined Eric and Enzo Scorza). We love our Cesa!

    Damian Macaluso: a veteran Italian/Uruguayan centre-back who has played for some of the best clubs in South America. Macaluso was undisputed first choice at CB, and arguably the best defender in the league. A determined, influential presence on the pitch and in the locker room, Macaluso was an excellent club captain and an ideal mentor for our young defenders. More than earned his contract extension at the end of the season.

    Youth Prospects:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-luca-tagliani-overview_-attributes-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-giuseppe-vitiello-overview_-attributes-.png

    Quite happy with this year youth intake. Luca Tagliani is an excellent centre back prospect, and my staff insist he has the potential to become a good Serie A defender. His attributes look already promising, hopefully he will become a regular first team member someday. He's already automatic first choice for the NT, having accepted to embrace San Marino project after initially rejecting the call-up.

    Giuseppe Vitiello is another Serie A caliber prospect, a gifted attacker described as "promising striker". He has played great for the U20 squad, and also showed promising things in friendly matches. Unfortunately he's another Sammarinese/Italian with dual nationality and as of 2014 he's yet to accpet a call-up for SM (like many others). We can only wait and see.

    I actually had another couple of very good prospects (a right back and a striker), unfortunately they are 100% Italian so I don't have much time for them, actually I see them more as financial assets rather than players (already accepted a generous co-ownership offer for one of them)

    Next update coming tomorrow, with National Team review year 2012. If you want to see any other screen in particular feel free to ask.
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  12. National Team: Year 2012 & 2013

    I decided to merge 2012 and 2013 in a single update, as I realised 2012 alone would have been just too depressing.

    NOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-fixtures_-fixtures-4.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-fixtures_-fixtures-5.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-moldova-v-san-marino-information_-overview-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-v-tonga-information_-overview-.png

    The 0-5 loss against Myanmar (yep, ranked higher than us!) was the lowest point of my NT career. Worst thing, it was absolutely deserved. Encouraged by a decent 2012 youth intake I tried to play some attacking football and as a result we got totally destroyed. I was so depressed that I stopped arranging friendlies for the whole year...

    Year 2013 proved to be quite respectable for our standards, as we started the year with a good 1-1 draw in Moldova to gain our first point in a competitive match since my appointment. We still had some ugly moments like a 0-8 against England, but I felt the team was finally showing some progress.

    The year culminated with a much needed win against Tonga, which was the very first victory under my tenure. These semi-decent results pushed San Marino to 199th place in FIFA Rankings, our highest so far.

    Tactics wise I have mainly used a very defensive 5-1-3-1 and a counter 4-3-3 in competitive matches. I'd say I was quite happy with overall performances as we did a decent job limiting CCC's. Goals from corners have been a big problem though (even 3-4 per game), which isn't good news as we tend to concede lots of corner kicks as a part of our containing strategies.

    Our defensive unit is starting to look almost respectable: Aldo Junior Simoncini is a reliable keeper, while the Biordi-Tagliani partnership at the heart of defence has showed some serious potential. They're both very young and improving nicely, with Tagliani in particular looking destined for great things. Young utility player Giacomo Fabbrini usually fills in at right back to complete an above average (for SM standard) defensive line.

    NOT Another San Marino Story-mattia-stefanelli-overview_-attributes-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-matteo-vitaioli-overview_-attributes-.png

    We also have a group of decent attackers, namely winger Ciro Napoli, Matteo Vitaioli and former Cesena prospect Mattia Stefanelli (now with San Marino club as well). Unfortunately I'm finding quite hard to create chances for them, due to a lack of quality in the midfield (still amateur level) and especially of decent playamkers. I truly believe that a player like Giuseppe Vitiello could change the face of our attack, unfortunately he's still rejecting any call up as of 2014.

    Next update coming soon with San Marino 2013/14 Serie B season.
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  13. Club Season 2013/2014: Serie B

    League and Cup Results:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-italian-serie-b-overview_-stages-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-fixtures_-fixtures-3.png

    This was actually quite surprising. Sure I already had a quality squad, and all the co-ownership deals gave me the funds to add other excellent players and improve weaker positions. I started the season aiming for promotion, though I certainly didn't expect to dominate the way we did at Serie B level. The truth is there were only 3-4 quality teams (close to Serie A standard, quite tough to face) while the rest of the league was surprisingly poor, often closer to Serie C1 quality. We had a decent run in the Italian Cup again beating a couple of Serie A clubs, though Juventus took revenge from last year and punished us with a heavy 6-1.

    U20's Squad:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-pier-angelo-manzaroli-overview_-profile-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-italian-under-20s-group-2-overview_-stages-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-under-20s-cup-history_-past-winners-.png

    I only realised this at the end of the season, as I don't control personally the U20's team. Well our long time youth coach Pier Angelo Manzaroli (responsible for the U20's squad) led the team to the double! San Marino won Group 2 (apparently the Serie B of U20's) and the U20's Cup, beating several Serie A youth teams to claim the trophy. All very promising for the future of Sammarinese football.

    Transfers, Best 11 and Key Players:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-italian-serie-b-awards_-award-winners-2.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-lorenzo-crisetig-overview_-attributes-2.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-history_-best-eleven-3.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-transfers_-history-4.png

    It's kind of hard to single out the best performers as the whole team was absolutely fantastic. No surprise San Marino had eight players in the Serie B Team of the Year. Anyway, here are my honorable mentions:

    Enzo Scorza: ooops he did it again. Serie B Top Scorer (despite missing last month through injury), Fans POY, 35 total goals in the season (33 in 36 league matches), 113 careeer goals for the club in 116 matches (99 goals in the league). Already a key figure in San Marino history and tradition, Enzino reached club icon status at the end of the year.

    Eric: a player that just doesn't belong in Serie B. Dominated the league with his playmaking skills and won Serie B player of the Year. Probably our most consistent performer, will be first choice in Serie A as well.

    Lorenzo Crisetig: Italy U20's starlet formerly with European giants Inter, a tough defensive midfielder who was also able to score 9 goals from MC position. Had a wonderful season and really did it all in the midfield. A key member for the club for the years to come, currently touted as the next Daniele De Rossi.

    Davide Petrucci: promising playmaker formerly with Man Utd, had to overcome some problems with injuries and fitness before finally becoming first choice at AML. The flamboyant trequartista finished the year strong and his future with San Marino looks bright. Dubbed the next Riccardo Montolivo.

    Vid Belec: young Goalkeeper from Slovenia, also a product of Inter youth setup. He joined in the middle of Serie C1, but this was his first year as a starter. I wasn't so sure about him before the start the season, and actually signed experienced GK Federico Agliardi as potential first choice in the summer. Nonetheless Belec proved to be a very consistent keeper, actually the best in the league as he earned a place in the Team of the Year. Lost him after one year of co-ownership, as Catania offered much more money than I could afford.

    Youth Prospects:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-niko-micheli-overview_-attributes-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-giovanni-biondo-overview_-attributes-.png

    Another good year for the youth intake. Niko Micheli is an excellent 5-star prospect who could finally bring some quality to the national team's midfield (our weakest unit). According to our most qualified staff he has the potential of being a leading Serie A player. Really excited about him.

    Giovanni Biondo is another Serie A caliber prospect, a quick striker with bags of potential. Needless to say, both these prospects (and actually several others) have dual nationality and are obviously rejecting a call up for the NT. What can I say, time is on my side...

    That's it, this is where I am at the moment with my game. I'll post next updates as I progress through the season, probably at the end of transfer window (end of August) with my new signings for Serie A.
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  14. Ubernisation's Avatar Ubernisation
    First Team
    Bossed the league, very nice I just managed to scrape 2nd

    What are your goals from Serie A? Just survival or somewhere closer to mid table? Making drastic overhauls or going to have faith in your Serie B squad?

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Ubernisation View Post
    Bossed the league, very nice I just managed to scrape 2nd

    What are your goals from Serie A? Just survival or somewhere closer to mid table? Making drastic overhauls or going to have faith in your Serie B squad?
    thanks Uber, your 2nd place looked great as it seems to me you had an average squad for Serie B (some good players but no real superstars for that standard). Honestly it's easier with players like Eric, Crisetig and Petrucci

    I'm quite confident about my Serie B winning squad and already managed to sign other good players for Serie A season, so I think a safe mid-table position should be possible for us. My tactics rely heavily on a star lone striker though, so if he fails badly then things could go horribly wrong for the whole team. Obviously the legendary Enzo Scorza can't be that striker at Serie A level.

    New star striker and quicker centre backs are my priority, plus I have to replace GK Belec. There's the excellent Marco Amelia available for free, unfortunately I don't have for his wages atm despite decent finances and being under the team wage budget.
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  16. The End of an Era

    As I'm still in pre-season of my first Serie A year (haven't played much FM in the last weeks) I thought I'd post a sort of "lower leagues final resume" of San Marino. The Titani are now a Serie A club and hopefully they'll stick around in the Italian top tier for the years to come. Let's have an overall look at the club after their fantastic journey through the lower leagues.

    NOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-history_-overview-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-information_-general-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-history_-competitions-.png

    We really started to add some silverware to our palmarès, didn't we? We basically won everything we could: three straight league titles, two Serie C Cups and two Serie C Super Cups. Our youth squad also added their success in U20's league an U20's Cup. For all this I have already reached Legend status at San Marino, while Enzo Scorza and Mohammed Gulraiz have both become club Icons.

    NOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-history_-best-eleven-4.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-history_-records-2.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-history_-records-.png

    Our team & players records and overall Best Eeleven so far: you can really see that Enzino and Momo have more than earned their icon status. Scorza in particular boasts some amazing numbers: 113 goals in 116 appearances, including 99 league goals. Juri Biordi's record for youngest goalscorer also looks quite a hard one to beat.

    NOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-squad_-training-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-scouting_-knowledge-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-information_-facilities-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-affiliated-clubs_-current-.png

    Here you can see the club has progressed in several ways. I'm particularly proud of our excellent Junior Coaching, and also managed to improve youth recruitment network a couple of times. Training & youth facilities haven't been touched yet though, and the stadio Olimpico is still stuck at 4500 seats. Our training and scouting knowledge have reached top class level, mostly thanks to new, quality staff members (both scout and coaches). Spanish side Pontevedra is our newest feeder club, and our very first outside Italy.

    Next update should be here soon, with pre-season resume and new signings for Serie A.

  17. nice results could you tell me all the coach you got. thats the only problem i have at the moment.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by phila001 View Post
    nice results could you tell me all the coach you got. thats the only problem i have at the moment.
    here are all my coaches:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-staff_-staff-2.png

    many of them are retired players who have developed staff attributes so they might be different in your game. I usually search through filters, and I like to have staff from various nations so club scouting knowledge will increase considerably. Also they have to be unattached and with relatively low wage requests.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by kandersson View Post
    here are all my coaches:

    Attachment 205514

    many of them are retired players who have developed staff attributes so they might be different in your game. I usually search through filters, and I like to have staff from various nations so club scouting knowledge will increase considerably. Also they have to be unattached and with relatively low wage requests.
    Cheers mate

  20. League and International


    Great thread so I'd thought I would give it a go.

    Silly question, but how can I manage San Marino club and international teams without creating a second manager?


  21. Ubernisation's Avatar Ubernisation
    First Team
    Quote Originally Posted by robbo1948 View Post

    Great thread so I'd thought I would give it a go.

    Silly question, but how can I manage San Marino club and international teams without creating a second manager?

    Without creating a second mamager you'll just have to wait 'til the current one gets sacked and then apply for the job. You can just make a 2nd one, take the job and immediately retire though.
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  22. Club Season 2014/2015: Serie A Summer Update

    Finally completed an exhausting pre-season and now the Titani are ready to take on Serie A!

    NOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-transfers_-history-5.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-tactics_-overview-.png

    An extemely busy transfer session for San Marino as we had to upgrade several positions to meet Serie A standard while also getting rid of some deadwood. We had to replace our first choice GK and ST (Vid Belec and Enzo Scorza were both sold) and the defence in particular had to undergo a major overhaul. Last season's stars Lorenzo Crisetig, Davide Petrucci and Eric will still be undisputed first choice in Serie A. Key signings for first team:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-nelson-rivas-overview_-attributes-2.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-marco-amelia-overview_-attributes-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-mohamed-sissoko-overview_-attributes-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-bruno-veiga-overview_-attributes-.png

    Marco Amelia is a quality keeper with plenty of experience at both Serie A and international level and after firing his agent accepted a very reasonable wage. Centre-back Nelson Rivas will bring some much needed quickness and aggression to our defence; at 31 he's not getting any younger but his physical attributes still look great and I'm confident he will be a useful player until 34-35. Former Liverpool and PSG star Mohamed Sissoko is an excellent addition to our midfield and a perfect fit for my tactics. Bruno Veiga is going to be our first choice striker this year and I'm quite happy with his signing: he's still young at 24, has good stats in the right places, some nice PPM's and is also competent at AML, which could prove very useful for his future at the club.

    I also signed LOTS of young players all very promising and all for free, most of them already "dubbed the next..." or "labelled the new...". Here are a few of them:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-oliver-semenov-overview_-attributes-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-klaus-kirsch-overview_-attributes-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-marcos-rodr-guez-overview_-attributes-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-claver-lwamba-overview_-attributes-.png

    The French GK and the German/Russian left back look like they could become quite something. Most of the other youngsters won't have a future with San Marino, nonetheless I'm confident they will generate some nice profit via sells or co-ownerships.

    And finally the Titani's typical pre-match routine

  23. Enzo Scorza Tribute

    Before going on with the regular updates here's a little tribute to legendary striker Enzo Scorza, who has recently parted ways with San Marino after three fantastic years.

    NOT Another San Marino Story-enzo-scorza-history_-career-stats-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-enzo-scorza-overview_-attributes-2.png

    Selling Scorza to Parma was tough but was probably the right thing for both the player and the club: Enzo will have the chance to prove himself at Serie A level while we made a decent profit from a player no more in my first team plans. He was also in the last year of his contract and his attributes were slightly declining after a serious injury, which was a key factor in making this decision.

    Enzo Scorza leaves San Marino as a true hero after winning many trophies and individual awards, having also reached Icon status at the club after 113 goals in 116 total apps for the club.

    NOT Another San Marino Story-italian-serie-c1_a-awards_-award-winners-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-enzo-scorza-overview_-attributes-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-italian-serie-c2_a-awards_-award-winners-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-italian-serie-b-awards_-award-winners-.png

    Three consecutive League Top Scorer awards were the highlight of a wonderful career with San Marino. Here's a list of all the trophies, awards and club records of little big man Enzo Scorza.


    - Serie C2
    - Serie C2 Super Cup
    - Serie C1
    - Serie C1 Super Cup
    - Serie C Cup (2)
    - Serie B


    - Serie C2 Top Scorer
    - Serie C2 Team of the Year
    - Serie C1 Top Scorer
    - Serie C1 Team of the Year
    - Serie B Top Scorer
    - Serie B Team of the Year
    - Fans Player of the Year (2)

    Club Records

    - Top Goalscorer in a Single Season: 39
    - Top League Goalscorer in a Single Season: 34
    - Most Goals in a Match: 4
    - Most League Goals for the Club: 99
    - Fastest Goal: 25 seconds

    Not too bad for a guy who had fallen all the way down to Italian Serie D (5th tier) after a promising youth career in Uruguay (including caps for la Celeste at U20 level). And finally a small video tribute:

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  24. Sadly I was not able to sign Enzo Scorza at first, I'm admired how most of you guys did. He went to Piacenza in mine.

  25. you should start again and get him, its so worth it
    got him first day of the season on 2k per week

  26. Well, I'm in C1 already so I suppose it's not worth it in this case. No point playing a season over again. I'll look forward to see if I can get him later.

  27. Quote Originally Posted by slbenficacoach View Post
    Well, I'm in C1 already so I suppose it's not worth it in this case. No point playing a season over again. I'll look forward to see if I can get him later.
    yeah i know i wouldnt even but if you had only just started then i would

  28. scorza still raping everyone
    32 in 18 games!!!!
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  29. National Team: Year 2014

    NOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-history_-best-eleven-6.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-world-nations_-world-rankings-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-fixtures_-fixtures-6.png

    All in all a promising year for San Marino NT as we had some decent results in fiendly matches and made consistent progress in FIFA Rankings, standing proud at 161st. For the first time since my appointment I thought we were playing something that looked like football! Still no luck in competitive matches though, despite the final score the 1-5 loss against N.Ireland was actually quite a close game unfortunately Kyle Lafferty was scoring at will that night.

    Our best result against "high-profile" (89th...) Kyrgyzstan, a good performance overall:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-kyrgyzstan-overview_-profile-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-v-kyrgyzstan-information_-overview-.png

    There were a few things that helped our relatively good form in 2014: Mirko Palazzi finally came out of international retirement while promising teenager Niko Micheli decided to accept the call-up for San Marino. They both became automatic first choice at MC and brought some much needed quality to our weak midfield which was really amateur level until then. Palazzi made an emphatic rentrée to the NT by scoring a screamer from distance against Kyrgyzstan.

    Elsewhere a new Sammarinese starlet was born: versatile youngster Pierangelo Sposito appeared in the local amateur league and soon became a regular for Mauro Tassotti and his San Marino U21. I realised he was already good enough for the senior NT and made him first choice at left back at just 16. Sposito also joined San Marino club during the season so that I can personally follow his development.

    The other young players are all progressing nicely, CB Luca Tagliani is looking particularly promising and looks like he could have a good Serie A career. Here's San Marino core of young players:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-giacomo-fabbrini-overview_-attributes-2.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-juri-biordi-overview_-attributes-2.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-luca-tagliani-overview_-attributes-2.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-pierangelo-sposito-overview_-attributes-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-niko-micheli-overview_-attributes-2.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-mattia-stefanelli-overview_-attributes-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-ciro-napoli-overview_-attributes-.png

    2014 wasn't all good news for San Marino though: promising attacker Giuseppe Vitiello, probably the brightest prospect in the whole country together with Tagliani, is still rejecting any call-up as of January 2015. Young striker Giovanni Biondo, another Serie A caliber pospect already capped for SM, had a devastating knee injury and will be out for 10-12 months, which will certainly harm his development if not his whole career (attributes already falling down).

    Coming soon: winter update of 2014/15 club season.
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  30. Serie A 2014/15: Winter Update

    Quick mid-season update just after the winter transfer window:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-serie-overview_-stages-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-serie-stats_-player-stats-.png

    A good season for San Marino so far, defence has been a bit shaky at times but I'm very pleased with our overall performances and especially our home form. We have started to play really well after the Christmas break, the whole team is looking much more solid now and we had some excellent results in January. If we can keep this form until the end of the season we could shock the league and push for an unlikely Europa League spot for next year.

    NOT Another San Marino Story-bruno-veiga-overview_-attributes-2.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-v-palermo-information_-overview-.png

    Bruno Veiga has played very well in the first half of the season, probably he's more a playmaker forward than a pure goal scorer nonetheless he's currently leading Serie A with 14 goals in 23 matches, including a beautiful hat-trick against Palermo.

    After summer frenzy San Marino had a quiet transfer campaign in January, signing a couple of free youngters and sending a few prospects out on loan. Only signing for the first team was Brazilian/Italian centre back Paulo André who joined for free from Vitoria da Bahia. Paulo has become instant first choice at CB forming a solid partnership with Nelson Rivas; his size and stength in the air have really changed the look of our defence.

    NOT Another San Marino Story-paulo-andr-overview_-player-attributes-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-paulo-andr-history_-career-stats-.png

    Despite a nice start with San Marino I can't really see Bruno Veiga being our star striker for the future. He will be a useful player and will probably see consistent playing time both at ST and AML positions, but I'm looking for something else for the lead striker role. Something like Ailton maybe:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-lton-overview_-attributes-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-lton-history_-career-stats-.png

    I've been tracking Ailton since he was 16 and missed on him twice (due to Italian rules for non-EU) before finally signing him for 2015/16 (as I had already used non-EU spots for this season). He has had a somewhat unusual career so far, being released from Gremio and then signed by unfashionable Peruvian side Juan Aurich despite being first choice for Brazil U20. On a side note Ailton has dual nationality Brazil/Uruguay, which brings memories of another Uruguayan striker who did decently with San Marino: club icon Enzo Scorza. Hopefully this could be a sign of good things to come for both Ailton and the club.

    Next update coming soon with best prospects from this year youth intake.
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  31. Sorry for off topic but what exp do i choose for san marino challegene?

  32. Quote Originally Posted by brooksey84 View Post
    Sorry for off topic but what exp do i choose for san marino challegene?
    there's no specific rule, I think I started with automatic

  33. 2015 Youth Intake

    Well this is always a very important time of the year for San Marino, and I had high expectations for the 2015 youth intake: it was our very first one as a Serie A club, plus we had recently upgraded Junior Coaching to excellent and Youth Recruitment Network to average.

    Here are this year's brightest prospects:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-francesco-toniolo-overview_-attributes-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-massimiliano-rizzi-overview_-attributes-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-simone-foresti-overview_-attributes-.png

    Class of 2015 was a good one overall. These are all decent/good Serie A caliber prospects with nice potential (there were a couple more but unfortunately they're fully Italians, so won't get much love from me). Midfielder Simone Foresti looks particularly promising and is already in my first team plans for the NT, luckily he's 100% Sammarinese so no problem whatsoever. Hopefully he will become a good deep lying playmaker even at Serie A level.

    However the most exciting prospect of 2015 youth intake was this kid here:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-alessandro-paolone-overview_-attributes-2.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-alessandro-paolone-reports_-coach-report-2.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-v-cagliari-information_-overview-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-marco-fab-news_-inbox-2.png

    Alessandro Paolone is a promising striker who according to our most qualified coaches has the potential to become a leading Serie A striker (4.5 stars), and to play at a similar level to Bruno Veiga (3.5 stars). I was so excited about Alessandro that I decided to give him 20 minutes in the last couple of games of the season, and guess what happened: he scored on his debut (an easy 4-1 win against Cagliari) thus setting a new club record for youngest goalscorer. His value has risen to 1M euros as of June 2015, and European giants AC Milan appear to be very interested in him. Won't even consider selling him though, as I have big plans for Alessandro both with club and NT. He's rejecting the call up for San Marino at the moment as unfortunately he has dual SM/Italian nationality.

    Speaking of the NT, a quick update before the full 2015 review: San Marino have just won the first competitive match in their history!

    NOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-v-luxembourg-information_-overview-.png

    It was an EURO qualifier against a weak Luxembourg team, Juri Biordi's header was enough to ensure the long awaited win. This should also be a big boost to our FIFA ranking (160th before the match).
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  34. I think that AILTON will really change your future.. He's sooooo good and he's for sure a future worldclass striker.

    I'm a bit disappointed by your youth arrival (it seemed better last year no?) due to your youth facilities' and network's improvement.

    You did by far the harder part but you'll soon meet the duality : improve players' level in order to win italian and european titles / make play your san marino player to help them develop (do you have already good feeder club?)...

    Anyway, Good luck and I will still follow your very interesting story... so you have too play more and more in the future !!!!
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  35. Quote Originally Posted by mbaudrier View Post
    I think that AILTON will really change your future.. He's sooooo good and he's for sure a future worldclass striker.

    I'm a bit disappointed by your youth arrival (it seemed better last year no?) due to your youth facilities' and network's improvement.

    You did by far the harder part but you'll soon meet the duality : improve players' level in order to win italian and european titles / make play your san marino player to help them develop (do you have already good feeder club?)...

    Anyway, Good luck and I will still follow your very interesting story... so you have too play more and more in the future !!!!
    Yeah I have high hopes for Ailton, the lone striker role is very important in my tactics Bruno Veiga did alright but Ailton could be a superstar.

    Youth intake was decent overall, I'm fine having at least a couple of standout prospects every year. MC Simone Foresti is one of the best midfielders in the country at 16 and has nice potential. ST Alessandro Paolone could become something special and he's possibly the most exciting prospect ever produced at SM. Some key attributes are already very promising (pace, acceleration, dribbling, finishing) and his PA looks amazing. If he develops like I expect he could very well become a first team player someday...

    feeder clubs are still quit shitty (serie C1, Spanish Segunda B2 and French CFA), luckily I have received loan offers from better clubs (DC Luca Tagliani will play in Serie B for 2015/16).

    Thanks for following, I'll keep playing for a long time as my long term goal is to win Serie A with a squad only composed by Sammarinese players

  36. Club Season 2014/2015: Serie A

    League & Cups Results

    NOT Another San Marino Story-serie-overview_-stages-2.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-serie-stats_-team-stats-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-fixtures_-fixtures-7.png

    First season in Serie A for San Marino and the results were very promising for sure. We played decently until the winter break, defence wasn't so solid but our excellent home form and some vintage performances by striker Bruno Veiga kept us consistently in top 10 positions. Second half of the season was simply fantastic: new signings were gelling well, defence played with more confidence and the whole team generally performed much better. We finished 5th thus gaining a spot for Europa League, and also scored more goals than any other team in Serie A. Not too bad if you compare our team salary to our fellow Serie A clubs.

    The Italian Cup was quite disappointing this year: we used to cause big upsets beating Serie A clubs when San Marino played in lower divisions, but this time it was Titani's turn to suffer defeat from Serie B side Catania. We fielded a young, inexperienced team and to be fair we were deserving to win that game, hopefully this will teach our youngsters a lesson for the future.

    Best 11 & Key Players

    NOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-history_-best-eleven-5.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-serie-awards_-award-winners-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-serie-awards_-award-winners-2.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-serie-awards_-award-winners-3.png

    A few San Marino players enjoyed individual success after an excellent season for the club: Eric and Bruno Veiga were selected for Serie A Team of the Year. The striker also finished 2nd Top Scorer only behind Napoli's world class forward Edinson Cavani. Davide Petrucci won Serie A Young Player of the Year.

    My honorable mentions for 2014/15:

    Marco Amelia: it all starts with a good keeper. Amelia has been very consistent through the season and his performances were often the difference between a win or a draw. A top class goalkeeper and an excellent role model for our youngsters, don't expect Marco to lose his place in goal anytime soon.

    Nelson Rivas & Paulo André: Paulo André really changed the look of our defence since he joined San Marino in January, his strength and aerial ability were a key to improve the whole defence. He also scored 7 goals from set pieces, while our team had scored a grand total of ZERO goals from corners/indirect free kicks before his signing. Nelson Rivas was the other first choice CB and his quickness was simply vital to keep up with serie A pacey strikers. Also he seemed to injure his direct opponent almost every game, which I admit I liked a lot...

    Lorenzo Crisetig: the young midfielder was still first choice after a fantastic season in Serie B, and I was very pleased with his Serie A performances as well. Crisetig is improving day by day and is quickly developing into a complete midfield general. Touted as the next Daniele De Rossi, Lorenzo could very well become an Italian international sooner or later, as well as San Marino club captain.

    Eric: I can't believe he was playing Serie C1 football for San Marino only a couple of seasons ago. Eric was always a quality player who could make the difference for most Serie A sides, and finally had the chance to prove it. King Eric had another great season scoring 11 goals and delivering 14 assists, thus earning a place in Serie A Team of the Year. Fans' Player of the Year for 2014/15 as well. O Maestro.

    Bruno Veiga: our first choice striker, Bruno had an impressive start with San Marino as he was scoring for fun in the first half of the season, leading all scorers in Serie A and looking one of the most effective players in the league. His form worsened a bit towards the end of the season, and Bruno was often looking more like a playmaker than a goal hunter, which is not good for his role at least in my tactics and my idea of football. Nonetheless Bruno was 2nd Top Scorer in Serie A with 19 goals and was also selected for Team of the Year.

    The Future

    After an excellent first season in Serie A my goal is to confirm our position as a top half club, and hopefully qualify again for European competitions. Europa League will be a good chance to give playing time to our promising young players, and will also bring some extra money to the club which is always nice.

    NOT Another San Marino Story-lton-overview_-attributes-.png

    With the signing of Brazilian striker Ailton already confirmed we can now concentrate on other areas: Paulo André and Nelson Rivas have formed a good partnership at CB but they're both 32 and slighlty declining so a new, younger centre back is certainly in my plans.

    Giampiero Pinzi and Lucas Rimoldi retired at the end of the season while Giacomo Zappacosta was released, so at least one quality central midfielder is going to be a priority for San Marino.

    Upgrades at DR and AML are also a possibility, though not a pressing concern.

    Next update should be here soon after I complete pre-season and summer transfers. Any other screen you'd like to see, feel free to ask.
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  37. Serie A 2015/2016: Summer Update

    Transfers Summary

    NOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-transfers_-history-3.png

    It was another busy summer for San Marino as we tried to improve our weaker areas and add squad depth to face our first season of continental football. Our budget was decent thanks to a number of sells and co-ownership offers, and the market offered us a few nice deals at very reasonable price.

    Key signings for first team:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-lton-overview_-attributes-3.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-medo-overview_-attributes-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-jerry-vandam-overview_-attributes-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-giuseppe-prestia-overview_-attributes-.png

    - Giuseppe Prestia (2M from Torino): promising young centre back set to become automatic first choice for both present and future. Torino's relegation activated a 2M clause and we immediately took advantage of that.

    - Jerry Vandam (4M from Standard): Aldo Corzo was my main target to improve our weak right back position, his club Empoli was willing to sell for 2M, but unfortunately he refused any contract talk. French/Gahnaian defender Vandam was a decent consolation prize and should offer a reliable option at RB.

    - Medo (3M from Cesena): our parent club Cesena were relegated and midfield dynamo Medo requested transfer, so a 3M offer was enough to land this versatile, hard working midfielder. An excellent addition at MC together with Frenchman Maxime Gonalons (2.7M from Mallorca, transfer listed)

    - Ailton (2M from Juan Aurich): highly anticipated signing for ST position. Already impressive during pre-season, Ailton could be San Marino superstar striker for the next 10 years.

    As usual we also signed a few promising youngsters - some will become first team players, other will only be a source of future profit for the club. Most promising youth signings:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-narciso-cort-s-overview_-attributes-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-john-van-de-kraan-overview_-attributes-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-paulo-duarte-overview_-attributes-.png

    Europa League

    Before the start of Serie A San Marino had to face CFR Cluji in Europa League (Euro Cup in FM), and we were determined to win and qualify for group stage.

    NOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-v-cfr-cluj-information_-overview-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-cfr-cluj-v-san-marino-information_-overview-2.png

    Ailton scored in the first minute of his first game for San Marino, and eventually it was a hat-trick début for him in a 4-1 away win despite an early red card for Momo Sissoko. 2nd leg at home proved to be even easier, which gave me the chance to field four Sammarinese kids during the match; SM golden boy Alessandro Paolone scored a brace coming off the bench, what a fantastic prospect he is (still waiting for him to accept SM call-up...)

    Our group:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-euro-cup-overview_-stages-.png

    I will mainly use Europa League to give first team experience to the club's promising youngsters, should be a good challenge for the lads.

    Stadium & Facilities

    The Olimpico was finally expanded to 8.000 seats (I hadn't even asked...), while training+youth facilities were upgraded to average and adequate respectively. Junior Coaching was also improved, and has now reached exceptional level. Hopefully this will have a positive effect on our next youth intake.
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  38. National Team: Year 2015

    NOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-fixtures_-fixtures-8.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-european-championship-qualifying-overview_-stages-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-history_-best-eleven-7.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-overview_-profile-2.png

    This was an excellent year for the national team: San Marino recorded the very first competitive win in their history against Luxembourg, then beat a strong Israel team and Luxembourg again to finish with a respectable 9 points in our EURO qualifying group. Decent 0-1 losses against Greece and especially Spain were also very encouraging.

    NOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-v-israel-information_-overview-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-luxembourg-v-san-marino-information_-overview-.png

    These results together with our good form in friendlies took San Marino to 98th place in FIFA Rankings, which is not too bad considering we started at 207th back in 2011. Feels good to be a Top 100 NT after less than five years

    Several young players have progressed well, which gave me the chance to set more attacking tactics so now I'm using a tweaked version of my trademark 4-3-2-1, same I've always used for the club. We actually displayed some sexy football in the last match against Luxembourg

    Our young back four has been quite solid and it's probably San Marino's most reliable unit. CB Luca Tagliani keeps progressing nicely and is having an excellent season on loan in Serie B. Midfield could use a couple of upgrades but Niko Micheli has been very promising in the key MC position. Both Tagliani and Micheli are very much in my future plans not only for the NT, but also for San Marino club.

    Forwards/attackers are our weakest area at the moment: Ciro Napoli is our most gifted attacker doing decently at AML, but hasn't progressed as expected and is currently struggling to get first team football while on loan in Serie C1. Mattia Stefanelli is still our first choice striker though honestly we'd need something better at this point.

    And we do have something better actually, unfortunately Giuseppe Vitiello and Alessandro Paolone have no intention to accept SM call-up at the moment. Vitiello has been rejecting SM since 2012, not sure what he's thinking, to be honest he's a good prospect and would be instant first choice for SM but can't see him as a future Italian international. On the other hand I could see Italy U19 calling Paolone very soon if he doesn't declare for SM: he's doing very well with the club, just turned 17 and he's probably the hottest U18 prospect in whole Serie A. Here's a recent screen:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-alessandro-paolone-overview_-attributes-5.png

    The Future

    Future looks indeed promising for San Marino, especially if we can keep producing classy prospects - and get them to play for SM, that is. My goal is to confirm our status as a Top 100 NT and hopefully keep progressing in FIFA rankings.

    It won't be easy though, especially looking at our next World Cup qualifying group:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-world-cup-european-qualifying-section-overview_-stages-.png

    Not the kindest draw to be honest, will be very hard to avoid last place this time...

  39. i can see you beating iceland home and away and possibly nicking something out of the latvia games. i reckon you'll end up with 7 or 8 points.
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  40. Top 100, nice job.
    It will be really arsh next time, but you can maybe do smthg against latvia or iceland... Your friend games will also be crucial.

    Nevertheless, I think National team is a bonus for the moment. You should really keep focus on youth training and then on pro training.

    And keep your fingers crossed each year with the new regens' arrival !!!
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  41. Scullybug
    First Team
    Great story mate, ive been enjoying reading this

    Shame that guy is ignoring your call-up.....I had the same thing when I took over the belgium NT. Rangers had a great 17 yr old left back with Belgium/Turkey nationality (a weird mix i know). He consistantly ignored my call-ups and was capped for turkeys u21s 8 times. Then they got a new manager who didnt pick him for some reason and then he jumped at the chance to play for belgium.

    So just keep hoping and he will soon answer the call!
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  42. Quote Originally Posted by sammyt View Post
    i can see you beating iceland home and away and possibly nicking something out of the latvia games. i reckon you'll end up with 7 or 8 points.
    thanks sammyt, you're quite optimistic Iceland is surprisingly good, can't remember players' names but they have some very good defenders plus 2-3 excellent attackers (esp the Ajax striker). I think we'll have a better chance with Latvia, honestly I'd be happy finishing with 5-6 points

    @mbaudrier: thanks mate, yep next year will be tough for the NT but that's my favorite part of the challenge

    @Scullybug: I hope the defectors will change their mind soon, the NT would be so much better with them. Teenage striker Paolone is probably the first SM regen who could be good enough to play for Italy, though certainly San Marino need him more! I think he could become an important player for the club as well.

    2015/16 mid-season update coming soon, comments and feedback always appreciated
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  43. Quote Originally Posted by kandersson View Post
    thanks sammyt, you're quite optimistic Iceland is surprisingly good, can't remember players' names but they have some very good defenders plus 2-3 excellent attackers (esp the Ajax striker). I think we'll have a better chance with Latvia, honestly I'd be happy finishing with 5-6 points
    Kolbeinn Sigþórsson (ajax) rocks and Gylfi Sigurðsson (hoffenheim) is great too.

  44. Serie A 2015/16: Winter Update

    Time for mid-season update for 2015/16, our second year in Serie A.

    NOT Another San Marino Story-serie-overview_-stages-3.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-john-fleck-overview_-attributes-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-bruno-veiga-overview_-attributes-4.png

    San Marino with a shocking 2nd place after first half of the season! Star striker Ailton and club favourite Eric were hit hard by injuries, Ailton in particular seemed victim of some voodoo curse - food poisoning, flu, broken toe and other freak accidents kept him out for a total of three months. Luckily their back-ups Bruno Veiga and John Fleck were ready to step up and carried the team both in the league and cups. Fleck, who joined San Marino during our Serie B season, is finally maturing as a player and as a person after years of poor performances and personal issues.

    San Marino still struggle against top 5-6 clubs in Italy and we're generally quite inconsistent away from home, but we're doing a great job against clubs in the 10th-20th range usually dominating and recording comfortable wins, that's where we get most of our points! I'm not thinking of Scudetto right now and tbh Napoli, Inter, Milan and Juventus should be out of reach for San Marino looking at their players... but... looking at the table I have high hopes of finishing top three and qualify for Champions League!

    Our Europa League experience has also been great so far:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-euro-cup-overview_-stages-2.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-om-v-san-marino-information_-overview-2.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-alessandro-paolone-overview_-attributes-5.png

    We mainly played our youngsters in this competition (our injury crisis also helped this policy...), wasn't expecting to qualify from the group but we made it in the end! Sammarinese golden boy Alessandro Paolone was surprisingly the key player here, scoring 6 goals in 7 matches (always coming off the bench) including a brace in the crucial game against Marseille. Love him!

    As for transfers we kept making good profits via co-ownerships while these were our signings for January:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-samuel-souprayen-overview_-attributes-.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-f-bio-overview_-attributes-.png

    Samuel Souprayen from Celtic was our most expensive signing ever at 5M euros. He's a strong, pacey defender who can handle both CB and LB positions, and I can see him becoming our first choice left back very soon. Fabio is a young, talented Brazilian projected to be a long-term replacement for Eric as our left-footed AMR (once retrained). Fabio was quite cheap at 1.9M and we still had a non-EU spot available for this season, hopefully his signing will prove to be a good deal in the next years.
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  45. Great update m8!
    That Fabio is a great prospect, but his long throws! Never seen a AMC with such long throws!
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  46. Scullybug
    First Team
    Congrats on getting through the group, excited to see who you'll be drawn against in the knockout round!
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  47. loved reading this, as i did last year. however, having played in fm 11, i can't help but feel that it must be much easier this year. top 100 after 5 years and top class regens being produced! doesn't sound right for a country with a population of 30 000. what are the odds of producing a leading serie A player.
    nevertheless, you are clearly doing brilliantly and i admire you getting things out of players who have flopped for me with crewe such as fleck and petrucci. keep it up!
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  48. Quote Originally Posted by Scullybug View Post
    Congrats on getting through the group, excited to see who you'll be drawn against in the knockout round!
    I can anticipate that:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-euro-cup-overview_-stages-3.png

    Trabzonspor aren't a bad draw for us though I have to say they have been very active in the transfer market recently! Their current star player is Bony Wilfried, truly an excellent striker. I'll need my best squad to face this challenge, won't be easy to handle both Serie A and Europa League at this stage.

    @Grainger Jackson: I agree it's MUCH easier to get good/great sammarinese regens in FM12, so the NT job is much easier as well. Honestly I think it will be possible to win Serie A with only SM players within 10-15 years. Bad thing is the best ones usually have Italian nationality as well and won't accept SM call-up at least initially.

    Fleck was very disappointing for a couple of years both on and off the pitch, but this season he's been great. I think he could be a good player at any level if he decides to put some effort.
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  49. Quote Originally Posted by kandersson View Post
    Fleck was very disappointing for a couple of years both on and off the pitch, but this season he's been great. I think he could be a good player at any level if he decides to put some effort.
    from what i can gather from the short time i had him for on the last game he needed a run of games to get the best out of him and if i gave him a run of games then he could play at any level with ease but it was hard for me to fit him in to my team and as such i mainly played him off teh bench or in teh odd game and eh was absolutely dire when used that way.

  50. Club Update 2015/16: Italian Cup Champions

    NOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-fixtures_-fixtures-9.pngNOT Another San Marino Story-italian-cup-stats_-player-stats-.png

    First major success in San Marino history! OK Italian Cup isn't exactly "major" but I guess we had to start somewhere. As you can see we had a relatively easy path in this tournament, beating Serie A strugglers Empoli and mid-table side Cagliari (after penalties) to reach the semifinals.

    There we had to face Roma:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-san-marino-v-roma-information_-overview-.png

    Not what you'd expect from an average semi-final: both Roma and San Marino fielded lots of youngsters and back-up players, there was some entertaining football for sure but 2nd leg in particular looked more like an exhibition game. Still, I was very pleased we managed to get to the Final.

    Italian Cup Final against Fiorentina:

    NOT Another San Marino Story-fiorentina-v-san-marino-information_-overview-.png

    For the first time in the whole tournament I decided to use my first choice players and Fiorentina did the same, well at least the Final looked like a real final. San Marino cult hero Eric, at the club since Serie C1 season, decided the match with two goals and one assist and the Titani came away with a deserved win together with an excellent team performance.

    As I said this was the first major trophy for San Marino, and hopefully won't be the last. Who knows, maybe we could add another one before the end of the season... or even two... or maybe zero
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