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Carlos' champions league challenge (The Pentagon Challenge)
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  1. Carlos' champions league challenge (The Pentagon Challenge)

    The pentagon challenge, for those of you who haven't heard of it, is the challenge where you have to start unemployed, with a sunday league reputation, and win all five champions' league competitions (N. America, S. America, Europe, Asia, Africa) and it can be found here: The Pentegon ChallengeOkay, I'm pretty new to FM Base and I've got a couple of weeks off school because exams have finished so I thought, why not try this? So I did, I kinda forgot to put this up so I'll catch you up on what I've done so far:
    Competitions won so far:
    New England Revolution (USA) : MLS (2011), NACL (2013)
    Ajax Cape Town (South Africa) : Super 8 (2014), SA FA Cup (2015), SA Premiership (2015,2016), African Champions League (2016)
    Shandong Luneng (China) : Chinese Super Cup (2017), Asian Champions League (2017)
    FC Porto (Portugal) : Supertaca (2018), Portuguese Premier League (2019), European Champions' League (2019)
    Season 1 (2011)
    I loaded the leagues from Mexico, USA and South Africa. The thinking there is I can conquer the N. American & African CL first, then move to Asia, S. America and Europe.So I applied for a job at New England Revolution (USA) and was immediately accepted and after a quick look at my team, I decided my strategy, first I was going to get rid of all my international players for Draft Picks and International Slots (The latter being more important IMO) So this was my transfers season 1:
    Carlos' champions league challenge (The Pentagon Challenge)-new-england-transfers_-history-.png
    I was especially pleased with the signing of Hernan Crespo, who turned out to be quality scoring 24 goals as we won the MLS!
    Carlos' champions league challenge (The Pentagon Challenge)-new-england-v-los-angeles-information_-overview-.png
    So season 1 was a huge success! Bring on season 2!

    Season 2 (2012)
    Season 2 started badly, with the loss of Hernan Crespo we never really had a striker, the best I could do was bring in a young lad called Nicolas Arancibia, who had bags of potential but was nowhere near good enough to lead the line in the MLS, but the defence was strengthened as I signed two quality players, Estaban Andrada (GK) and Oswaldo Vizcarrondo (CB).
    Carlos' champions league challenge (The Pentagon Challenge)-new-england-transfers_-history-2.png
    In the MLS, things pretty much went from bad to worse, as a poor run of results meant we could not qualify outright for the semi-finals but had to go through the play-offs, which we won, but we then lost to LA Galaxy in the semi's. who then lost in the final to NY Red Bulls. There was one positive though, as we qualified from our CL group with ease, and the knockout rounds start next season!
    Season 3 (2013) [Part 1]
    It would be fair to say that I completely neglected the MLS to focus on winning the CL, and the season started strongly as I made some strong signings, including young striker Moises Leiva (Regen), who was very good but he immediately angered the fans when he said that New England was just a 'stepping stone' to stardom, so here's my transfers for season 3:
    Carlos' champions league challenge (The Pentagon Challenge)-new-england-transfers_-history-3.png
    Anyway, the CL draw was kind as I got a quarter final versus Real Salt Lake, which I felt was winnable, as the mexican teams were stronger and had won the competition in every year of it's existence, anyway

    Quarter final
    RSL 1-1 NER
    NER 2-0 RSL
    New England won 3-1 on aggregate

    So next up was the semi's, and again we got a nice draw against Vancouver

    Semi final
    NER 1-0 VWC
    VWC 2-3 NER
    New England won 4-2 on aggregate

    So we had a two-legs final versus Chivas of Mexico, which I expected we would lose humiliatingly
    First leg
    Carlos' champions league challenge (The Pentagon Challenge)-new-england-v-chivas-information_-overview-.png
    So a home leg up first, and this was possibly the luckiest game I've ever seen, Chivas dominated us for 90 minutes and and early red card for our best defender didn't help but we got a flukey own-goal and somehow held a lead into the second leg
    Second Leg
    Carlos' champions league challenge (The Pentagon Challenge)-chivas-v-new-england-information_-overview-.png
    Well, somehow, I got even luckier, I was missing my best CB and my only senior RB but still, somehow, we won, even if it was on away goals!1 down, 4 to go!And then:
    Carlos' champions league challenge (The Pentagon Challenge)-james-dunning-news_-inbox-.png
    I resigned, also I added leagues from Australia, China, S. Korea but removed Mexico and USA,I'll keep you posted!
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  3. Season 3 (2013) [Part 2]
    After resigning from New England I started the job hunt, the job I really wanted was Orlando Pirates (SA) but they rejected me, luckily I was the approached by Honduras, and I thought that this was the perfect chance to enhance my reputation and get the best jobs in the future, I took over after a terrible showing in the gold cup:
    Carlos' champions league challenge (The Pentagon Challenge)-north-american-gold-cup-overview_-stages-.pngCarlos' champions league challenge (The Pentagon Challenge)-world-cup-north-american-qualifying-section-overview_-stages-.png
    I had a look at my team and decided that the best formation would be a narrow 4-3-3 with 1 DM, 2 CM's and 3 ST's
    Carlos' champions league challenge (The Pentagon Challenge)-honduras-tactics_-overview-.png
    and this is how the games went:
    World Cup Qualifying:
    Honduras 5-0 Jamaica
    Mexico 1-2 Honduras
    Honduras 2-2 Costa Rica
    Canada 2-4 Honduras
    Honduras 2-0 USA
    Lots of good results and qualification for the 2014 World Cup, Brazil here we come!
    Carlos' champions league challenge (The Pentagon Challenge)-world-cup-north-american-qualifying-section-overview_-stages-2.png

    Bahamas 1-3 Honduras
    Honduras 2-1 DR Congo

    World Cup Draw:
    Well I was nervous about this draw, and seeing Argentina as a 3rd seed, and England as a 2nd seed definitely did not help. Anyway, here's the group I got:
    1st seed - Spain
    2nd seed - Bosnia & Herzogovina
    3rd seed - South Africa
    4th seed - Honduras
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  4. Season 4 (2014)
    Well, I was preparing for the World Cup when suddenly a couple of South African teams offered me the job as manager, and I took the job at Ajax CT with only four games left in the season, giving me the perfect opportunity to get the second of five Champions League's in the challenge, so the plan is to resign from Honduras and concentrate on that, fingers crossed! Anyway,

    World Cup 2014
    Well I was nervous about this for sure, but since my team had been written off completely there was nothing to lose!

    Game 1: South Africa
    Well we opened up against the 2010 hosts South Africa in a game I expected we would lose.
    Carlos' champions league challenge (The Pentagon Challenge)-south-africa-v-honduras-information_-overview-.png
    Well I was proved wrong, a solid performance and a clean sheet gave me a solid platform for my next game.

    Game 2: Spain
    This was the game I was looking forward to when the groups were drawn, pitting my no-hopers against the world champions would be a real spectacle, and I expected goals left right and centre from the likes of Silva, Iniesta and Villa
    Carlos' champions league challenge (The Pentagon Challenge)-honduras-v-spain-information_-overview-.png
    Incredible. How we managed to draw I will never know but I was pleased that we put in a good performance and didn't let Spain dominate, another clean sheet and a chance of qualification with a positive result in the last group match

    Game 3: Bosnia & Herzegovina
    This was the game I thought we could win, and if we won and Spain beat S. Africa we would go through for a second round tie against Mexico.
    Carlos' champions league challenge (The Pentagon Challenge)-bosnia-herz.-v-honduras-information_-overview-.png
    Well the critics said we had no chance and when our CB was sent off early, and the absence of both LB's through suspension I thought so too, but a magnificent hat-trick from Anthony Lozano meant we won the game! Spain beat S. Africa 1-0 which means we qualified from our group!
    Carlos' champions league challenge (The Pentagon Challenge)-world-cup-overview_-stages-.png

    Second Round: Mexico
    I was chuffed to bits with this draw, we beat Mexico twice in the qualifiers, but they were a young side then and are much better now, so this was going to be tough, and if we get to the Quarters we would have to earn it.
    Carlos' champions league challenge (The Pentagon Challenge)-mexico-v-honduras-information_-overview-.png
    Maynor Figueroa let us down again, playing most of the match with ten men was never going to be easy but when Wilson Palacios scored I honestly thought we could make it, unfortunately a late goal from Fierro took the game to extra time where the man advantage would really show, and Mexico finished us off, a devastating end to a great World Cup campaign, ah well.

    Fingers crossed for next season with Ajax CT

  5. Season 5 (2014/15)
    After the success of the World Cup with Honduras it was time to get on with the challenge, managing Ajax Cape Town in S. Africa, after a quick look through the team I decided to get rid of anyone who wasn't good enough to free up some space to bring in a whole new team, so here are my transfers:
    Carlos' champions league challenge (The Pentagon Challenge)-ajax-ct-transfers_-history-.png
    After sorting my team, the first thing I looked at was the competitions I was entering, after only entering one cup competition in the MLS, I was surprised that I had three in S. Africa and to qualify for the African CL, I had to win the league, Africa looks difficult :/

    South Africa Super 8
    My first competition was the Super 8, the idea here is that the top 8 from the league last year compete to see who is best, but in reality no-one really cares about it at all, and since it held no CL qualification, neither did I, but it would be nice to get some silverware.
    Carlos' champions league challenge (The Pentagon Challenge)-bloem-celtic-v-ajax-ct-information_-overview-.png
    The final was pretty even, but in my opinion it was a well deserved win, so we hit the ground running, which is always good

    South African Knockout Cup
    Another one I didn't really care about, and after a easy 4-1 win over SuperSport United in the first round we went crashing out against the lowest ranked team in the competition, oops
    Carlos' champions league challenge (The Pentagon Challenge)-thanda-royal-zulu-v-ajax-ct-information_-overview-.png

    South African FA Cup
    They really like to put the name of their country in the competition name don't they? Anyway, I wanted to win this because the winners qualify for the African Confederations Cup, it's not the CL but it's close. We beat Swallows, Sivutsa Stars, FS Stars and Bloemfontein Celtic to eventually set up a final against Black Leopards, which we should win easy
    Carlos' champions league challenge (The Pentagon Challenge)-black-leopards-v-ajax-ct-information_-overview-.png
    Tresor Mputu ended a great season with a great performance and another trophy

    South African Premiership
    For most of the season we looked like we were going to win this by a comfortable margin. We won our first nine games and didn't lose in the 2014 part of the campaign, but due to a poor run of results at the business end of the season, it was close with Sundowns and Bloemfontein Celtic breathing down our necks
    Carlos' champions league challenge (The Pentagon Challenge)-south-african-premier-soccer-league-overview_-stages-.png
    Well it was close but we ended up on top, even if it was only by a point, this means that next season we'll be competing in the CL, but as Orlando Pirates are the only South African team to win the competition in it's 50 years of existence, I'll have my work cut out :/

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    Looks good mate, I'm following
    Thanks bud, I was worried I was talking to myself xD

  8. Updates so far have been quite sparse, so I'll share some of the prospects from my side (there's some quality youngsters) and my key players currently.

    Carlos' champions league challenge (The Pentagon Challenge)-adam-khoza-overview_-profile-.pngCarlos' champions league challenge (The Pentagon Challenge)-alex-gumede-overview_-profile-.pngCarlos' champions league challenge (The Pentagon Challenge)-mogamat-hlazo-overview_-profile-.png
    I found that with the low quality players in the S. African league, but the high quality facilities held by many of the top clubs, these players had real potential, here are the three best, Hlazo and Khoza were products of my youth system, but Gumede was signed on a free

    Top Players:
    Carlos' champions league challenge (The Pentagon Challenge)-dzon-delarge-overview_-profile-.pngCarlos' champions league challenge (The Pentagon Challenge)-ezechiel-ndouasel-overview_-profile-.pngCarlos' champions league challenge (The Pentagon Challenge)-ibrahima-kouadio-overview_-profile-.pngCarlos' champions league challenge (The Pentagon Challenge)-lebohang-manyama-overview_-profile-.pngCarlos' champions league challenge (The Pentagon Challenge)-tr-sor-mputu-overview_-profile-.png
    These are the Players who were absolutely key in our title winning team last year (with the exception of Kouiado and Delarge) and the players that have contributed to another great start (you may have noticed the season is already six games in) the only real problem with the team is at left-back, so hopefully I can sort that out for the CL that starts in February

  9. Good story mate, good luck with your challenge I'll be following your progress

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