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4-1-2-3 Unbeatable Engine Exploiter by Hazza22299

  1. 4-1-2-3 Unbeatable Engine Exploiter by Hazza22299


    First of all, I would like to state that this is an edit of the fantastic "Grid System Tactics" tactic made by the now 'retired' author Tactikzz. I'd also like to thank Medmax massively, he has contributed INCREDIBLY to the development of this tactic and deserves his own crediting in the OP (Look at his results below). Also massive credit to W4NKER and cragswfc (goals goals goals and more goals) who found weaknesses in the match engine. The main reason I decided to edit the grid system tactic was that it already contained most of the exploits within the tactic. Here is the List of Match Engine Exploits if you'd like to see for yourself. This is a "classic" tactic.

    The Formation

    This 4-1-2-3 formation with 3 central strikers is part of the list of exploits and it works because the two wider strikers man mark the full backs and the central defenders can't handle so many strikers.

    The Corner Exploit

    The infamous corner tactic has been included in this tactic, basically your central striker will score 20+ goals a season just from corners especially if his Anticipation, Heading and Jumping attributes are good. Although this is not vital to the tactic, I recommend you leave the corner settings how they are but if you prefer more realism or are just plain against the corner exploit, feel free to remove it.

    Tactical Notes

    1) Your central striker, with the help of the striker settings on 'goals goals goals and more goals' by craigswfc, will be your main source of goals, he can score up to 130 goals in a single season. Important attributes in order are Off the Ball, Pace, Finishing (Obviously), Dribbling, Composure, Anticipation, Jumping, Heading. There is no striker with great scores in all of those attributes so prioritise the earlier attributes that I have given.

    2) Do not change the wide strikers to wingers, this completely destroys one of the main elements of this tactic, try to train the wingers to strikers or just sell them if they aren't great. This is the only problem with this tactic.

    3) Your central midfielders will need good mental attributes in Creativity, Teamwork and Work Rate. Bravery is also important. They will need good Passing and Technique and as a bonus Long Shots. Even Henderson plays well in this role!

    4) If the opposition instructions aren't already on then make sure the 2 wide midfielders are on "Show to Weaker Foot", nothing else.

    5) Match Preparation: Teamwork - Very High until fluid then Defensive Positioning - Average
    Pitch size: Standard, although it doesn't make much difference.

    6) Defenders, especially full backs will need Pace, particularly if you don't have a good attack. Anticipation, concentration and positioning for centre backs.

    7) I recommend you use this ParkThePlane 4-3-1-2 v2 - Downloads - Football Manager 2012 Tactics, Wonderkids & Cheats tactic as a backup to my one. It's very defensive and useful if you're playing big teams or when you want to see out a game. Use this if you concede a lot.

    8) Before you start go to 'Tactics' and then 'Set Pieces' and both of your CMs to where it says "Playmaker" and your middle striker to where it says "Target Man".

    9) For version 2, do the following: Player Instructions/Select the Wide Strikers/Set marking to specific and set them like so: STCR-DL and STCR-DR. It may already be set for you.

    Version 1 link:
    *V1* Match Engine Exploiter by Hazza22299 - Downloads - Football Manager 2012 Tactics, Wonderkids & Cheats

    Version 2 link:
    *V2* Match Engine Exploiter by Hazza22299 - Downloads - Football Manager 2012 Tactics, Wonderkids & Cheats

    There has been a lot of confusion with the wide striker player instructions. I have reviewed and edited them. The changes are in version 2. Re-download the version 2 link for the changes.If the tactic is fine and you're not conceding many goals then untick marking on the wide strikers. (For version 2).


    I use a training schedule called "Furious Training", it can be found on the Sports Interactive Forums:

    Team Talks:

    Pre-Match: Against every single opponent : Aggressive- I expect a win
    No individual team talk to any player regardless of whether they react negatively or are unresponsive

    Half time: Unless 5+ goals clear (5-0/6-1/8-3) then select Aggressive---> Not happy with performance
    If you are 5+ goals clear then select assistant to take the team talk
    If a player with a half time rating above 7.2 reacts negatively or is unresponsive then passionately tell him you are happy with his performance
    If a player with a half time rating below 7.2 reacts negatively or is unresponsive then passionately tell him that you have faith in him

    Full time: Win: Passionately Well done/Happy with performance
    Draw/Lose: Aggressively: Not happy with performance*Team meetings as soon as you lose a game or draw having played badly in order to stop a negative run of results.

    I would be very grateful for any feedback so please rate and leave a comment/post some screenshots if it has helped you, thanks!


    Credit to Medmax for this result. 106 goals in 53 games...
    Quote Originally Posted by Medmax View Post
    48 games unbeaten on my Newcastle career.

    In 2015...
    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Dennis View Post
    This guys holds the record, 189 GOALS IN ONE SEASON!!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by jsenador View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by pikasotn View Post
    40 appearances, 115 goals.
    In this next part Medmax does some great tactical analysis and has some great results, this may help you and you should read it if you have time:
    Quote Originally Posted by Medmax View Post

    Feedback after a full season using this tactic with PSG

    I've to admit something: we often see people showing amazing results on forums. I, myself, got some very good results creating my own ones as well, but I'm more of a reacting manager according to what I see on the pitch (tactic creator) and have fun preparing the next match (assistant reports: their formation, against which tactic shape do they conceed or score the most, when in the match do they conceed (and be more attacking), when do they score (and be more cautious), from where on the field do they score...). I know this is a long job but everybody's free to enjoy the game as he wants.

    Sometimes, I try other people's tactic, read their threads, their answers to feedbacks and try to understand how/why do they set the slides this way and if there's conflict between them. I had very good results with some of them too (raikan's ones, knap, fuss, mr hough, marcelo...).The thing is when I see people's having 20, 30 winnings streak, or 50 games no losses, I can't stop having a "tiny inchy" thought (not much, don't worry) that they may have had a match reset, or maybe they had a crash dump "the only time" they were losing... what a shame !!! that's so unfortunate, If you know what I mean...
    This time, this is different. I AM the one experiencing this and nobody telling me having these results. I couldn't believe it and was waiting for our 1st loss. I watched the games and I can tell we've NEVER BEEN in a situation we could lose.I AM NOT THE TACTIC'S AUTHOR and DON'T even KNOW HIM, so I've nothing to earn by telling this.
    I just wanted to share this experience. Again, this is the 1st season right from the start of the save (2011/2012), local reputation manager (lowest), no transfer budget allowed (just used the editor to transfer to PSG: Thiago Silva, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Ezequiel Lavezzi, Marco Verratti as in real life).

    Fixtures and Results:

    The following statitiscs are in all competitons (Ligue 1 - Europa League - French Cup - League Cup)
    4 Competitons - 4 Victories and Awards of Champions *
    Games Played: 65 - Won: 62 - Drawn 3 - NO LOSSES - Win ratio: 95% Goals Scored: 236 - Goals Conceeded: 32 ---> Average: 3.63 goals scored/game - 0.49 goals conceeded/gameType of goals : 19 goals from corner (1st post) in the last 50 games (so can't really tell for the full season, but not much for sure) Clean sheet: 35 games (No goal conceeded)

    As you can see, I've never seen these results anywhere, I mean you can score 6 goals a game, but you'll average 2, 3, or 4 goals conceeded. Or be more cautious and target the clean sheet and win 1 or 2-0 sometimes. I'm only speaking about my experience, so the new "DIABLO" could be out on the web but I've never seen it yet.

    Some notable games:

    Players' performance:

    Let's analyse the tactic's performance:

    When I started playing, I realised that when we lost the ball, the opposite FB got too easily to our midfield and outnumbered us from there. The tactic has a narrow approach and left our flanks too weak when we weren't in possession of the ball. On the other hand, the mix between an attacking philosophy, a little creative freedom, a normal (closer to slow) tempo, and almost no time wasting... lead to the team BUILDING the attack, but get quickly to the penalty box too. It's a bit confusing because we can take our time, possession based football, build the game until it breaches in the defense, or a quicker football game, counter attacking aiming to go fast upfront to take advantage of players out of position. Possession is irrelevant in the 2nd option. Unexpectedly, this tactic offers a mix of both and we're almost EVEN in ball possessionl. To have less players in defending duties when we've 75, 80% possession of the ball is fine, but not in this situation I believe.

    From now, let's analyse the tactic:
    The tactic is really well balanced:- In defense the tactic can take these shapes

    This is made possible just by marking SPECIFICALY the FB.- While in Attack the tactic can take these shapes:

    You have to look at these screens as a process. Shape in the 1st screen leads to the shape in the 2nd screen which leads to the 3rd one...If you're against a ball playing team which like possession, the GK would be set to give the ball at the back (short pass/defender collect/no creative freedom). Because our 2 wide ST SPECIFICALY mark their FB and our STC is in the DCs zone, the GK would tend to long kick the ball to the midfield. Just with this simple tweak, we've got 50% chance to get the ball back (it's 50/50) (the ball will definitely stay 100% in their possession if he gives it to his FB).

    How this percentage of getting the ball back (quicker) can be increased?

    The fact is that APOEL plays in a 442 tactic shape and we do have 3 midfielders (2 MC, 1DM), so we already have more people involved in this area of the field than them to collect the ball and keep us busy in our attacking duties . The % chance to getting the ball back is higher.

    But what about if they do have themselves 3 midfielders, do the % chances go back to 50/50?

    Remember that we have an extremely HIGH D-Line, which pushes our back 4 almost to the central area, with 2 DC who should have good attributes in Heading/Jumping/Strength. In addition, our Defensive midfielder should have good attributes in this area as well. If the other team plays with an AMC, I'm almost sure this AMC would NOT have better ratings in these attributes than our DM and 2DC.

    We mainly collect the ball there. As it said in real football, we definitely win the midfield's battle and can attack quickly but still in an organized way.That's really what I experienced during this season.

    Sometimes, I did encounter some counter-attacks, but not that much to be a relevant threat to the tactic but it still remains important to have pacey Defenders. This Defensive Line is really High so your Defenders NEED to be quick.Anyway, understand it's not a possession based tactic, but an "efficient used" of the ball when we have it.
    The other team NEVER had a great use of it, and had often struggle to go in my side of the field, as there's always 2 "banks of four" in a High D-line (2wide ST and MC/DM, and a second one with FB/DC).

    This tactic is an addition of the different exploits listed in the W4NKER thread. To mix them doesn't guarantee any success, and I honestly thought that it wouldn't work. I didn't expect it to be so well-balanced, very attacking and solid at the back, very nice movement, the team moving as a block... and never felt like I could lose against any teams.

    The other point is I didn't suffer any "re-ranked" or whatever this is, in January or February when the AI gets used and adapts to your tactic. IT HAS TOTALLY BEEN PLUG & PLAY.

    On the other hand, I've to admit PSG is a top team, with good addition to the squad this year.It is right to say as well I was in Europa League and had quite an easy campaign. I didn't face top teams like Barça, Real Madrid, City... but I still OUTCLASSED Arsenal, home and away !!! And what about Tottenham?

    But still, these results are INCREDIBLE all along the season, home and Away, against teams like Lyon, Lille, Marseille, Bordeaux, Rennes... and even the low-table teams where you always end up losing against one of them. I'm not saying that everybody will get these results, and win everytime 4-0, but it's definitely worth a try.I repeat again about the tweaks I've done.

    The most important one was the marking system WHICH IS NOW INCLUDED IN THE OPENING POST V2; the other ones that I described in my previous post are relevant TO FIT MY TEAM, and doesn't change AT ALL the original version, so please understand I wasn't going to start a thread (as I've been asked to in here and in private) or upload/send to everybody a tactic that I've NOT made.- I just allowed the swap position between both MC (explained the reason in the last post too)- I allowed it as well between the STL and STR according to the players who were playing (which means not every time)- I gave few notches more creative freedom to my playmaker until the limit I found he had too much and his decisions weren't appropriate in certain situations.

    How many more notches? For this, you've to watch the game and see what you consider acceptable.- and of course, a basic one who can make the difference, I changed the defending/attacking corner/free kick settings depending on the role of my players, and their attributes. This isn't an exact science but I set them according to my beliefs.

    I deeply hope I'm not going to sound harsh or anything like that. It's just I felt embarrassed towards Hazza who I guess didn't expect so much confusion on his thread and people asking me to upload a tactic. Of course, I'll be keen to help you if I believe I'm able to.Again, download the V2 on the OP and don't open the wide ST individual settings. This is a total plug and play tactic. Manage your team, good rotation, appropriate training, media and finance management... and it should be fine I think. I'll be following becasue I'm quite curious to know if people are going to have the same success as I got, or completely fail.So, Thanks again Hazza to have been able to combine all these elements in one tactic, and listened to the different feedbacks to improve it.

    Quote Originally Posted by aediasse View Post
    The tactic was great, but although I knew in advance the realism would be a little off, I didn't expect it to be like this.Cristiano Ronaldo scored a couple of goals, put it that way.

    League: 37 games 109 goals

    Domestic cup: 7 games 20 goals

    Continental: 12 games 31 goals

    Total: 56 games 160 goals.

    Total of 12 assists and 43 MOM. 9.04 avr. rating

    As I said, great tactic, but I need a bit more realism
    Last edited by Hazza22299; 04/02/2016 at 08:01 PM.

  2. Looks good. Have you asked the author( T-zz) if you could upload this tweak? Its just common curtizzy
    Also, what have you tweaked from his version?

    ( oh, you might not want to call it "'unbeatable"'when its clearly not. You basiclly promise I wont loose à single match.)

    Last edited by TheBetterHalf; 04/07/2012 at 08:25 PM.
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  3. Thats the problem, as mentioned the author has effectively "Retired" from the FM community so there is no way to ask him. I have altered the tactic by changing
    - How high the defensive line was
    - Changing the tackling of the players as they weren't agressive enough
    - Changed the tempo (made it slower)
    - Changed the marking
    - Change the passing of the midfielders

    The "Unbeatable" tag was more of an eye catcher to get the tactic going as I am new to posting tactics, am i allowed to keep it until the tactic gains popularity?

  4. I'll give it a go, just have to finish my work...... Looking forward to it.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by andrichbrand View Post
    I'll give it a go, just have to finish my work...... Looking forward to it.
    Give me an update after a few games if you wouldn't mind.


  6. Quote Originally Posted by Hazza22299 View Post
    Thats the problem, as mentioned the author has effectively "Retired" from the FM community so there is no way to ask him. I have altered the tactic by changing
    I'm not "retired" at all. I'm still very much part of the community.

    I've simply closed my website, but will join another FM community within a few months. I'm still very much active on various FM community websites and Twitter.

    Is your name Mr Hough, haha?
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  7. Sorry I must have misread your leaving post, I have change most of the team instructions and some players instructions, I apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused. I decided to use your tactic as most of the exploits were addressed in your tactic.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Hazza22299 View Post
    I decided to use your tactic as most of the exploits were addressed in your tactic.
    You probably wanted to use the tactic, like a few others, because it's been rather successful and is posted on a number of FM community sites like FM Scout, SI Forums and some Dutch and Turkish fan sites.

    My original Grid System tactic currently stand at over 18,000 downloads since the start of June. The tactic is infamous and has gained notoriety (some are saying it's the most exploitative tactic since Diablo), so it's to be expected that people want a slice of the cake and to jump on the bandwagon.
    Last edited by Tactikzz; 04/07/2012 at 10:23 PM.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Tactikzz View Post
    You probably wanted to use the tactic, like a few others want a slice of the cake and to jump on the bandwagon.
    Sorry if I have done something wrong I just wanted to get an already successful tactic and build on it to make a super tactic, I would have definitely asked for your permission but I was under the impression you were "retired"
    Last edited by Hazza22299; 04/07/2012 at 09:59 PM. Reason: Changed font

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Hazza22299 View Post
    Sorry if I have done something wrong I just wanted to get an already successful tactic and build on it to make a super tactic, I would have definitely asked for your permission but I was under the impression you were "retired"
    I really don't care about this thread and your tactic - do what you like.

    Like I say, I'll be joining a new community this year, releasing new and exclusive content. The original Grid System tactic has been released and is over at the official Sports Interactive forum, as well as being on numerous people's computers.

    Good luck with your release.
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