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4-1-2-1-2 Diamond
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  1. 4-1-2-1-2 Diamond

    Hello, this is my first tactic I've uploaded onto Fmbase. I started trying to find a tactic that would imitate an Milan style with Pirlo and Kaka, but that's sort of difficult to accomplish. So this tactic is inspired by their teams, but not completely like them.

    I would like for people to test it out and see how it works with different teams.

    Tactic Link:


    Team Instructions:


    Goalkeeper- Goalkeeper
    Attempt to work on the keeper giving shorter passes instead of wasting it deep.

    Wingbacks- Support
    Your fullbacks will push ahead almost everytime when you have possession. They'll give you the width and will give the majority of the crosses. You'll be exposed to the counter, but a couple clicks of the mentality slider with keep them from pushing up as often.

    Limited CB- Defend
    He will sit back, hardly ever push up, and will play the ball to a CM or the ball playing defender.

    Ball Playing CB- Defend
    The BPCB will be the main outlet from the goalkeeper to the midfield. He'll create a link with the backline and the 4 in the midfield.

    Defensive Midfield- Anchorman- defend
    The DM will stay back in support of the defense, he will also play balls from the defenders to the rest of the midfield.

    B2B Midfield- Support

    Deep lying playmaker- Support
    He'll be free to give more direct passes instead of the shorter style that the rest of squad gives. Won't be the main playmaker, but will set up the rest of the playmakers with his passes.

    Advanced Playmaker- Support *Mark as playmaker
    This guy will be the tip of the diamond, he will also be the main playmaker. He's the guy that the attack revolves around, he sets up most of the finishing passes. A creative player will be key here.

    Trequartista- Support
    He will also setup key passes to the main striker. He will roam from the midfield, to the attacking 3rd trying to find spaces in the defense.

    Advanced Forward- Attack
    He is your main goal scorer, won't hold up the ball or setup anyone else. His job is to score, and score, and score.

    Match Prep:

    Very high- Teamwork until the bar is full, then move down to high.

    I only use if I am losing possession battle:
    Hassle opponents
    Pass to feet
    Push higher up

    Opposition Instructions(important):
    Mark the Central midfielders with Closing down, and play to weaker foot. Do this with every/any formation. If they have no CM's, set them to mark the AMC. If no AMC is present, mark onto the CDM's.

    Results and Fixtures:

    So enjoy, and post your results on how your team did with the tactic or post your impressions/criticisms of the tactic.
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  2. where is the link??

  3. Still waiting for to get past the mod que for fm base. Should be up later.

  4. hei where is the download link??
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by bakpaogosong View Post
    hei where is the download link??
    Did you read the thread ? The answer was given in the post just above yours .

  6. good results so far looking forward to trying it

  7. Link to file is up, will switch it to the fmbase link once it is up. enjoy

  8. What is the skin that you are using?

  9. I believe alavanja 12, I'll double check to make sure.

  10. Gonna try this one, Love italian fotball. My personaly favorite is the milan 4-3-1-2 but ill give this a try eather this or the other one as secoundary, ill make a noise with some results later on

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