1. trequartista...useful

    I have noticed in all of the tactics I have downloaded none use the TQ. Is there a reason for this? Also what is the best way to use such a player, what other role is he best paired with? I ask because I just got Mattia Destro, for cheap, and would like to maybe use him in his strongest role.

  2. You sure? His stats are like an Italian Adebayor, he is more like a target man that runs like a steam train. And most of that tactics do have a TQ, as a TQ is anyone who doesn't defend and always looks for space, loads of tactics have some such player.

  3. Hi if u want to use a TQ try my tactic , i am using it as a AM at moment but have tryed switching with some good results . SUPERMATT'S NICE FLOW TACTIC CHAT

  4. JP Woody's Wenger tactic uses the TQ pretty well in my opinion, played in the central AMC position but as a TQ is quite effective and very creative.

    Here is the link if you wanted to check it out. JP Woody's Wenger Style Tactics 12.2.2 - Downloads - Football Manager 2012 Tactics, Wonderkids & Cheats

  5. dngrs's Avatar dngrs
    well a trequartista adds a lot of creativity and he drops deep so he could work very well with some inside forwards that can take advantage of his well placed through balls and score. I like to use this in a fluid, control 433 and it works very well. As long as there are players around him that can score, the TQ will work. Destro looks more like a CF to me.
    There aren't so many tactics with TQs around because players that can use that role aren't very common.

  6. i love using the TQ try and incorporate it in every tactic i download or create. can definetly reccomend jp woodys tactic, I also use one in 424 with a deep lying playmaker one winger and inside forward and complete forward if that makes sense works really well for me play some decent stuff, just need a really good ball winning midfielder swap him with an anchorman depending on who i'm playing

  7. My mistake Destro is a poacher. I did/do have Totti who many consider the quintessential TQ but he is retiring this year and the pace of 8 doesn't"t help!

  8. I use a Trequartista when I want to exploit the pocket or space between a defence. I find a trequartista is excellent with a poacher in front of him because of the vertical connection between the two is excellent. In other words I mean if you really want to take advantage of the Trequartista you must afford him space. A DLF would not be great for a trequartista since he'll drop deep and have some of the Trequartista's space . This is why a poacher works better to me.

    A Treq. will work well with anyone who seeks to advance and get in behind a defence because of the beautiful through balls that will be threaded through.

  9. I've found that the default PI for treq is shit because it never work for me, the main problem is he has run from deep rarely which make him drop too deep and his low closing down which make him 'non existant' at all. I've recently make my own custom PI for treq which works a treat. I give him max mentality and freedom and max closing down with mixed passing which make him stay close to the poacher and keep looking for space. In my recent match with City I have Tevez behind Dzeko and he has 8 key passes and 1 goal and 1 assist with 9,3 match rating!

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