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el_magico89's magician mourinho's4231 strikes back!
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  1. West Ham United Trainee

    el_magico89's magician mourinho's4231 strikes back!

    I have completely tweaked the legendary mou's4231 tactic from FM11 and finally managed to fit it to FM12.

    I have done several tweaks, playing now without a target man, without an offside trap, but indeed with a stopper/cover center back duo, which gave me a solid backline.

    Both holding midfielders acting much more deeper now and trying to play lots of direct balls to the wingers and the striker, who constantly try to run behind the opposition d-line.

    The game isn't too much focused on the striker anymore and wingers scoring and making lots of assists.

    Here is a screenshot of the 4th season of my wba career, where I finally managed to do the final tweaks and had almost a full season to test it...

    el_magico89's magician mourinho's4231 strikes back!-league.jpg

    unfortunately, the last game of the season went really unlucky for us.
    lyon missed their fifth penalty and I just needed to score to win the cup, but dorrans missed, penalties continued and the rest was just a cruel story...

    el_magico89's magician mourinho's4231 strikes back!-cl.jpgel_magico89's magician mourinho's4231 strikes back!-cl_final.jpg

    here is a screenshot of our fixture, while I must say, that I holidayed the last 5-6 games of the league and also all fa and carling cup games have been played with the reserve team and were holidayed aswell

    el_magico89's magician mourinho's4231 strikes back!-fix1.jpgel_magico89's magician mourinho's4231 strikes back!-fix2.jpgel_magico89's magician mourinho's4231 strikes back!-fix3.jpg

    some of my greatest results

    el_magico89's magician mourinho's4231 strikes back!-arsenal_home.jpgel_magico89's magician mourinho's4231 strikes back!-barca_home.jpgel_magico89's magician mourinho's4231 strikes back!-chelsea_home.jpgel_magico89's magician mourinho's4231 strikes back!-paris_away.jpgel_magico89's magician mourinho's4231 strikes back!-pool_home.jpg

    this was my team, while ben arfa, tom cleverley were almost injured for the whole time of the scnd stage of the season. wellbeck came as a back up in the winter transfer period

    el_magico89's magician mourinho's4231 strikes back!-team.jpg

    those, who followed me in last year's version and used my tactic, know, that I am a huge fan of mourinho and his modern counter attacking system.
    I tried my best to create his style in the FM world.
    its based on a bit higher d-line, trying to close down the opposition as quickly and early as possible, trying to disturb their build up play, winning the ball back very quickly and starting a quick attack.
    those, who are fans of possession football, may not be too happy about it, as it was not created to have more possession than the opposition, but much more to create more clear cut chances than your opponent.
    as some of the screenshots show, basically at home, we always dominate in case of possession, but also creating goal chances and shots on target. in away matches, especially against stronger teams or teams, which are level up, we may have less possession and less shots on target, but we definetely create much more dangerous chances and give away much less ccc for the opposition.

    player requirements:

    gk: must be a sweeper keeper, who can rush out quickly and anticipate situations.
    also must be strong in "kicking and throwing".

    cb: left cb is a typical cover type center back, who must be quick, must have good anticipation and positioning.
    the right cb must be aggressive, tall and also quick, since we play with a higher d-line.

    fb: quick, good stamina, good defensive attributes and also good passers, since they are the ones, who are heavily involved in build-up play.
    everything else like attacking attributes are just a bonus. for me, the defensive attributes are the most important ones.

    dmc: all-rounded midfielders, whose defensive attributes are the local point and then, the higher you play, the more important it is to also have some holding midfielders with good technical or let's say creative skills.
    the most important attributes are positioning, bravery, stamina, tackling, marking and passing.
    no holding midfielders with the ppm "runs forward whenever possible"!

    acm: must be a modern trequartista like özil, who must have a good movement, must be quick, good passer, must be able to anticipate situations.
    so off the ball movement, pace, passing, teamwork, anticipation, creativity and flair.

    wingers: pacey and flamboyant wingers, who should be dangerous in front of the goal aswell. doesn't matter whether natural wingers or inverted.

    striker: must be a poacher type forward. so pace, finishing, composure, off the ball movement and anticipation I would say.

    ppm: for all the attacking players I would recommend the "plays through balls whenever possible", for the wingers also "cuts inside" and for the striker "tries to break the offside trap".

    an absolute no-go is a striker with the ppm "plays with his back to goal" and holding midfielders with the ppm "runs forward whenever possible"!!!

    match preparation: very high teamwork until the season starts, then just low teamwork.
    I never change it.

    opposition instructions: very rarely, when I for example play against someone like hulk, I tell my players to put him onto his weaker foot. but in general, I never use opposition instructions.

    team talks: get a good ass. manager with good man management, motivation, determination and discipline skills and let him do the team talks! I just use my own, when at the end of a game, my assistant recommend to say nothing special, which comes usually after a boring win against a weak team, then I just chose the "I am happy about the result" option in a calm tone, as otherwise, when you don't say anything, players quickly get unhappy.
    also make sure, that you chose the highest reputation available!

    download: - mou-s4231.tac

    mou's4231.tac download - 2shared
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  2. obviously I have to try this out now with my everton save!

  3. Do you change anything in the tactic away from home?

    Will try it out with Bristol when the new transfer update arrives.


  4. what do you change when facing tougher opponents?
    and also do you use a playmaker and a target man
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  5. West Ham United Trainee
    no playmaker, no target man! I never change my tactic and always play wirh the same no matter who I currently face.
    just one season before, in the cl semis I beat barca at home 3-1 in the first leg and away I lost 5-0. then I completely tweaked my defence and one season later we faced twice in the group stages and with the exactly same team I got a 2-2 draw nou and beat them 2-0 at home
    pls let me know about your results! youre welcome to post some screenshots

  6. Happy to see you back elmagico!

  7. if i was playing as real madrid which position would alonso play?

  8. West Ham United Trainee
    Quote Originally Posted by Djibril Cisse View Post
    Happy to see you back elmagico!
    thx mate

  9. West Ham United Trainee
    Quote Originally Posted by Djibril Cisse View Post
    Happy to see you back elmagico!
    definetely as a dmc.
    but khedira has the ppm "runs forward whenever possible". so hes a no go and will destroy your whole tactic. sell him or try him to unlearn this move!

  10. This is doing quite well with my Liverpool side. A couple question:1) Is it ok to tinker with it slightly? For example, I have Balotelli and I like to play him as an inside forward. Should I change the role or just leave him as a winger in the AML position?2) Same for Gerrard in the AMR, can I switch him to Advanced Playmaker? (Suarez is my Trequartista)
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