Conte's Juventus revolution: A community project

  1. Conte's Juventus revolution: A community project

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for all of you to help me out!

    What I would really like to do is an emulation tactic of Antonio Conte's brilliant tactics. All of us know there aren't enough solid 3-5-2 tactics (mostly due to ME problems) but we've also witnessed how brilliant and unbeatable Juve were for the last year or so.

    I feel like this needs to be a community project for a few reasons:

    - we will come up with brilliant tactical analysis
    - we will define player roles and duties notch-by-notch
    - all of us are tired of barcelona/mourinho's chelsea/bielsa's bilbao tactics
    - juve's unbeaten run deserves the credit of this community, especially before FM13 comes out

    I do have some tactical ideas of my own, but I'll leave it blank until enough people show interest in the project and then re-edit the opening post once ideas start flooding in.

    Who's with me?

  2. I'm with it where do we start man !

  3. would love to see a juv tac done right there my second team after man u

  4. Raikan007's 31222 CCC Heaven tactic

    this was actually based on the Juventus tactic I witnessed in the game vs Chelsea.. of course the DM should be the DLP but for my tactic and players I used a DM!

    I would probably change the two CM's to BWM - support and make the DM the playmaker as well as dropping the AMR and AML to MR and ML instead! but as I said, I dont have any wide mids, only wingers

    Analysis of the tactic:

    The wider cb's have been given man marking duties and tight marking so that they track back with the wide players (as there is quite a bit of space outwide, especially if you are playing on a large pitch)
    The wingers are set to cut inside to assist the strikers, however, having them set as MR and ML with move into channels and free roaming would be a much better idea! but they need to close down the opp wingers which should be set at the start of the game! specific man marking! this will ensure they wingers are closed down and not given to much space, setting the opp instructions to show to weaker foot will bring them inside which then the two CM's and even the DM will assist on defence and help win the ball back!

    the strikers have been told to move into channels and swap positions with each other to make it difficult for the AI to pick them up.. you could ask the one striker to drop deeper (run from deep never/sometimes) to help make the gap smaller between the midfield and strikers.. this will also force one of the cb's out of position

    The Dm or DLP can be given LONG passing and high freedom, nothing else.. no long shots, not running with ball etc, only run from deep sometimes, free roaming and moving into channels to find space to receive the pass...

    PPM"s that are pertinent to this position:

    Killer balls/switches balls/dictates tempo/looks for pass rather than shot

  5. What about somthing like this 3-2-1-2-2 ??

    Think this could be good tactic.

    Could get murdered out wide though??







  6. Nice analysis Raikan, as always.

    My feeling tells me that Juve's biggest defensive weapon are the wide players, e.g. Lichsteiner and currently Asamoah. I'd opt out of using a flat 3 behind, instead would go with CB/SW/CB combo with wingbacks which in turn gives the option of having a straight 3men line midfield, instead of a DMC/MCL/MCR combo.

    Marchisio fits perfectly in the B2B playmaker role (the partnerships thread), while Pirlo would be ideal in CM with a very very defensive mentality and direct passing of course. Vidal on the right side as a BWM who closes down on the entire pitch.

    My only problem here are the striker positions. Should we make them both really deep and make them act like false wingers which exchange positions? I'm quite unsure how Juve's two primary attackers should be setup.

  7. --------CD----CD----BPD------





    press more

    There are few things you can change:
    1) you can use wide midfielders instead of wing backs, as defensive wingers (if you can't find suitable wing backs)
    2) you can play pirlo's DLP deeper, in a line with wingbacks (But it's easier to find DLP who play CM, then DM)
    3) Instead of two forwards, you can play one attacking midfielder (T or AM(A)) and one forward (every role could do).
    4) Vidal can also be BXB, so your midfield line could be ----BXB----DLP(D)---BXB

    I played this tactic with fiorentina on FM12, and did quite well. Second place, in my first season. I bought Ansaldi (LWB), Banega and Cabaye (DLP), mousa sissoko (BXB), Vertonghen (BPD) and some non important players... I changed between attacking, control and counter. My passing were more direct (but if you want Juve tactic, then mixed passing). Only thing I didn't like is that I wasn't scoring too many goals, but my defence was more than solid.

    Playmaker is DLP.

  8. Little bump, I'm personally working on it myself.

    I have it like this, what do you guys think? I'm doubting about Pirlo's mentality (support or defend), the role of my wide mids (defensive winger or wide mid)
    Conte's Juventus revolution: A community project-qqba5wwo_0ov90_z4vo.png
    Pirlo, Vidal, Marchisio
    Conte's Juventus revolution: A community project-96a8cghbrhfiak4lag-h.pngConte's Juventus revolution: A community project-1uc4nec3mrzhmyeyxcb_.pngConte's Juventus revolution: A community project-mct39wgz7oof-qkz3mym.png
    Asamoah & Lichtsteiner (both same)
    Conte's Juventus revolution: A community project-q9c74pmibcsiiww-5unw.png
    Team Instructions (Really need help on these, only have the ones Raikan provided here with a small bit of tweaking
    Conte's Juventus revolution: A community project-ve4j_omphn3bxx8nd9dg.png

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