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The CARLSBERG 4-5-1 classic tactic.

  1. The CARLSBERG 4-5-1 classic tactic.

    Hi to all this is my first post in any FM2012 community so im sorry if things are a little sketchy.

    Mini back story:
    A neghbour of mine gave me lots of old computer junk (im into all that) and amoungst the junk was a copy of FM2005, so one bored with nothing to do day I installed it having never played a football manager sim before, 20+ hours later with eyes like pi**holes in the snow I realized I was hooked, that was six months ago.

    It has taken me a while to get upto speed on how to get FM2012 players to play the game I see in my head, which is fast and pacey like the English premier league but with a mild touch of that Barca magic.
    It also took me a while to figure out that the regular to classic tactic conversion was very very important as this sets out the baseline appoach your team will take to playing. IE: convert a direct passing team tactic to classic and no matter how short you make their passing it will still be very direct in nature. So getting that right was key.

    I have tried lots of other peoples possesion tactics but all to often they pose no real threats the the opposition keeper and the CCC's are few and far between. (This tactic wont give you 200 psses from one player, 60 passes tops...maybe)
    Although this is not totally a possestion tactic I do like to build play from the back and move from flank to flank, Ijust dont want to waste time with endless needless pointless passes that go on and on and on and on........ Zzzzzzzz.
    I have tried to keep the gameplay looking as real as possible, although the so called corner exploit is there its only to make use of multiple lurks and has delivery set to mixed.
    If I was a real manager I would argue that I would ask that more than one of my players lurk around the box, cause confusion etc.

    Opposition instruction:
    errrm...well I only ever close down and show to weaker feet the striker and attacking central midfilders.
    Both of which should be embedded in the tactic, any more than that and I feel we lose shape and create holes

    Aerial ability, Agility, Command of area, Concentration, One on ones, Positioning, Rushing out.
    (Generally just get the best you can find but not too eccentric/flair)

    CENTREBACK STOPPER: (the one on the right)
    Acceleration, Pace, Aggresion, Bravery, Heading, Concentration, Marking, Tackling, Strength, Positioning.

    CENTREBACK COVER: (the one on the left)
    Acceleration, Pace, Composure, Decisions, Bravery, Concentration, Marking, Tackling, Strength, Positioning.

    Acceleration, Pace, Crossing, Dribbling, Marking, Passing, Stamina, Tackling, Teamwork, Workrate.
    Other attributes of note are: Concentration, Decisions, Off the ball, Positioning, Strength, Technique.

    All atributes associtated with a deep laying play maker (defend) + off the ball, determination.
    Competant in both centre and defencive midfield as you may need to drop him back DCM position if opponent team is overloading.
    (ppm moves into channels, plays one twos, comes deep to get ball, dictates tempo)

    He is your more defencive minded central midfielder but will still support attacks.
    Passing, determination, positioning, anticipation, aggresion, tackling, marking, long shots, strenth, off the ball teamwork, work rate.
    (ppm, plays one twos, arrives late would be a bonus)

    He is your more attack minded central midfielder but will still support in defence.
    Passing, determination, off the ball, creativity, 1st touch, tackling, marking, strenth, stamina, pace, teamwork, work rate, positioning.
    (ppm moves into channels, plays one twos)

    These should be inside foward/winger hybrids. Eaqualy edept at wingy play and direct attacking.
    Acceleration, Pace, Stamina, crossing, determination are an absolute must and in addition:
    1st touch, technique, passing, decisions, dribbling, off the ball.
    (ppm knocks ball past, cuts inside, places shots)

    STRIKER: (complete forward)
    1st touch, acceleration, anticipation, agility, balance, creativity, composure, decisions, determination, dribbling, finishing,
    heading, jumping, off the ball, passing, pace, strength, teamwork, technique,
    (ppm moves into channels, places shots, beats offside)
    ^^good luck finding him^^

    The reason for 4-5-1 is simply because with an attacking midfielder I feel exposed and with an anchor man I feel un-threatening.
    And thos two approches can be attained by moving either the centre midfielder to deep midfield if im under pressure or by moving the right sided midfielder into advanced midfield when I want up the anti.
    You could say this is just a starting tactic till I know how the game is flowing, 99% of the time I maintain this formation.

    Too many long shots? set both outside middle midfielders to rarely attempt long shots.
    If you want more possesion or you are losing the battle for possession simply knock back all players pass length by 60-70% and reduce the creative freedom of players by one third or half, also go 2-3 clicks further toward defencive in team tactics and drop middle centre midfielder to defencive midfield
    One some or all of the above could swing the game you way, but also it might not....thats football.

    Many thanks for reading, all comments/feedback and flames welcomed.
    J. Jockstrap (manager of tottenham hotspur)
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  2. The CARLSBERG 4-5-1 classic tactic.-season-so-far.jpg
    The season so far: including preseason
    Played 30
    Won 27
    Drawn 1
    Lost 2
    For 82
    Against 15
    Difference +67

    Its not all wine and roses though
    The CARLSBERG 4-5-1 classic tactic.-newcastle-v-tottenham-no-tactic-perfect-we-got-beat-up.jpg
    Newcastle beat us up and gave us a right good dusting.
    It didnt help with only 10 men in the second half though.

    The CARLSBERG 4-5-1 classic tactic.-man-city-v-tottenham-tough-tough-game.jpg
    Man city gave us a tough tough game, great midfield battle, really enjoyable watch.

    The CARLSBERG 4-5-1 classic tactic.-liverpool-v-tottenham-win-while-being-dominated.jpg
    Liverpool away? Damn right I'll take a win when we played so badly.
    (I did make an error though, started the match without a team talk....Doh!)

    One of my backup tactics is the now famous "grid system" which light the fuse for me to start creating tactics.
    (Many thanks to its auther not so much for the tactic but for the guides they wrote, really helped me understand the hows and whys). My tactic is in no way a re-jig of "the grid system"

    But I was keen to see how it compaired to its pimped version "4-1-2-3 unbeatable engin exploiter"
    Same match, same players
    (both wide striker are adept at wings and forward roles for spurs, Mousa Dembele and Clint Dempsey)

    4-1-2-3 unbeatable engin exploiter tactic
    The CARLSBERG 4-5-1 classic tactic.-wolfsburg-v-tottenham-split-view-.jpg
    All three defoe goals where from corners.
    I dont like conceding goals EVER!
    Kyle Walker and Assou Ekotto are not slow fullbacks but time after time they where nowhere to be seen.
    So far up the other end of the pitch I though they where taking seats in the stands.
    2 CCC's

    Carlsberg tactic.
    The CARLSBERG 4-5-1 classic tactic.-wolfsburg-v-tottenham-split-view-2.jpg
    All three goals where from open play.
    Defence was much more ordered, a few panicy moments but then there always are.
    10 CCC's
    Hit the woodwork 3 times.
    (on another day that could and should have been a cricket score)

    This is only one match, played once each time so prehaps not a true and fair reflection.
    But as I said my backup tactic was "the grid" so Im fairly fluid albeit apart from the changed made to the newer version.

    Also all screens are AWAY matches.

    J. Jockstrap
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  3. Looks very good. I will give it a go on my Newcastle Save.........I am using the exploiter tactic at the moment but I will change to yours for 3 matches and report back.

  4. Yes, please do.
    Feedback would be very useful

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