I search for DEFENSIVE tactics for 3rd League Germany

  1. I search for DEFENSIVE tactics for 3rd League Germany

    Hi, I have Heidenheim in my second season. I had tactics that scored 89 goals BUT I conceeded about 60, that was the 5th place at the end and now I plan a complete rebuild with complete new players.

    So I need tactics for a defensive play but I would also like to become 2nd or 3rd place for relegation (so I have to score goals).

    Do you have good tactics for that plan?


  2. hi okay I will try it. I had success in the DFB Pokal (3-1 against 1860 Munich) and the first game in the league (4-1) but in the league I lost 1-2 against Regensburg. How can I modify the tactics so that I get less goals against me?

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