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Koflok's Goals Galore 2012

  1. Koflok's Goals Galore 2012

    Hey guys... It's been a while. After a relatively successful FM11 tactic, now I'm back.


    Just a little heads up. This is not a Barcelona tactic. It won't give you 100 pass on midfielders. It won't give you constant 70% possession.
    The main focus in this tactic is to attack as a unit, creating plenty of clear cut chances and if you're lucky : score some friggin goals. I'm fine in having ~50% possession as long as I create at least 5 CCC in every game.
    So, if you're looking to 'control' like Barca, look elsewhere, but if you want to score like Barca, this may be the right place to look.

    The Formation
    Same as last year's, it's a 4-1-2-2-1 / 4-3-3 / 4-5-1 / whatever formation you want to call it.

    The Play
    I have to say this tactic is the best tactic I've created. I've finally been able to make the team play beautiful, create a lot of chances, score goals, and defend well.

    The defense of this tactic is Barca-like. The back four pushes up the d-line with offside trap on with the whole team pressing the opponent from the front.
    The main thing is to win the ball as further up the field as possible and try to launch a quick counter.
    Since you're using high d-line, pacy (minimum 12 accel) would be nice just to keep it safe.

    Midfields are in charge as transition and control. They drop deep when the defender gets the ball. And when the ball is on opponent's half they will push up just outside the penalty area, looking for through ball opportunities.
    With fullbacks bombing forward, you will find yourself outnumbering the opponent and got at least one or two frontman in free space.
    The two MCswill interchange with one and another, usually one arriving late in the area to snatch up goals from open spaces.

    The wingers are the destroyer. As n he will turn your opponent's defense inside out. He will take on defenders cutting inside, dragging defenders and most of the time slide a through ball to the striker who's unmarked. They also serve as goal scoring threat as the opposite wingers can feed a diagonal pass to other pass or from the midfield and striker.

    The Striker is your main man. He's gotta be quick, flair, has good balance, and a good finisher. He will be the end of most passes. Expect him to run with the ball from a deeper area and score wonder goals as well.
    That's why you need a very good striker in this tactic. Someone like Hulk, Loic Remy, Sturridge would be great.
    The striker also serve as a dummy sometimes, going into the channels dragging the central defenders, allowing the wingers to cut inside and get a go to the goal themselves.

    Basically with this tactic, when defense the whole team is on full pressing mode and when they're attacking, everyone have their role and at the same time attacking as a unit.
    You can see the front 3 has been working magic. In any team I tested. Expect at least 5 CCC per game if your team gets it right

    The Result
    Tested with Arsenal and Napoli

    The main striker in particular, has been really good.

    This shows the distribution of goals and assist in the team. Everyone has its function.

    The Players
    Goalkeeper : well you should know this by now.

    Central defender (left) : Your speedy defender. Usually will be put up against opponent's poacher.
    Recommended Attributes :Marking, Tackling, Pace, Anticipation, Concentration

    Central defender (right): Your tower defender. Your threat on set pieces
    Recommended Attributes : Jumping, Heading, Marking, Tackling, Anticipation, Positioning

    Full backs : Supporting fullbacks who will roam forward on attacks. Providing width as your wingers cut inside. Need to be quick to go back when countered and cover speedy wingers.
    Recommended Attributes : Acceleration, Pace, Marking, Tackling, Crossing, Work Rate

    Defensive midfield : Acting as an anchor man. Breaking up attack before it reaches your final line. Initiating quick counter attacks whenever possible
    Recommended Attributes : Tackling, Work Rate, Stamina, Anticipation, Heading, Strength

    Central Midfielder (left) : Deep lying playmaker. Dictates the tempo of the game. Providing quick forward passes or slow down the tempo and control the midfield. Think Xavi.
    Recommended Attributes : Passing, Creativity, Decision, Teamwork, Composure

    Central Midfielder (right) : Your main playmaker. Dragging out defenders, links up with the front three and providing killer balls. Your Iniesta.
    Recommended Attributes : Dribbling, Creativity, Passing, Flair, Teamwork, Decision, Agility

    Wingers : Inside forward (yes, right footed on left wing and, if possible, vice versa). Second most important players in the team. The main assist-or in the team. Look to cut inside and provide through balls to striker and acting as a goal threat when the other winger is cutting inside.
    Recommended Attributes : Dribbling, Acceleration, Flair, Passing, Agility, Creativity. Finishing is a plus.

    Striker : Your main man. The most important player in the team. He can single-highhandedly win you games. Either through predatory instincts looking for through balls, providing diagonal assist to running inside forwards, or dribble by himself and destroy the defense. Hulk (or Messi) is a perfect example for this
    Recommended Attributes : Finishing, Dribbling, Flair, Acceleration, Agility, Pace, Off the Ball, Anticipation, Composure. Strength and Balance is a BIG plus.
    Additional : train them to place shot

    Motivation and Substitution
    Now something I just noticed recently is that MOTIVATION plays a big role whether a team will be successful or not, regardless the tactic used.

    There is a massive difference when my team just 'Played Okay' an 'Playing with Motivation'. Usually when my players are 'Playing with Motivation' they can easily win 5-0, but when lacking interest, getting a 1-0 is a good result.

    There is a tendency to player get motivated when you scored the first goal.

    How to get player motivated from the start? I suggest looking for motivation guide in forums as I'm not expert in that area. However usually this is my Pep Talk
    Quote Originally Posted by koflok
    Pre-Match Pep
    Pre-Match Team:
    If you're favourite / similar opponent (Aggressive) I expect a Win,
    If you're not favourite, (Calm) Give these fans their money worth
    Pre-Match Individual:
    If motivated, don't talk
    If not motivated, (Passionately)I have faith in you

    Half-Time Talk:
    Half-Time Team:
    When winning big, (Calm) Don't get complacent
    When losing/drawing/winning 1-0/playing bad, (Aggressive) Team's pride at stake (or whatever on top)

    Half-Time Individual:
    If players get de-motivated, (Passionately)
    Those who 'Gain Focus', just left it.

    Winning, (Passionately) A very nice victory, well done
    If favourite / against similar team Losing/drawing (Aggressive) I'm disappointed (or whatever on top)
    If underdog, and losing (Calm) Unlucky
    Substitute your players starting from 60 minute mark (unless someone is injured / picked up a knocked).

    Quote Originally Posted by Rule of Substitution
    -> Never substitute your star player (in my case my striker), unless he's injured, tired (below 70%).

    -> Look at your striker, wingers, MCR and MCL.
    Substitute anyone who's 'Playing nervously' or 'Looked uninterested'.
    If there is more than one, pick one the one who's not your star player.

    -> Same as above, if any of those 5 players are playing with motivation,
    but there is one of them who's 'Played okay', substitute him.

    -> Look at your DMC, and to MCs,
    if already picked up a yellow card and you feel he's going to be red-carded, substitute him.
    Match Preparation and Training
    It is recommended to start using the tactic from the beginning of the season. That way the team has the whole pre-season time to get in gel with the tactic.

    Match Preparation
    In Pre Season : When your team got new player(s), put focus training on Teamwork on high duty. When your team got no new player, put focus training on noneon average duty. This speeds up team getting used to the tactic
    During Season : Put focus training on Teamwork on average duty.

    Usually it takes ~2-3 months before all boxes become fluid. That's where your team is gonna play some good football with the tactic and the results will come.

    For Individual Training :
    Striker and Wingers : Train to 'Place Shot'
    For anyone who have PPM 'Shoots from Distance', train them to stop doing it.
    Central midfielders : If they have 'Dribbles with ball often', make them stop. AND Train them to 'Try killer balls often'.

    More pictures


    Q: I got the left winger who is right footed, but the right side winger doesn't have opposite foot to cut inside. Can I use this tactic?
    A: Yes you still can use this tactic. However you must make sure that that winger who isn't an inside forward is on the favourite foot side of your striker.

    In simple terms, if your striker is right footed, the right winger doesn't have to be left footed. (but the left winger still have to be an inside forward, of course). Like for example, Cavani as striker and Lavezzi as right winger.

    The difference is that instead of cutting inside more often, he tends to moves into channel and shot the ball diagonally. So, if the player got 'Place Shot', he will scores plenty of goals.

    Then again though, having two natural inside forward would be much more effective

    Q: I got no inside forwards at all. Can I use Downing (left footed) as AML and Walcott (right footed) as AMR?
    A: No you cannot do that. The tactic would probably not work. Using two natural winger destroys the tactic mechanism and you won't probably get much chance.

    You got to at least have an inside forward, and the other winger may not be opposite footed as long as he is on the striker's favourite side (as explained above)

    Q: What pitch size?
    A: I think it was maximum.

    Q: Why do you use tactic creator, not classic mode? Can use shout?
    A: Despite using tactic creator, no you cannot use shout. It won't affect the tactic much. Shout essentially changes player instructions, but I have made a lot of changes to the player settings, which shouts cannot override.

    And the reason using tactic creator is that because it's more user friendly. Most people prefer to use this version. But as I have extensively tweak the player settings, it pretty much like I'm making it in a classic version.

    In a sentence, I'm bringing usability and simplicity of a tactic creator for the user while maintaining the advanced settings and complexity of the classic mode to the tactic.

    Q: Do you use any 'away' tactic? Opposition Instruction?
    A: No, up until now I don't.

    One think in my mind is to create a variation for against teams who parks the bus. Teams tend to do that after you gain some success as you've become the favorite (people tend to think this as AI crack you tactic or second-season syndrome). Again, maybe in the future.

    But feel free if you have any settings that improve this tactic. Just post it here so that we can try it out. Someone did post an OI setting for the tactic and it works really well defensively. I gave him the credit for that OI settings

    Q: What should I do in corners / free kick / etc?
    A: I haven't really work anything on it right now. But usually the right central defender will be an attacking threat on far post during corners, just put an inswing corner (left footed take on right corner, vice versa). If you know any good set piece settings, please share it here.

    Q: Why am i losing/draw in my first 3 games? I need win now!!1!
    A: I don't promise instant win. You need time to make the team get used to the tactic. Make sure the adaptability is at least on 'Accomplished' before you can really see how the team plays.

    Q: Should I read this part in the future?
    A: Yes there might be additional information in the future. As I always do with the OP, I always update stuff from you guys as soon as I get any good input.

    Q: Why is the two guys' comment below is totally weird?
    A: I totally rick-rolled them.

    To do list / Request
    1. Make goalkeeper ALWAYS take short goal kick
    2. Find a better corner routine
    3. Full back sometimes reluctant to cross despite open space
    4. Stopping (forced) long shots from wingers, midfielders
    5. Better possession (?)
    6. Better defense (?)
    7. OI settings

    Download Goals Galore 2012 (v3) Updated @ 8 December 2011
    If you want the original tactic you can always find it here Original version or BETA 2

    So there you guys. As always I hope it will bring you good results. I'll be waiting for you feedback.
    And please do play around with the tactic, if you're comfortable with it. You might find some settings that will bring better results offensive and defensive-wise.

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  3. Strange!

  4. W4FC B3N's Avatar W4FC B3N
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    Them two n00bs! Koflok was a very succesful tactician on FM11, sillies!
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    I respect your work and all, you are a great tactician... But, Rick roll me again and we're gonna have bills to settle.
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  6. My boyfriend is an Indian National traveling on an Indian passport.

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  8. looks very good, what formation are you going for this year koflok?
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  9. The one I'm doing right now is same as last year's. Basically a 4-3-3 (with 2 inside forwards).
    Thinking about changing 1 midf to a supporting striker though. Will see if it works better.

  10. Loved your tactic last year, it's the best one I used. Used it with Ceuta and Ajax among others, gaining promotion to La Liga with Ceuta even though the players weren't that good and making Eriksen my new favourite player with 80 assists and 30 goals in 120 matches in three seasons.
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