** All Credit goes to the original creator of this tactic - located here: Download Best Barcelona Tactic for FM 2012 - Football Manager Stories » Football Manager Stories **

I came across this tactic on the footballmanagerstory.com website, and you'll quickly see that the creator 'Johnny Karp' had great success with Barcelona. Some people assume that when a tactic has success with Barcelona that it's too easy, and to try it with a different team... so that's exactly what I did. It's important to note he is also using this tactic in a low league Romanian team called Viitorul Constanta, read about that here: Romanian FM 2012 Story – Time to Celebrate. Or Not… - Football Manager Stories » Football Manager Stories

I tried it with Spurs in a new game and in my first season I won the League Cup, F.A Cup & Euro Cup. You'll also see below that I finished 4th in the Premiership - which I'm disappointed with, but not at the tactics fault. From November till mid January I had up to 8 of my main players out with long term injuries; Dawson, Bale, Parker, Huddlestone, Van der Vaart, Suazo, Defoe & Adebayor... I had to play some of the reserves/youth team and my team suffered badly with morale during this period too. When I started to get these players back my team picked up and started demolishing teams like normal.

One thing I did find hard was because I was successful in the 3 cups, my permier league schedule towards the end was ridiculous - for almost 2 months I had a game every 3 days, sometimes every 2 days and again I had to field youngsters in the league as the cups were taking priority as I was so far on in them!

This tactic plays some beautiful football, some of the finest I've seen in my FM years - and gives the potential to go up to the next level if your a lower team - I've tried alot of tactics, and this is truly fine work... very fluid football but also very responsible at the back.

Tactic Instructions:

There are no Opposition Instructions to use.
There are no shouts to use.
Match prep is optional - I mixed letting my assistant do this, alongside me changing it myself at times.
Pitch size is maximum.

There are 2 tactics, one that is 'Attacking' and one which is 'Counter'.

Use the 'Attacking' one for all home games, and the 'Counter' one for all away games.... against weaker teams I was struggling to score against away from home I would change to the 'Attacking' version to break through and it usually worked.

I had both tactics in my match prep and simply selected the right one before each match.

As usual in any tactic - it will play better the more the team are used to it, so please give it time before judging it... please don't switch to this mid-game / mid-season and expect to see it working straight away!

A helpful note would be the strikers - for the wider strikers to to use people with good Flair, Acceleration & Pace - they break away on the counter and get alot of chances, so finishing would be good here. I re-trained Lennon to a striker and he did well.

For the central striker make sure he has good Creativity & First Touch - they receive the ball alot and will look to play it out to the other strikers very quickly, and also be the focal point for attacks to he will need the ability to unlock tight defences. I re-trained van der vaart here and he was great... I also signed Suazo and he had a great season!

My season:

League Cup: http://img841.imageshack.us/img841/4...cupwinners.jpg
F.A. Cup: http://img810.imageshack.us/img810/4...cupwinners.png
Euro Cup: http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/7...cupwinners.jpg
Premier League: http://img830.imageshack.us/img830/8...ierleaguel.jpg

Tactic itself: http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/1111/443tactic.jpg


Attacking Version: 4-3-3 Barcelona_v4 (Viitorul C-
Counter Version: 4-3-3 Barcelona_v4_counter (Viitorul C-