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Mr Hough Boots To Asses FM12
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  1. Mr Hough Boots To Asses FM12

    Here is my new tactic it's Called Boots To Asses and the Name Comes From The Rocks New Saying.....

    I have been looking around other people tactics trying to get an idea of what to do for mine and what kind of set ups the most popular ones have, I then Stumbled across a little tactic called Vudu Caos, I liked the set up and decided to use a few of this ideas in my tactic, Like Fullback settings and winger settings So thank you Vodu for your Excellent work in your tactic.

    This new Tactic is a 4-1-2-2-1 formation and as i stated is used my many big teams, It is very solid in defence as well cracking up front so its in my eyes the Perfect Balance between Defence and Attack.

    I have set up Player Filters for you to download, All you do is download the filters you want and put them in ocuments/Sports Interactive/FM12/Filters and then go to Filters in your game and load them in, If you don't have a Filter Folder in your FM12 File create one.

    Keepers Http://


    Centre Backs

    Workhorse Midfielders

    Attacking Midfielders



    I have set up corners with them in swinging into the near post for the left central defender to attack the ball at the near post So you want right footed peopled taking left sided corners and left footed people taking right sided corners

    I have set my Match Prep High with Focus on Defensive Positioning to get fluid then change it to Average after

    I haven’t been using any Training just the default one

    Team talks I have been leaving to my Assistant Manager

    Pitch Size is Maximum

    Don’t use Opposition Instructions

    I am over the moon with this tactic and i really don't think i could make it any better

    Don't forget to Add me on Facebook, I'm on alot and generally help people out problems!/profile.php?id=723618006

    Download Link

    Remember all comments Negative/Positive are always Welcome

  2. i will test it with alfreton becasue i am not doing good with my present tactic

  3. 1st game away with this tactic vs grimbsy they are 1st in blue square premier season 2013-2014 hope to do good team is not having a good form

  4. How has your results been with this tactic? Is it for top teams only? Do you have any pictures?

  5. i am using alfreton a small team media prediction 13th but my first game with this tactic was vs grimbsy they are 1st in blue square premier - i won 3-2 away with them (at the moment my position is 9th) nice counter attacking i like it hope to win the next 3 crucial matches agianst small teams so i caould enter in play offs

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    Here are all the filters in one archive:

    Mr Hough Filters.rar

    Definatelly will try it!!!
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  7. 2nd game with your tactic

    alfreton my team 9th vs ebbsfleet 19th

    score 0-3 for ebsfleet

    shots on target 2 for me and 6 for them dissppointed after a good win away to the frist team

  8. 3rd game

    alfreton 9th vs kettering 24th

    score 3-0
    shots 13-2
    on tagret 5-1
    c.c 1-1
    poss 63 - 37

  9. 4th game

    havant w -22 vs alfreton 8th

    score 1-0
    shots 7-9
    on target 2-1
    cc 1-1
    poss 54-46

  10. 5th game

    alfreton 11 vs farborough 16

    score 3-1
    shots 17-3
    on target 8-1
    cc 2-0
    poss 63-37

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