4-3-3 Barcelona

  1. 4-3-3 Barcelona

    It's a tactic similar to that of Barcelona, a lot of possession and scoring touch and good efficacy,has given me good results.Works with other teams as long as the midfielders have good first touch and have one of the out put power has good ball Piqué style and a style pitbull Mascherano, try it and give me your opinion can be improved, roles of players, etc.I open to criticism to improve what you can,greetings to everyone hereI leave the link:

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  2. what?

  3. spacebar is your friend - use it (y)

  4. I'm sorry, I think this solved

  5. yes you have..any screenshots of it?

  6. It's chill :p What team did you test it with?

  7. I tested with Manchester City, Málaga and has given me good results

  8. I hope the screenshots will be of assistance if they need anything else feel free to ask me, greetings

  9. here u go, i know its a bit late, have a look see, if ur still interested but its the ol fm 2012 finished this one last week, movement, individual plays close enough with only barca. more dets on my forum. sorry for the mad hiatus. keep in touch
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