JJ86 TotalFootball Inspired FM11-FM12
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  1. JJ86 TotalFootball Inspired FM11-FM12

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    Total football is proactive and not Counter-attacking, based on positional interchange and hard pressing, which was first used by this man
    JJ86 TotalFootball Inspired  FM11-FM12-_40884823_michels203.jpg
    Rinus Michels - im sure most people know of him

    His work has inspired me but being an Arsenal Fan of course my philosophy has been influenced mostly by these two and a mixture of other great managers.
    JJ86 TotalFootball Inspired  FM11-FM12-wenger-guardiola.jpg

    My FM tactical journey began on FM11 when I decided I got bored of constantly choosing my favourite teams to manage so I went with the team from where I was born.
    Coventry City
    My aim was clear....get them back into the premiership and aim for a European Cup, either one i was not too bothered, and try to challenge for the league title a few years down the line.
    To make a long story short i started on my tactic based on the 4-2-3-1 Formation playing deep and trying to control midfield

    Anyway FM12 came along and i imported the tactic Straight in. First i wanted to test it, so i used Barnet turns out they were not technical enough so it did not work as well as i would with better teams but the football was still the same as i had used in FM11 with great success.
    So I began a game with Leicester, it worked a charm got promoted through the play-offs. (sorry no screenshots of Leicester)

    My aim was to adjust my team to play in the formation Wenger uses with Arsenal but combined to football of that which Barcelona use.

    I made it so that the players positions could be moved around if I wanted to change the formation during a match without losing their responsibilities.

    A lot of people want to achieve over 100 passes during the match... But I also wanted the rest of the team to be able to achieve a high number of passes therefore controlling the play

    The end product worked out great as my team regularly achieve 30+ passes from defenders 60+ passes from my 3 midfield players and 25+ for my attackers.
    More often the playmaker will have 80+passes a game

    the evidence...
    JJ86 TotalFootball Inspired  FM11-FM12-arsenal-v-.c.-milan-analysis_-analysis-.pngJJ86 TotalFootball Inspired  FM11-FM12-arsenal-v-fulham-analysis_-analysis-.pngJJ86 TotalFootball Inspired  FM11-FM12-arsenal-v-liverpool-analysis_-analysis-.pngJJ86 TotalFootball Inspired  FM11-FM12-arsenal-v-norwich-analysis_-analysis-.pngJJ86 TotalFootball Inspired  FM11-FM12-arsenal-v-swansea-analysis_-analysis-.pngJJ86 TotalFootball Inspired  FM11-FM12-arsenal-v-trabzonspor-analysis_-analysis-.pngJJ86 TotalFootball Inspired  FM11-FM12-arsenal-v-wigan-analysis_-analysis-.pngJJ86 TotalFootball Inspired  FM11-FM12-arsenal-v-wolves-analysis_-analysis-.pngJJ86 TotalFootball Inspired  FM11-FM12-arsenal-v-z-rich-analysis_-analysis-.pngJJ86 TotalFootball Inspired  FM11-FM12-besiktas-v-arsenal-analysis_-analysis-.pngJJ86 TotalFootball Inspired  FM11-FM12-chelsea-v-arsenal-analysis_-analysis-.pngJJ86 TotalFootball Inspired  FM11-FM12-q.p.r.-v-arsenal-analysis_-analysis-2.pngJJ86 TotalFootball Inspired  FM11-FM12-wolves-v-arsenal-analysis_-analysis-.png

    Formation 4321/433
    whichever you call it. Flat 4man defence 3 central midfielders 2 wide forwards and the Trouble-maker

    The Philosophy
    The aim is to Control the play of the game, to do this the players need to be technical enough to pass the ball around from defence around midfield and search out openings in the oppositions defence, feeding through balls into the channels to for players to get on the end of. Just as Barcelona and Arsenal do on a regular basis.

    Team Instructions

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    Player Roles/Duties

    Sweeper Keeper/Defend:
    DCs/Cover/Stopper split:
    The split DCs makes sense as it supports both attack and defence.
    I actually use a Limited Defender & Ball Playing Defender in my tactic because I have players who can do the job. However, it is not a requirement.
    Full Backs/Support/Attack: A key position on both flanks as it gives the team width when going forward. But also tracks back in defence to retrieve ball and start the attack again.
    MCR/Ball Winning Midfeilder/Defend: Drops deeper than the other midfielders to stop any of the opposition outnumbering the defence.
    MCL/Deep-Lying Playmaker/Support: Vital to ball maintenance. Will rarely get into goalscoring positions, will stay deep in his position and can dictate possession all match. Override the tactical defaults by ensuring he is the primary playmaker.
    MC/Central Midfielder/Auto: The key link between attack and midfield. Moves ahead of the midfielders on either side creating more space and more options.
    AML/R/Inside Forwards/Attack: This role encourages both wide men to move into open central space off the flanks when the FC drops deeper. It also opens space for the FBs to advance into on the flanks.
    Trequartista/Complete Foward Attack: Based on Van Persie & Messi's role, centre forward who drops deep into midfield and runs at the defence, Linking up with the wider players creating more space and dragging his marker out of position

    Retain Possession:
    PLay Out of Defence:
    Play Through Defence:
    Work Ball into Box:
    Hassle Opponent:

    Stay on Feet:

    Tactical analysis
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    Corner Set Pieces
    The corner setup is important as it can help you grab vital goals in those intense games. So you need to know who has the good attributes in your team to grab those vital headers and tap ins.
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    Finally here is the link.
    JJ86TotalVoetbal - Link 1
    Tactic link 2
    I am sure you will results instantly and consistently

    FM-Base tactic link - CLICK HERE

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  2. First game testing your tactic : Liverpool (me) 2-0 Chelsea and 65 - 35% of possession. It seems to be good

  3. hi mate, would you like to upload it at another site [4shared is closed because of court decision) thanks

  4. Everton Nice Guy Gramps
    Quote Originally Posted by vuvu View Post
    hi mate, would you like to upload it at another site [4shared is closed because of court decision) thanks

    Works for me. no probs with anything

  5. Quote Originally Posted by vuvu View Post
    hi mate, would you like to upload it at another site [4shared is closed because of court decision) thanks
    no problem I will add a second upload link

  6. even in defeat there are more passes than the opponent
    JJ86 TotalFootball Inspired  FM11-FM12-arsenal-v-aston-villa-analysis_-analysis-.pngJJ86 TotalFootball Inspired  FM11-FM12-arsenal-v-aston-villa-post-match-.png
    really should have won this match used a weakened team and played top goalscorer out of position...
    this is just a statistical showing, although the tactic works every game, you still need to have a good enough lineup for the players to take their chances to win comfortably
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  7. completed new season with Arsenal,
    screenshots of the fixtures Poor results are due to injuries and/or youth players

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Name:	Barclays Premier League (Stats_ Player Stats)-2.png
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ID:	214793Player Stats (End of Season)
    JJ86 TotalFootball Inspired  FM11-FM12-arsenal-fixtures_-fixtures-3.pngJJ86 TotalFootball Inspired  FM11-FM12-arsenal-fixtures_-fixtures-4.pngJJ86 TotalFootball Inspired  FM11-FM12-arsenal-fixtures_-fixtures-5.pngJJ86 TotalFootball Inspired  FM11-FM12-arsenal-fixtures_-fixtures-6.png

    Final League StandingsClick image for larger version

Name:	Barclays Premier League (Overview_ Stages)-2.png
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    Champions League Final vs Porto
    Controlled play for most of the match apart from when they caught me on the break, gave away some cheap free-kicks ultimately Hulk capitalised to put Porto in front. had a number of chances to get back in the game although Arshavin didnt take his chances.
    Here are the passing statistics

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Arsenal v FC Porto (Analysis_ Analysis).png
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by heliox View Post
    First game testing your tactic : Liverpool (me) 2-0 Chelsea and 65 - 35% of possession. It seems to be good
    It should work well with Liverpool you should be getting plenty of scoring opportunities.

    please post your experiences
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  9. match prepation and OI

  10. I'm having problems mate i got promoted to league 1 by finishing 2nd in league 2 i've added some quality to my team but i'm really struggling and 3rd from bottom nearing the end of the season! Did you tweak the tactic when you got promoted as coventry?

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