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Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)

  1. Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)

    This tactic is for patch 12.2.2 - but works on older patches.


    Hello everyone, this is my latest tactic. It's is the tweaked version of my previous tactic. And a lot of work has been put into it to repair the complains of goals conceded. I have done a lot of changes namely, mentalities, closing down and marking of the CBs, Fbs, DMs, Wingers and the Strikers.
    I hope I have done justice to all those who looked forward to it with an amazing tactic!

    The Tactic

    Formation: 4-2-3-1
    The tactic aims to not let the opponents have CCC while creating CCC by quickly counter attacking.
    For this reason pacey players are needed in the sides and in the striker role.


    (won the incredible treble 1st season)

    Manchester United
    (only tested for 23 league games)

    (short test to see the results with an amazing team)

    Suggested Player types:
    (the attributes in green are secondary - good to have, not compulsory)
    (the suggested PPMs are in red - recommended to get ultimate benefits)

    Attributes: Reflexes, handling, aerial ability, rushing out and one on ones

    Full Backs:
    Attributes: Stamina, pace, accelaration, marking, tackling, anticipation, positioning, jumping and crossing

    Attributes: Jumping, strength, anticipation, positioning, marking, tackling, acceleration, determination, bravery and concentration
    PPMs: Play simple passes

    Defensive Midfielders:
    Attributes: Stamina, anticipation, tackling, determination, work rate, strength, passing, creativity and jumping
    PPMs: Try killer balls often

    Playmaker (AMC):
    Attributes: Passing, creavitity, long shots, finishing, technique, flair, off the ball, first touch, teamwork and strength
    PPMs: Tries killer balls often, dictates tempo, comes deep to get ball, arrives late in opposition area and look for pass rather than attempt to score (if finishing and long shots are low)

    Attributes: Pace, accelaration, off the ball, dribbling, finishing, first touch, technique, long shots, anticipation, compusure, agility, teamwork and crossing (if playing non inverted)
    PPMs: Cut inside, move into channels, break offside trap, try killer balls often, run down right/left and look for pass rather than shoot (if finishing is poor and playing out'n'out winger)

    : Pace, accelaration, finishing, anticipation, compusure, off the ball, agility, long shots and strength
    PPMs: Looks to beat offside trap, moves into channels and places shots

    Match Preparation:
    • Pre-season - 3 days before league start: Very High focus on Teamwork
    • 3 days before league start - tactic is fluid: Very High focus on Defensive Positioning
    • Rest of Season: Low or Average focus on Defensive Positioning

    IMPORTANT TIPS! (read these):
    • Put RB mentality up one click
    • Put AM to full creative freedom and mentality and highest level of short passing-right before it turns mixed.
    • Put DM's mentality down by one notch and try tight man marking on them(2nd part has not been extensively tested.)
    • The Striker and the Wingers need to be FAST!
    • Tick Use Playmaker (Team Instructions) and add AMC to playmaker list (in the setpieces tab)
    • Pitch size: Maximum
    • Opposition Instructions: No, I didn't use any. I recommend everyone to do the same.
    • Play inverted wingers (right foot on left side - left foot on right side)
    • ^ Traditionally wingers should work too (not tested thoroughly, but the wingers need to be very speedy ones)
    • Rest all players for 2 days in between games
    • ^ Rest all players for 1 day if the game is in 2 days.
    • Have decent backups for your DMs and FBs - because their stamina will be drained
    • Select AML to take throw-ins from left and AMR from the right
    • Make sure the corner taker is one of players staying back
    • Tweak your defensive setpieces
    • Play DM on side which is the same as the preferred foot (right foot on DMCR - left foot on DMCL)
    • ^ If both DMs are right footed, play the better creativity passer on DMCR (vice versa for the left footed DMs)
    The TeamTalk Guide!
    (my own experience)


    >>Before Games!<<

    1st scenario: Favourites to WIN:
    (assistant says we are expected to win)

    Aggresively: Expect a win
    Calmly/Passionately: Have Faith on all the players who did not react.

    2nd scenario: Equal Opponents
    (assistant says we should ask them to do this for the fans etc.)

    Assertively/Passionately/Calmly:Expect win (the less chances you believe you have, the lower you go down the list)
    Calmly/Passionately: Have Faith on all the players who did not react.

    AWAY:(mix and match - try this at times for home games if team doesn’t react to the home one)
    Passionately: For Fans (most won't react)
    Calmly: Have Faith on all the players who did not react (and they will react then)

    3rd scenario: Expected to LOSE:
    (assistant says no one expects anything)

    Cautiously: For The Fans
    Calmly: Have Faith on all players who did not react well


    Cautiously: No Pressure
    Calmly: Have Faith on all individual players

    >>Half Time (Most Important)!<<

    1st scenario: Drawing or Losing

    Aggresively: Expect Better for the whole team
    Calmly: Have Faith on all players who did not react well and played ok around higher 6.
    Calmly: Happy for players who are playing with confidence or doing well above 7 and got angry.
    Calmly: Dissapointed: For players who were playing poorly and did not react below 6.5.

    2rd scenario
    Winning by one goal margin

    Calmly: Expect Better for the whole team.
    Cautiously: Have Faith on all players who did not react well and played ok around higher 6.
    Cautiously: Happy for players who are playing with confidence or doing well above 7 and got angry.
    Cautiously: Dissapointed for players who were playing poorly and did not react below 6.5.

    3nd scenario: Winning by more than one goal

    Cautiously: Avoid Complacency and it can change any moment for team.
    Cautiously: Have Faith on all players who did not react well and played ok around higher 6.
    Cautiously/Calmly: Happy With Performance for players who are playing with confidence or doing well above 7 AND GOT ANGRY.
    Cautiously: Dissapointed for players who were playing poorly and did not react below 6.5.

    >>Full Time!<<

    1st scenario: Win

    HOME: Calmly: Good Win
    AWAY: Passionately: Good Win

    2rd scenario: Draw

    Good Performance (against better quality opposition):
    Calmly: Unlucky or Great Effort

    Bad Performance (match expected to win)
    Assertively: Poor performance

    3nd scenario: Loss

    Aggresively: Poor Performance

    Player Interaction: (after every game)
    Cautiously: Passing was good with rating above 7.8.
    Assertively: Passing was poor with rating below 6.8.




    Download 4-2-3-1 v3.tac for free on
    4-2-3-1 v3.tac - - online file sharing and storage - download

    New tactic + Screenshots on page 65 and 66.

    - Layout/design done by user Malle
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-12-12.05.09-am.png   Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-12-12.04.33-am.png   Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-12-12.04.12-am.png  

    Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-13-9.31.36-pm.png   Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-12-12.02.52-am.png   Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-13-9.31.26-pm.png  

    Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-11-7.24.09-pm.png   Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-13-9.31.12-pm.png   Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-11-6.47.18-pm.png  

    Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-13-9.31.03-pm.png   Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-11-6.39.58-pm.png   Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-13-9.30.56-pm.png  

    Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-11-6.37.08-pm.png   Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-13-9.30.48-pm.png   Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-11-6.35.21-pm.png  

    Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-13-9.30.40-pm.png   Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-11-6.35.14-pm.png   Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-13-9.30.31-pm.png  

    Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-11-6.34.54-pm.png   Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-13-9.30.23-pm.png   Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-11-6.34.36-pm.png  

    Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-13-9.30.15-pm.png   Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-11-5.47.24-pm.png   Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-13-9.30.09-pm.png  

    Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-11-5.47.19-pm.png   Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-13-9.30.03-pm.png   Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-11-5.47.06-pm.png  

    Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-13-9.29.54-pm.png   Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-11-5.20.40-pm.png   Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-13-9.29.47-pm.png  

    Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-11-5.16.57-pm.png   Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-13-9.29.41-pm.png   Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-11-4.55.37-pm.png  

    Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-13-9.29.11-pm.png   Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-11-4.51.42-pm.png   Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-13-9.28.59-pm.png  

    Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-12-12.19.21-am.png   Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-13-9.28.46-pm.png   Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-12-12.18.24-am.png  

    Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-13-9.28.35-pm.png   Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-12-12.18.13-am.png   Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-13-4.17.25-pm.png  

    Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-12-12.18.01-am.png   Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-13-9.27.26-pm.png   Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-13-9.27.35-pm.png  

    Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-13-9.28.03-pm.png   Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-13-9.28.13-pm.png   Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-13-9.32.10-pm.png  

    Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-13-9.32.47-pm.png   Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-13-9.33.14-pm.png   Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-13-9.33.39-pm.png  

    Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-13-9.54.02-pm.png  
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  2. Downloading now...

  3. City on 10th. LOL! Anyway, nice tactic, gonna give it a try.

  4. Cheers,do leave feedback as to how it can be improved you concede and if you tweak anything to make it better,what you tweak.

  5. Put him also on the dutch forum, so proberly going to get much feedback(i hope)
    just had a terrible december month lost 6 game's in a row, but that's to blame on the players, terrible wingbacks en defenders

    putting screens later today

  6. I would like to thank all the people that helped me test the tactic,especially the ones who offered me constructive advice such as potsy,intensa,daves,chanty,joustar and all the others such as blaze95 and fantasma and all the others that I dint mention,sorry mates,i deleted your inbox a few mins ago and so lost all the names.Would love it if you all showed your test results here so that I could mention you here.THANKS A LOT TO ALL OF YOU,without whom it would have been impossible to make this better then the rubbish it was in the beginning.

  7. (Sorry for my English, I’m French but I treat myself)
    I use this tactic for several game (and tested also), and the results are very good.

    It is much more offensive than the version with a 1 DM and 2 CM. ( 12.2 tweaked further XP, previous version) So do not forget to change between those tactics on teams you face or if you want control the middle during a match

    Don't Forget :

    * You need to have 2 fast FB
    * 2 fast Winger and good finishers
    * Your DM's need to be very strong because they must cover a large part of the pitch
    * A very very good AMC, because he is one who can save the game !!! (In my save, i've got E.Hazard)

    One thing i've tried sometimes. If your AMC is not doing a good match (agasint Strong opponents DM for example), try do put "Run from Deep" on Rarely.
    This will bring it down to win the ball and give him the opportunity to go alone or find players deep.

    Here some results (Tactic start against CSKA Moscow) :

    Thanks to Mr.Hough who have made a solid base

  8. I need some help:
    From a good start, i'm getting nothing right now
    Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-fc-sankt-pauli-wedstrijden_-wedstrijden-3.png Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-fc-sankt-pauli-tactiek_-overzicht-2.png
    I hope u can, because i have no idea right now!?
    i'm almost done with this season, 13th place was the prognose, have to keep the faith!!!

  9. is the opponent dominating the games or are you being desperately unlucky?as the scoreline suggests you are having close games.I think ur team got cocky,after the good season and hence the sudden downfall in fortunes.
    DURING BEGINNNING OF MANAGERIAL REIGN,put all team talks to cautious tone,seem to listen more,once you are winning a few,then change to these.
    and then PASSIONATELY OR ASSERTIVELY I HAVE FAITH ON THEM) for all players one by one
    PASSIONATELY-FOR THE FANS-(AWAY FAVOURITES)----this I'm having trouble with-my worst games are these games.
    And if you are zero favorites:CALMLY OR CAUTIOUSLY-no pressure and then then calmly or assertively or passionately have faith on individuals.

    HALFTIME-if we are winning by 1 goal or drawing or loosing-AGGRESIVELY much better,and then passionately have faith on players that react badly.
    if we are winning by more than 1 goal,cautiously-dont get complacent,and then passionately have faith on players that react badly.

    Fulltime-aggresively-much better if lost or drawn on game where we were favorites.and if we were were not favorites,still the same.
    passionately-well done-if good win and away from home
    calmly-well done-if home game win.
    ad for all full-time,passionately or calmly did well for all the others that played well and dint react.

    and here are my latest swansea updates,as you can see started conceding less,happens as you get used to the tactic.And one draw against league bottom aston villa was where i dominated them.Swansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-12-3.20.58-am.pngSwansea Treble First Season (Sumthin's 4-2-3-1)-screen-shot-2012-04-12-3.30.46-am.png
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  10. Agree with Sumthin

    Maybe you could try 12.2 tweaked further XP. It gives more security in Defense. (and maybe that legend about the AI that finds a way to counter our tactics)

    Can you give us more information about your team play ? ( Do you have Many Shots, CCC's...)
    I see that the team conceded a lot of goal, all the goals conceded were wither from mistakes by defenders or corners ?

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