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One touch/possession and CCC tactic by Raikan007

  1. One touch/possession and CCC tactic by Raikan007

    One touch/possession and CCC tactic by Raikan007

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    One touch/possession and CCC tactic by Raikan007-tottenham-hotspur-tactics_-team-instructions-.png

    Will update tomorrow, busy working on a new possession type tactic but not focusing on getting over 150 passes for one player etc, its based on Barca/Athletic style but mixed in with quicker/higher tempo passes that cut open the defence with quick and clever runs into the box! I have been testing it with United/Rosenborg/Chelsea at the moment for fun, I am still not finished with it yet... Still a work in progress! It is based on my Short and Sweet tactic but is very different with regards to instructions! Just played Blackburn as United creating 8 ccc's and having over 65% possession, only winning 3:1 as it was the first game I used it for... I am still tweaking it to work away from home as well, like Barca last night (even though they lost) but I am still working on it! This is just for you to enjoy and have fun with! OP to be updated tomorrow!

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  2. Is it a 4-2-3-1 again?

  3. yes it is you can drop the cm to dm and the amc to cm if you like

    Or you could take the Amr/Aml and push them into the Amc slot, these are all 433's but different variations of each!

  4. I still would not use this away from home just yet! This is my main target, making a good possession tactic that works home and away! Feel free to make any changes to it as well and if you get it to work etc, PM me and we can chat

  5. Did you have good results with Rosenborg? I'm currently still playing the old patch, so I don't know when, but I'll certainly test this

  6. i love your work Raikan , i know u do the best of it.

    to play one touch football thats what i looking for, with it i would tweak with my style be more good.

    I love play possesion and not love play direct football , short and the beautiful game like fc barcelona .
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  7. testing atm with chelsea/argentina. first match 5-0 win (away ) to costa rica.

    who have you got as playmaker/target man tho raikan?
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  8. I'll scan through it tomorrow sometime, I'll get in touch if I manage to find anyway's to improve it. Home and away.
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  9. First game vs Schalke: (pre-season friendly) but full teams

    One touch/possession and CCC tactic by Raikan007-tottenham-v-schalke-stats_-match-stats-.png

  10. anyone having good results with it?

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