Potential stars.
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  1. Potential stars.

    The coaches star reports underneath the players pictures has changed into player status instead. Anybody know how to change it back?

    Potential stars.-fm-2012-11-04-13-06-39-136.jpg

  2. Click the circle item within that box (top right corner) and it should give you options of what to pick.

  3. I looked at that and the coach reports option wasn't there. Its there on another save.
    Potential stars.-fm-2012-11-04-13-23-47-410.jpg

    Any ideas?
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  4. Anyone?

  5. Have you got a screenshot of what options it offers you?

  6. On this save:
    Potential stars.-fm-2012-11-04-14-37-22-833.jpg

    On another save with the option:

    Potential stars.-fm-2012-11-04-14-38-21-493.jpg

  7. Definately odd. I know it sounds daft but have you tried changing other boxes to see if they allow you to choose 'report'? It might be worth doing if it sorts the issue and just re-configure your other boxes to show what you want.

  8. No report option in any of the others either. I had a look through the preferences too but i couldn't find anything.

  9. It is the first time I have seen this as an issue, dunno what else to suggest for you.

  10. Well thanks for the help anyway.

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