Problem loading save game

  1. Problem loading save game

    Hi guys,

    I have 2 computers, a PC and a netbook.
    I play FM in PC, and today when I wanted to continue my game, it exit with an error, and a crash dump. I tried deleting them and also the settings folder, but everything remained the same.

    I tried to transfer my saved game to my netbook, and miracle happened, it worked! Okay, I saved the game (tried with different names and so on), and got back to my PC, and the same problem occured.

    What could be the problem? I dont use steam, and neither updated the database.


  2. No ideas? older saved games working with my PC. I installed a new patch, still no news, "Serious error". I deleted cache, no change

    I would like to continue my game (

  3. Here is the crash dump file, if somebody would be so kind to take a look at it. Thanks in advance!

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    You may wish to read this to save you wasting your time waiting for help with the game as you "don't use it with Steam":

    FM13 Piracy

  5. I think it is nothing to do with Steam. I got a boxed version.

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