football manager 2013 wont launch

  1. football manager 2013 wont launch

    My football manager 2013 game wont launch at all and its so frustrating. I have installed the game on steam but when I click on the fm2013 icon on desktop or on 'my computer', it comes up with 'football manager 2013 is preparing to launch', then this box disappears, the cursor then loads for about 5 seconds and nothing happens. I have never been able to get the game up. I think my computer is of the right specifications, it is Windows 7, runs at 2.2Ghz and has over 2gb of space available. I have tried the usual things like updating my computer, reinstalling, uninstalling and then installing the game again but none of it works. I have even tried verifying the game cache, but again no luck. I would be so grateful if anyone could offer any advice that would prove successful in me launching the game.. Thanks. Sorry about the essay of a post, I just wanted to give as much info as possible .
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