FA Cup failed to start this season

  1. FA Cup failed to start this season

    I'm halfway through the season and I've just noticed that the FA Cup hasn't started... I'm in my fourth season in 2015.

    If I go to the overview page of the English FA Cup it just says "The English FA Cup will start on Saturday 23rd of August 2014". The game is currently in January 2015! No matches have been played in the FA Cup this entire season. The last game was the last seasons Final.

    Is there anything I can do. I don't think I have a save from that far back..
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  2. I downloaded the fmrte to see if there was anything I could do that way, but everytime I opened the FA Trophy competition for editing I got an unhandled error. It looks like a corruption that must have happened at the generating of the new season but I just didn't notice.

    The only saved game I can find before the corruption is Jan 2014. So I've only lost 1 year.

  3. Is it an edited database?

    If it is, you need to adjust it and check the nation rules.

  4. In the saved game from a year back which still contains the FA cup I've had a look in fmrte and when I select the FA Cup I still get an error.

    There's not much I can do with regards competition and nation rules in the Real time editor... I downloaded the edited database I'm using as it contained lower regional divisions. But I cant see any problems with it...

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