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FM 12 won't work on steam. launch problems
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  1. Everton Nice Guy Gramps
    Is anybody getting any messages or anything prior to crashes etc?

  2. Its not crashing, it wont even load up
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  3. same problem with me, except mine says preparing to launch and then says this game is unavailable at the moment, so annoying. could it have anything to do with switching off the computer with the game still running? it wasnt in the middle of anything important like a save so seems unlikely. also i've done that with previous fm games and theres never been a problem. god i f***ing hate steam!

  4. Same here, I have payed for the game and now cant play it. Very dissapointed

  5. game was working fine this morning.and now ive returned home from work to play it all im getting is that the game is unavailable at the moment.
    very very annoying.

  6. Try right-clicking FM in Steam Library > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity Of Game Cache... (do twice if necessary) this fixes it.

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