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Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error
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  1. Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error

    My football manager 2012 has come against something I can't see a thread for. When I get to a specific point the game closes down and an error message appears saying "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime has requested this application close down in an unusual manner, The application will now be closed". Pretty much word for word.

    After it had down this three times, it went to the usual crash dumps error, but I think this was the initial cause. Has anyone come across this before? Maybe with a solution?

    Thanks in advance, I appreciate the help,


  2. same problem here mate. i was coming up against a problem causing an error at the end of my first season, i'm in the middle of adding another league and it crashes while updating the players.

    first 3 times i tried i just had crash dumps - validated the files from steam and now get the C++ Runtime problem. Steam updated while i was mid game earlier so i thought it might be that....

  3. just got my first one

  4. i have the same problem

  5. Yeah just some extra info. I had a steam update, and the crash dumps error mysteriously vanished. And back came the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Error!

    "Program:...iles/steam/steamapps/common/football manager 2012/fm.exe This application has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more informations".

    Words for word. Any ideas how to fix it? I am planning on uninstall-reinstall, then contacting steam. If anyone has any other ideas though...?

  6. ugh, got it again

  7. Same problem here

  8. ditto

    Same thing happened to me while adding facepacks. I tried cleaning the cache and it just kept happening, the only fix was a clean install of the game. I assumed it was my laptop not being good enough to load all of the faces in the facepack. I've upgraded my laptop which is much much better than what i was initially using and the very same crash just happened again. Can't seem to find any help anywhere about it -sigh, reinstalls-

  9. I have managed to fix it: I was using Game Booster, a program that kills some processes for faster gaming. When I stopped using Game Booster I have had no runtime error anymore. Hope this can help some of you out.

  10. Just got another crash; and I'm not using game booster.

    Maybe it's Norton?

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