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Football Manager 2012 XML parsing error!

  1. Football Manager 2012 XML parsing error!

    Hello 'ello!

    Now I have FM12, but when I want to play I get this XML parsing error

    "not well-formed (invalid token) at line 1 of default.xml"

    I'm still able to play but I don't actually know if I can play matches...

    What does it mean and how can I fix it?


  2. Have the same problem, but no solution.

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  3. I've deleted the folder already, but I still get it......
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  4. im getting this

  5. check my help thread (link in signature). also a sticky in this section about XML
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  6. Guys, relax.. the error will stay the same but what you can do is to just load the game, eventually the error will still appear so what you guys can do is to quit to startscreen back and reload the game again. The error will still pop up but at least your cursor dont go haywire and the 3D match wouldn't suck.

  7. I have deleted the file to and i cant even reload the game. It keeps popping up so i have to turn off my computer

  8. I also have the same problem when i open my fm it comes up with that message but has stopped now once i deleted the fm 12 file on app data, i then ran it again and a new file was created. However my fm opens fine and loads my other saved game but when i try to load my other one (the one i have been playing) it goes to load like a quick flash then comes up with the little box saying the saved game could not be loaded. I last saved it today and havent had any previous problems with it. Can anyone tell me what i need to do so i can access it again? any help would be great.
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  9. Try deleting the Settings folder from the following program path as detailed below:

    - Windows XP:
    My Computer -> Local Disk (C -> Documents and Settings -> <username> -> Application Data -> Sports Interactive -> Football Manager 2012 -> Settings

    - Windows Vista / Windows 7:
    Computer -> Local Disk (C -> Users -> <username> -> AppData -> Roaming -> Sports Interactive -> Football Manager 2012 -> Settings

    Please note saved progress may be lost.

    Try launching the game again or restart your computer and try launching the game again.

    If you are unable to locate the folders please ensure that hidden folders are enabled as detailed below:
    - Click on Start
    - Select Control Panel
    - Select Folder Options*
    - Select View
    - Select Show Hidden files and folders

    *If Folder Options is not shown:
    Windows XP/Vista : Select Classic View from the Control Panel.
    Windows 7 : Select Large Icons from View By

  10. Anything work ?

    I have finally found my FM12 data folder but it doesn't have a settings folder. Now what should I do ?
    Feeling like uninstalling and restarting from scratch, but someone has said that does not help.
    Any advise,in plain English please, would be very welcome.


  11. Just had an e-mail from Sega USA and it's now sorted.
    Easy to follow and effective.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by cannockfrodo View Post
    Just had an e-mail from Sega USA and it's now sorted.
    Easy to follow and effective.
    What did sega told you so we can sort this out too?


  13. I'd like to know this too

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