Football Manager 2012 Editor wont work

  1. Football Manager 2012 Editor wont work


    I have a really big problem. When i try to open my editor, i get this message: Warning: Couldn't find data folder! ../football manager 2012/data. , I press "OK" then 3 new boxes comes up, but instead of "data" it says: sigfx, languages and updates.

    Im really pissed of! I just want it to work. PLEASE, help me!!!


  2. Everton Nice Guy Gramps
    Have you tried reinstalling from steam?

  3. Yep! I have done everything, but i still got this problem. I have reinstall it, deleted "cache" and everything.

  4. Where did you install it ? It needs to be here:

  5. Daft question but do you have Football Manager 2012 installed?

  6. Vanjagl: Yes it's there, but the problem comes when i try to open it from Start -> Steam -> Football Manager 2012 Editor

    Sean: ​Haha, yes i do

  7. Then I really don;t know. Ask on SI Forums.

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