Robbie Cotton
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  1. Robbie Cotton

    Has anyone else seen this guy? I found him a free agent end of the first season and signed him up, his scout reports have been 5 stars and 4.5 stars before, they range...

    Labelled the new Scott Parker...

    Interesting kid this...

    Robbie Cotton-robbie-cotton-reports_-coach-report-.png

  2. Good find, seems he has good potential.. United signed him for £2m on my game in the first season, recently loaned him out to Bournemouth.. Anyone got a screenshot of him in the future?

  3. Damn nice find there, I tried to approach him but not interested, but I am in first season first transfer window on my United save, he is currently at Blackburn under 18s and it would cost 2.14m in compensation so probz best to wait till end of season anyway.

  4. I'm always looking through U18s so he isn't new to me. On my current United save he had no intention of leaving Rovers and his potential was only 3 stars anyway.

  5. i bought him on the origional patch and blackburn wouldnt accept less than 15 million but that save is well gone now :/ no screenshots sorry

  6. Got him on a free in my 2nd season as he left B'burn. Looks promising.

  7. mccollio09's Avatar mccollio09
    Liverpool Star Player
    I've known about him since the fm 12 demo. Looks promising but I've never signed him and haven't seen the cpu develop him or give him opportunities. I'm sure he'll turn out good, but I think he'll need a lot of tlc.

  8. Steve Kean named Cotton as the future Steven Gerrard.. He does show alot of promise IRL (seen him a few times being a Blackburn fan)

    Hugo Fernandez is however should the potential to be the next big thing from Rovers Academy. One to look out for on the new game

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    ive been buying this guy for ages on fm doesnt turn out that great

  10. Got him free too, my scout gave him 4* but then again the scout was nothing special...

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