Anyone got any quality buyable players

  1. Anyone got any quality buyable players

    Am currently Liverpool I've qualified for the Champions league so am obviously looking at high caliber players I've been quoted £60m for Christian Eriksen - £50m for Falcao..

    Has anybody found any world - class but affordable players yet?

  2. What is your transfer budget?

  3. Lars/Sven Bender

    Falcao hands in a transfer request - Robert ledowandowski is available for a reasonable price aswell.

  4. Haven't been past season 1, but Wellington Nem is an amazing buy when you first start the game. He starts with a release clause of 3.5million and has 4* potential on Man Utd.

  5. Fully agree with wellington nem, single handedly carried my celtic side to the champions league semis first season.
    There are lots of potentially world class young brazilians on the cheap ( Muralha, Adryan and Doria to name a few) but they mightn't be up to champions league ball just yet

  6. You can Sign Dzagoev on a free if your willing to wait til January. As said before Wellington Nem is a must for any team.

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